February 27, 2008

You're a true classic

People never fail to amaze me with their crazy enthics. To Mr You Think You're Perfect, firstly, i'm not the least bit angry with you. I have nothing to be angry with you at all. Yes, we once had a perfect relationship but it's over now.

I'm not saying that I was the goody little angel who never did anything wrong and I was sure not very far from you at all. I didn't push all the blame to you and said that everything was your fault. I'm just telling you in your face (If you're reading) that I don't want to be your freaking vintage flower clock sitting on your wall and facing the damn cracks.

I will not stop you from staying or doing whatever you want, I'm not asking you to give up and neither am I telling you to put in more effort. No matter how many times you tattoo my name , it's not going to work and no matter how many explanations you give, it'll never work.

I'm not heartless or mean or nasty or even sacarstic. I'm sick and tired of your violence. (Not that I wasn't) and i'm sick of you telling me how dumb I am and how _ _ is so much better.Good for you then. I'm no longer going to cry over those dumb fum issues.I'll certainly without the least bit doubt congratulate you two if you end up together because you guys are the world's most perfect couple =)

Don't make it sound like I left you at the bridge for ____ sakes. (Fill up whatever you want ) Cause I didn't!I asked you and you replied confidently ,"Yes" when I asked you if we should go our sepparate ways.Good for you then.

So you can tell your peanut friends how ______ , ________ etc I am. Go ahead. (Fill it up)

It's perfectly fine with me =) I'm not writing this because i've got nothing better to do or I think that you're a ____________. It's just that you should know one thing.

I had enough =)

Serious. When you started doing crazy things, it really drove me to the point that I was so afraid.Even when you sent breakfast to me, I was so damn scared to eat it or touch the container cause I really thought that you would poison me. Not that I thought you were evil or something but because you were scaring me when you started slicing yourself and doing things you would never do.

I don't hate you. I don't love you either. I'm not really afraid of you.

I just don't know and it's best we remain like how we are now.

Please don't bother telling me what comes around goes around cause I know that I'm not sorry for the breakup..you made the choice.So stick with it!
I'm Moving On...

Anyways, I came home straight away from work. I'm going to collapse soon and I know i'm over doing it. I'm driving myself and forcing myself to sleep less because I'm starting to agree that sleep is a waste of time.

I can't wait to meet cuppycake tomorrow as we're going to view phones and I'm looking forward to everything thats starting next week.I'm going for it and even though i've got the passion for it, I may still want to try something else that i've been contemplating.

oh wells...till then...

I'm going to talk to baby now. Can't wait to have pancakes and double sunny side eggs and fresh milk for breakfast on Sunday. I love cooking for him... (''v'') anyways, baby and I had a great dinner last night and I enjoyed chilling next to him and looking at his oh-so-cute baby photos and my nerdy fat photos of me. *Smiles*
I feel so fuzzy whenever I think of him *Blushes*
Goodnight people!Start learning from me by sleeping less. Sleep is a waste of time. If you disagree so that go sleep and do whatever you want. I'm just talking chicken nuts. *winks*

February 25, 2008

Happy beans hop

So, today was pretty alright. I've only left with 4 more days to spend with my colleagues and to handover my stuffs =( I'm excited about Monday and yet nervous..

Anyways, i'm so happy to have cupcake with me by my side...having a great friend realy can make a difference. Anyways, I'm hoping everything will improve for her..Oh wells...

As for me, i'm looking forward to learning new things and getting my diploma. I've already know what I want and I cannot and will always thank _________ whose been my mentor and uncle kwan. There are still so many things which i've yet to learn =)

I was suppose to meet up with Peg to pass her, her pressie but due to my hectic and tired life I decided to meet her on Wednesday as she'll be dropping by the office =)Here's what I got for her...
Limited Edition MAC Fafi Lipglas
I bet she'll love the colour..It's pretty sugar Trance...I can't wait for this whole week as i'm meeting all my loves...Baby by the way, is like the sweetest most cuddly earthworm. I love him to death and tomorrow's our 4th month together...I really hope things will get stronger and better for both of us...

("v") I'm in love love love...("v")

February 24, 2008

I can die happy

I was a lil sad about what happened lastnight. Nope, Darling and I didnt' have a tiff.Something happened and we were both lost for words. It was like we had nothing to say. I'm over it and I'm glad to have baby by my side.

All the pretty precious times that he's given. Always letting me pinch his fatty cheeks and all his hugs and kisses. How we both have earth worm fights and how he allows me to snuggle up to him like a fat earth worm.

Mew mew...

I must admit baby and I have gone through lots of things together and it'll be waste if I simply put everything down =) Anyways, someone special gave me this.

So pretty and lovely. I love it so much and I can't wait to get something back. I can die happy now cause everything is almost cleared up now. I'm also happy that cuppycake sasa has always been here for me and I love her to death.
Anyways,I decided to heed baby's advise. You can't make everyone happy and i've decided to do just that. I love all my friends and i'm not saying i'm perfect. But I have only 2 best friends.No one else can take their place.
I'm going to get Paris by Paris Hilton's perfume for my dearest Elaine cause she's my sunshine.I'm going to be super busy soon and my aim is to earn _ _ _ _ next year. I've told baby everything and only he knows everything and I mean Everything.
I'm also happy for Cupcake who is practically in love now.I'm so so so so happy and I've decided no matter how worried I am , I'll still support you and love you always....
I feel like I can just die happy without any regrets..
Mew mew

February 23, 2008

Tanning anyone??

Anyone up for a swim or a lazy burnt afternoon with the sun and the pool.Throw in a few magazines and hippy songs and not forgetting those jazzy sunglasses =P

Happy birthday Peg Peg.You're the best tanning partner and the best smoking buddy.Too bad i've already ditched the habbit =)

February 22, 2008

I love Fafi

Alrights I've got a damn sick fetish for Fafi girls aka Fafinettes...I love Fafi Girls..and I think many of my friends think i'm over obsessed and nuts...
I mean look at these cute and pretty Fafi girls..I've skinned my DS into a Fafi DS too.I know i'm nuts.
The minute I knew MAC had released a MAC FAFI collection, I swear and I knew I had to get the makeup and baby bought me these. I got the Limited Edition Lipglass for Peggy whose birthday is tomorrow. I miss her so much!I'm so darn busy and i've hardly got any time... =(

I swear i'm going to start buying everything that's Fafi. I love Fafi and their crazy makeup and crazy yet pretty artworks...

Anyways, i'm going to get my Praline Chocolates for baby's godma.Her birthday's tomorrow and we're going for dinner =) Here's what I intend to get...

Sinful and yummy Pralines for her to indulge in...I'm going down to select their Signature pralines =) I really hope she likes them =)

Anyways, i've already signed the papers with __________.I'm so freaking happy and over the moon and I love them to death. I'm so so so so so so so grateful and happy for the opportunity that they've given and i'm hoping that everything will start of well =)
I've yet to meet up a ton of people and here's a list of things i've got to do :
1)Meet Peggy on Monday
2)Meet ______ on Wednesday
3)Meet my baby cuppycake Sasa on Thursday
4)Meet up with Alvin for dinner =)
I'm excited and i'm happy...shall be keeping my fingers cross for now... =)

February 20, 2008

Good Vs Bad

It's been a hectic train ride for the past few days. Emotionally wrecked and nerve wrecking situations. =( Still, it doesn't really matter to me until I get what I want...

Went for the interview and it turned out better than I expected and tada, he called me today saying that I'll be on board!I'm on half day tomorrow cause i'm going to sign the papers =) I'm so excited cause this is what I want =) and i'm happy to have yet gained another opportunity =)
Anyways, baby and I had a little tiffy.

I was being a little brat =(

Not really suprising to some people though... Baby was so sweet to cheer me up as I was hugging my baby Cinamaroll and crying my eyes out =( Anyways, yesterday while waiting for baby, I was sitting at one of bench,playing my DS.

This lady came up to me and wanted to sit next to me.Of course, I had no objections.Why should I??Until, she started taking out some stuffs from one of bags. ( She was carrying tons of trash bags) The smell was something freaking bad. It was so fishy and gross.I was on the verge of throwing up =(

I didn't want to be mean or anything so, I left and went to another bench.

This time, a guy,a quite good looking guy came up to me. He was quite matured. Let's say about 33??He was well dresses and we had a really funny conversation ...

Guy : Hello..May I sit here?

Me : Yeah sure =) *Smiles politely*

Guy: So, you're not working today??

Me : *giggles* Nope, i'm on half day leave and i'm waiting for someone

Guy : Oh I see...So you're playing a game?What game is it??

Me : Oh it's some dumb lawyer game?oh wells =)

Guy : haha lawyer??

Me : Yes *Blinks with my doe eyes*

Guy : So what do you work as ??

Me: I'm in the shipping line. Shipping chemicals in Isotanks

Guy : Wow..

Me: *Blushes* what about you??

Guy: I do import and export of furnitures

Me : That's nice =) so have you been to the International Furniture show in Singapore?It was really big.

Guy: really??I didn't know that.
Me: Huh?Are you sure?How can it be????It's so big and everyone all over the world comes in to bid for furnitures =/

Guy : Singapore has nothing. I ship from HongKong and China

Me: Are you sure?So what do you ship them with GP containers??

Guy: *Pauses with question marks all over* erm ya

Me: Oh alrights *Sianz*

Guy:So can I have your number??

Not wanting to be disturbed,I gave it to him...damn...I was clueless =(

Guy : So can I buy you dinner tonight?

Me : Erm i'm actually waiting for someone whose working right now

Guy:Your friend is a guy or girl?

Me: Oh he's a guy and he's my Boyfriend??

The guy stands up and says," Oh I see, we'll catch up then.Keep in touch "

haha...You should see the sianz and lost face of his....No other guy can replace my super cute, funny, smelly, snory,gigantic,fatty , fuzzy wuzzy, cutie lil pie baby.

I was telling baby on how I should have gone for dinner with him and invite baby along and ask baby to pretend to be my friend. haha...

Baby was super turned off by that...

Anyways, we went to catch the Movie.Jumper. Good show and I loved it so much.. Apparently, we went to the wrong theatre and the movie was almost ending...and we went to seat 23 and 24 and told the guy (Who had been watching the movie the whole time for like the past 1hr) that he's sitting on our seats.

We were like idiots and eventually, the guy told us off. The guy was pissed.Anyone would have been pissed if they were being interupted by people and the best thing by morons who claim that he's sitting on the wrong seats...

Baby and I were super embarassed =/

Anyways, not forgetting about the dinner that I had with Iris and Elain a few days ago at Swensens. Since, i'll be leaving,Iris decided to take Elaine and I for dinner.I'll miss Elaine's wackiness and Iris's crazy mood swings. hehe...

All these months have been crazy and yet fun and enjoyable at times and i'll alway remember everything that everyone has done for me...
By the way, baby's bringing me to get MAC's FAFI makeup..I'm so gonna fly.I can just die happy now..Life is Sweet!

Love love love =)

February 17, 2008

I told you life never fails to amuse me

I was online on Msn and guess what?There was someone who approached me on Msn. Let's name this person B. B claims to be an Event Coordinator or something like that. Anyways, she or he might be an Events Coordinator for god knows whether it's true.

So to cut the story nice and short. B started approaching me and asked If I wanted to make money or to be a model etc. Before I knew it, B offered to pay me if I sold my photos. 3-8 photos with myself in revealing tops would earn me $300 and it would be transfered to me immediately. So I asked what would happen to my photos or for what usage? (Any idiot would ask) and B replied,"For references so that I won't ask you for photo again and to keep in my foilio in case you want to be a model."

Number one, no offense but I think you should go back home and ask your mom to teach you how to spell the word foilio?It's Folio and not Foilio.

Number two, if you're genuine about it, thanks,I appreciate it but if you're a fake than I suggest you go home and lock yourself in your cabinet and do something better with your life.

As interesting as it gets, I'm going to continue sitting here and watch how life never fails to amuse me.

Anyways, John taught me to do a screen shot and I was telling him about what happened..Apparently, he's amused with the amount of money that B offered =(

I love him so much.My dearest buddy and brother. =P I hope he does well for tomorrow's paper.Thinking about papers, it's been so long since I last sat for a paper.
oh wells...

What is it that I really want?

I met baby this morning and we had brunch together and we spent some kitschy time together. He's off to work now =(

I was on the couch alone, sipping my green tea and reading my mag and munching when all of a sudden, I started thinking of what I really wanted. Life's very unpredictable and it's full of crap at times yet it can be so blissful and pretty at times.

I don't really know where to start at times.I'm going to be super busy this whole week and i've already got a bunch of plans for myself. I know that it's gonna be tiring and i'm definitely going to be super worn out.

I've gotta get my school stuffs ready and I've gotta make sure that I won't procrastinate on things. I've hardly got enough rest and I'm too too too tired for any night programmes. I need a holiday and a short break to getaway from all the hectic crazy plans that I have.

Sometimes,I should start thinking for myself and start loving myself more.Especially my health which is practically killing me..

It's going to be my last day of work soon and I'm happy with the many opportunities that have been provided.A big thanks to _______ whom has helped me quite abit. I love you lots and will definitely meet up with you soon...

It's been a great experience working in CCS and I love my dearest Uncle Kwan whose been like a dad.A very funny and naggy dad.I'll crawl up slowly to where I want to be and I'll makesure i'll return a favour to those who have been supportive and loving.

I'm still thinking and contemplating on some ideas which I've been thinking about and it's just a matter of finding the right person to help me.I'm sure slow and steady, bit by bit things will get better..until I reach my mark in life.

However, I've got a weakness and that is i'm too soft hearted at times.But, i've learnt that losing somethings and people in life is for my own good and things will get better.It's sad and it's hard to let go but sooner or later i've got to get used to it. This is life..

Alrights, i'm gonna go do my other things and maybe have dinner with my pops and mops...


February 16, 2008

Everyday feels like Valentines Day...

Every day feels like Valentine's Day when you're madly in love...It's not the cash,it's not the luxury items that attracts me to him...

He's just too perfect and he leaves me so breathless..His never ending amount of patience and everlasting love. He's touch that makes you feel so protected and in return I'll try with every day of my life to tell him that he's everything good in my life...

I love all the times we spend sharing good food at different places.Be it, in an expensive restaurant or even the Hougang Coffee Shop where we always have the usual Fish and Chips there.It makes me feel so extrememly contented and blissful.

Though, life isn't always perfect and chirpy and I must admit that I do have tons of problems. Be it my hectics schedule, work or anything else, I'm really blessed to have him by myside.Comforting me that everything will be alright.Telling me how much things will get better...

Wiping away all my tears..

I love you baby...I'll always will...

ok i've got to go attend a dinner...i'm missing my little cuppy cake sasa and of course all my other lovelies =) and I'm dying to see Johnathan and the rest...

love love love love ("v")

You Leave Me Breathless

Hubby's out with his friends and I'm missing him,when I practically saw him like a few hours ago. Baby's so so so so so perfect.He's everything good in my life. I'm so happy to be his little butt.

I love the way baby snores when we go to bed and I love the way he chows my cooking down..I like it when Baby gives me small and nice pecks on my cheeks. I'm so happy.Yes, I'm a lil cranky now...

I'm downloading tons of games to keep myself occupied and stop myself from sleeping like a fat log...I love my DS so much...

So pretty right?It's metallic rose...

off to go dowload more games!goodnights dear people!It's 2am and baby's still not back!Hmmph!!hehe..


February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day.Hubb's busy working.I love him so so so much.More than my hair, more than munch munch and everything else that I love and must have.

No one can beat my brother. He went nuts and bought a couple shirt for himself and his girlfriend, an Adidas Watch for her and 9 roses that cost $60.00?

I'm not jealous.

That's for sure...

Cause i've got metal roses..Baby, bought me a lovely Metalic Rose Ds Lite. Now, I can ditch my stupid boyish manly looking PSP for a pretty, sweet and girlie gadget.I'm so so so in love with it.

Anyways, lastnight baby asked me this, "All the girls on the streets are carrying roses,aren't you jealous?"

I casually replied, with a grin on my face and a squeal, " I'm Not!I have a rose too!A $300 rose."

Baby's expression was priceless....

So,I replied,"Baby, I've got a metalic rose.A DS Lite that is metalic rose in colour?"

We both couldn't help but burst into a huge fat laughter. I'm so happy when baby's around. Anyways, I got a Adidas Jacket for baby. ( It makes him look so hot) and I'm making Japanese Fruit Jelly and candle light dinner just for the both of us.

Anyways, 2 days ago, when baby bought me the DS. We were suppose to download this programme online and store it into the memory card.Baby left the job to me as he needed to head home. However, I went to do something smart.

I took the DS cartridge and for some stupid reason place it into the card reader on my CPU. It fell in and got stuck. So, I took an object and started digging it but it started falling in deeper and in the end it fell all the way into the CPU.

Anyways, baby managed to unscrew the shell of the CPU and took it out.How sweet of him to do that and being a lazy earthworm,I fell asleep on the bed and baby couldn't even wake me up.I don't think he finds it suprising at all.

Valentine's Day Itself

A hectic day of work.Not suprising either.Met baby in the morning at Shenton Medical as I needed to get medication for my eye and off I went to work.

Baby went to work too!During lunch I bought a bouquet of lillies for Elaine as she said that her husband would not buy her flowers and I bought my salmon and some other groceries =)

I made Japanese Jellies and for our main course was Broccoli cooked with mushroom stock, potato salad with Japanese mayo and baccon and of course grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce.

Baby loved it so so so so so much and I'm glad that after four years , we're having salmon again. This time it's perfectly cooked.

I'm so contented being with baby.So, very very happy. Anyways, I'm keeping my tiny fingers crossed on Tuesday.

You'll know why soon....

Love love

February 11, 2008

A Day to Meet,A Day to Spend

Super wordy post. Don't bother reading if yr not interested

Today wasn't as bad as I thought.Had a good crap session with my cupcake lastnight and I had lunch with Baby. Baby's so damn cute. I love love love love him.Even though he wants to have an affair with Ruby (He's godmother's Dog) =/

Anyways, lots of things I did today.
After work, i had this huge strong urge to drop by Diva.No girl can actually resist pretty accesories (At least for the girls I know ) Anyways, and I spent only $40.00 for a whole loot of pretty accesories. *Smiles*

I bet the shop assistants thought I was nuts. Anyways, I bought a tinkerbell Necklace for my cupcake and decided that I die die also have to meet her today. So, being a nice friend she agreed and we decided to grab a cuppa and chill out.
However, things changed and a drink became our dinner. We had Ayam Penyet.For those who don't know what's that, you should bang your head against the wall and just die. (Don't bother asking why) Food was great and we decided to shop.

You can never put cuppycake and me together because it'll simply be a disaster... =/

So off we left our lazy bums to Watsons. Seriously, never underestimate Watsons.We girls can practically live there, camp there and just stay there for eternity.

Cuppycake bought tons of products for only $1.95 each and in the end it became a wopping $40.00. Imagine how many tiny little bottle of products she bought. Oh wells.I'm not that good either...

Alrights enough of the wordy thang thang....Photos photos..
Super Cheap super Nice.Oh wells =)
Look how long the receipt is...
Aloe Vera Gel.Super nice super efficient.Don't bother asking why.
Best thing, it's freaking cheap
Hair wax.Cuppycake bought hers for Volume while I bought this for Shine.
I swear i'll never finish this tub as I've still got another one for Curls which has been sitting on my shelf for almost 3 years(Disgusting I know) It prolly smells like crap by nw

Lashies. Enough Said.It's a necessity.I hate mascara.It's smelly and gross.It's like blended black moss of something =(

The Box Says it's all. Cheap and efficient.Me Like.

I'm a happy bean. Anyways, another place called me up. I'm not able to say anything much on my blog but I'm still in a huge dilemma. I'm just wishing that everything will be fine. I'll miss Uncle Kwan (My current Boss) cause he's like daddy to me. A stern yet cute Daddy.

No matter how blur or twitzy I am, he's always there to push me and I know that where I am today is through the opportunities he's given me. I know I'm letting him down in one way or another and i'm really not sure what to do now.Without him, I would have never known about Isotanks and shipping.I would have never learnt to be independant and I would have never gotten to ch

One thing's for sure, i'll always remember what he said to me.

"Aim for the Moon.If you miss, you'll reach somewhere among the stars."

I don't know what's going to happen within the next few months but i'm hoping things will be good.On top of that, I'm happy to have Cuppycake who listens to all my insy winsy whinning and who cares for me so much.

Not to Forget my dearest baby.Who never failed to be there for me. I love you always baby..Anyways, baby's coming up to my place to have Hor Fun with me.I know.I'm getting fat and baby keeps squeezing my fats outta me.I'm on medication so too bad =(

Anyways, I'm off to Visit baby's Godma tomorrow as my dearest Colleague helped me to get some freaking nice Kueh Lapis from MEDAN.Bye bye Lousy Singapore ones.

okays, off to shower now as baby's gonna reach here in ten minutes time and he'll force me to shower before I can even smell my Horfun...

Goodnights people.Love love

February 10, 2008

If everyday would be just like Christmas

Yes, I've woken up.Finally!It sounds ridiculous and I can't believe how ridiculous I am to actually think this way but I just wish that everyday could be Christmas. I like Christmas. Looking back at 2007 makes me squirm and makes me happy.

*Silly Face of Myself*

Thinking of all the times that I had with the sweetest people that could literally make my heart melt.Thinking of failed relationships.Thinking of all the Fun I had while I was working with the bestest colleagues that god could ever give and lastly a Birthday wish which I made 4 years ago really came true before 2007 was about to end.Thinking about all these makes me feel like re-living 2007 again...

I'm not sure what's going to happen during 2008 but i'm almost prepared for it.School's gonna start before I know it and I'm keeping my fingers cross that everything will be fine. I'd must say that i'm happy with the opportunities that people have provided.As, I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't have even know what I really wanted to do with my life.

The best thing was celebrating New Year's Eve with my dearest cuppy cake, Mao and her Boy.A wild night at Rouge with drinks that got the girls tipsy. I decided that I deserved that night after a Hectic year of schedules and etc and I decided not to even care if we got wasted that night.

I'm glad that baby was there all the while.

On top of that, I'm glad that the endless tests and lonesome nights which baby and I had to go through are finally all over. It's amazing.From how we got to know each other,to the most pretty relationship that we had, to how it went tubbling and how we lost it for 4 years and how I bumped into him after all these years.
*Baby and Me*

It's also amazing how the most beautiful relationship which I had over the last two years crashed and began to fall apart. How we ripped each other's throats.How close friends saw everything tubbling down with closed mouths.I'm certain without a single doubt that Life never fails to amaze me. I'm not sad about it it's just that everything happens for a reason.I guess...

*As close friends watched with closed mouths on how everything fell apart*

Its amazing how I lost a great friendship.How things began tearing apart. Anyways, 2007 has made me lose 2 people who were closest to me and at the same time made me get to know more new friends and lovely people who are just too good to be true.

I miss Angela so much too.I'm happy to receive her letter and I'm really really really happy that she'll change and how life will be so much better once everything is over.I guess this is part and
parcel of life.

*Lunch at Rendevous Hotel with the guys from OCWS*

Me, May,Eileen,Mao and Angela

Anyways, i'm off to my chitty chat session with my baby girl..Goodnights people!I'm faking to be excited about tomorrow. Love love...

Back to Blogging

This is the one and only last blog,I'm hoping to stick with. I must say I'm really inspired by Sasa's Blog and thus I'm going to go back to Blogger =) and I'm gonna beg Sasa to do up my blog until it's totally pretty and girly.

I've finally done up a lil' of my blog and I'm so so so sleepy =/ (I'm always sleepy on weekends) Anyways, i'm really really not up for the following ahead.I guess it's gonna be really busy and packed. I've yet to meet all my girlfriends and there are a thousand and one things that have yet to be done =(

Baby's busy working and Sasa's busy with a wedding.I'm most prolly meeting my dearest Mao Mao and I can't wait to hug her.

*Missing my baby Boy*

*Missing My Dearest Peggy aka Mao*

*Missing My Dearest Sasa*

There are somethings that I'm looking forward to and some which i'm not even ready to look forward to. Firstly, there's Valentine's Day. I'm really excited about spending that special Day with my baby boy.Secondly, I'm moving on to a better job and i'm hoping to meet new people (Hopefully Nice people) and I'm going to climb my way through everything. Thirdly, I'm looking forward to more and more clubbing sessions with my baby girls and lastly, it's MaoMao's Birthday.

Chinese New Year, is almost over and It wasn't as bad as I thought.At least I got to see my relatives and my cousins. I also went to visit Baby's Godparents and we had a great dinner. Really really nice dinner.I love love love Baby's family especially his Godpa whose super Funny and of course Baby's smallest Aunty whose so so so so so so so so so so Sweet and nice and there's Ruby, the Dog which is of course adorable but a little greedy though. =/ oh wells I guess most dogs are like that.

Anyways, the saddest thing that happened was losing all my contacts on my celly.Oh wells the phone died on me and now i'm only left with less than 10 contacts on my hp.Apparently, those are the only numbers which I remember in my Head.

I guess i've gotta get a new Phone and get my hair done too!Not to forget i've got to shop for Baby and run some errands for him.I'm loving him so much cause he's too cute.Baby and I have been through too much to even imagine and I'm glad that i've got him and he's got me.

I can't bother to care too much about the other issues of my life yet as i'm just tooo tooo tooo damn lazy to do so.At least, i've got my lazy bum up to do up my resume and clear up my desk and I'm certainly quite happy about it.

Alrights, i'm going to bed now and wait till someone calls me and wakes my lazy ass up.I hardly get up when i'm sleepy and people like Baby would know that very well. I'm sure I never fail to amaze the people who were talking to me the last few minutes before I fall asleep as I never fail to entertain them when I start talking rubbish.

Anyways, I shall end this long boring post and you people should go do something worth your afternoon.Go tan in the rain or maybe go fall in love or something like that.

Ciaos! ("v")