February 10, 2008

Back to Blogging

This is the one and only last blog,I'm hoping to stick with. I must say I'm really inspired by Sasa's Blog and thus I'm going to go back to Blogger =) and I'm gonna beg Sasa to do up my blog until it's totally pretty and girly.

I've finally done up a lil' of my blog and I'm so so so sleepy =/ (I'm always sleepy on weekends) Anyways, i'm really really not up for the following ahead.I guess it's gonna be really busy and packed. I've yet to meet all my girlfriends and there are a thousand and one things that have yet to be done =(

Baby's busy working and Sasa's busy with a wedding.I'm most prolly meeting my dearest Mao Mao and I can't wait to hug her.

*Missing my baby Boy*

*Missing My Dearest Peggy aka Mao*

*Missing My Dearest Sasa*

There are somethings that I'm looking forward to and some which i'm not even ready to look forward to. Firstly, there's Valentine's Day. I'm really excited about spending that special Day with my baby boy.Secondly, I'm moving on to a better job and i'm hoping to meet new people (Hopefully Nice people) and I'm going to climb my way through everything. Thirdly, I'm looking forward to more and more clubbing sessions with my baby girls and lastly, it's MaoMao's Birthday.

Chinese New Year, is almost over and It wasn't as bad as I thought.At least I got to see my relatives and my cousins. I also went to visit Baby's Godparents and we had a great dinner. Really really nice dinner.I love love love Baby's family especially his Godpa whose super Funny and of course Baby's smallest Aunty whose so so so so so so so so so so Sweet and nice and there's Ruby, the Dog which is of course adorable but a little greedy though. =/ oh wells I guess most dogs are like that.

Anyways, the saddest thing that happened was losing all my contacts on my celly.Oh wells the phone died on me and now i'm only left with less than 10 contacts on my hp.Apparently, those are the only numbers which I remember in my Head.

I guess i've gotta get a new Phone and get my hair done too!Not to forget i've got to shop for Baby and run some errands for him.I'm loving him so much cause he's too cute.Baby and I have been through too much to even imagine and I'm glad that i've got him and he's got me.

I can't bother to care too much about the other issues of my life yet as i'm just tooo tooo tooo damn lazy to do so.At least, i've got my lazy bum up to do up my resume and clear up my desk and I'm certainly quite happy about it.

Alrights, i'm going to bed now and wait till someone calls me and wakes my lazy ass up.I hardly get up when i'm sleepy and people like Baby would know that very well. I'm sure I never fail to amaze the people who were talking to me the last few minutes before I fall asleep as I never fail to entertain them when I start talking rubbish.

Anyways, I shall end this long boring post and you people should go do something worth your afternoon.Go tan in the rain or maybe go fall in love or something like that.

Ciaos! ("v")