September 29, 2008

Miles after Miles

I'm at all smiles ...("v")
The people around me make me smile....
What's yours??
and My travel plans are all over the place...
____ is flying to HongKong and i'm not sure if I wanna fly with him...
haha...and This Friday, Kai and I plan to get our butts to ____ home!!For Midnight..
So happy!!
Going to bed now people!!!
and I'm so addicted to One Tree Hill...

September 28, 2008

Baby came over and we were suppose to have Ice cream at Swensen's however, I was as usual slow in preparing and we couldn't make it so we went to Causeway to get our stuffs at the supermarket :)

Xian wanted to reach home early to watch the F1 so we kinda grabbed our stuffs and went home...
Warm Chicken soup with Pasta and herbs :)
Mashed Potatoes with Black Roasted Chicken ("v")

In case, you were wondering what happened to my frindge, I decided to sweep it aside as I didn't have anymore hairspray...and I was too lazy to use straighten my hair.

Anyways, I'm going to bed now...I'm so sleepy and i've got to get my ass up tomorrow...and I so need to call the bank and get some stuffs done ^_^

Hv a great Monday ahead babes!!
I love One Tree Hill & Gossip Girls !!!Go catch them today!!
and yes, I watched America's Next Top Model and some other shows too...
Enjoy the weekends people!!
Super Long Holla' so don't bother reading if it bores you...

Holla!! I've done up my new email and my page. It's gonna be opening soon and i'm going to put all my heart and soul into this. The previous name was kinda dumb so yeah everything's gonna be up once I'm done with all the completed projects. I've done up two and I'm planning to release some partially as i've been too way too busy doing too much...

I'm happy and I can't be bothered with what anyone says. No more cookie cutter shit that everyone has. I'm sick and tired of seeing the same and doing the same. I guess it's good to be under your own skin instead of following what everyone's doing. So point taken. Do what you like and be happy with it cause you'll never know what will be the outcome until you've tried.

Anyways, I've pushed my studies again to a later date. I need to re-think on what I really wanna do and I'm going to pursue them. I've got good friends who think i'm nuts and will go all out to put you down and then again i've got good friends who will stand by you always and no matter what. Then again, the only thing that i've learnt and will always remember is that everyone's got different thoughts on things and some people or most people at times can never see things like how you want them to and it's natural cause everyone's different. I've learnt them hard and I guess it's made me a better person.

Sometimes, there's no point being sad or angry and before you actually jump at someone, why not think twice and put yourself in their shoes. Of course, when I say that, it doesn't mean that you'll have to be so square and comply that to every single situation.

There are times, I'll just wake up and i'll start thinking on how tired I am and how crappy my day might be but in the end, i'll wakeup and realise that i've got nothing to complain about. I love the people I meet everyday (okay maybe not everyday) and I love my life now. I have time for my life and I'm laughing almost everyday.

Nothing's ever easy and I must say that I really do feel sorry for the people I met before and how sad they still are doing the same thing everyday and how miserable they feel in their holes. You've got a choice and I was really sad when I was there. I was kinda sad on the way they treated others and being mean to each other. Seriously, we're talking about me as a kid, seeing Grownups (I repeat GROWNUPS) being childish and ridiculous. Initially, I was angry. Without a doubt, I was really angry and before I knew it, I became just like them. Nothing but simply being Spiteful and horrid.

I'm not angry anymore and I don't see a point to be. I just hope that they will be able to see that life's not about being the first or the best. I may not be the best in what you do but I know that everyone has a good point in them. I'm not teaching you how to run your life and I guess deep down, you'll know better on whether you're happy and Yes, I'm also not saying that I'm the only whose happy and jumpy all 24/7. I don't see a need to digress anymore and I guess only you'll know yourself best!

Anyways, I've compiled a list of things to complete :

- Get my basic theory completed (I've procastinated on this for like almost 1 1/2 yrs)
- Get my class schedule done
- Get my lost cards replaced
- Get my memberships done
- Go to the Libary to return my books and borrow a new book
- Get my room packed and cleared
- Get my crystals to bling up my stuffs
- Get my handphone (I might be changing my no. btw)
- Get my school stuffs done
- Get the travel plans ready (I swear i'm so freaking lazy to call up the agency)

I swear i'm so gonna do everything soon...

and yes, I so want to go for Halloween. haha.. I heart Dumbshit. It's good to go for a retreat and get yourself working and I'm so planning to not to be here on my next birthday and I've got this crazy idea to get my ass to Male (Maldives) on my 21st birthday but in the meanwhile, I should really start thinking of what I really am gonna do.

Yes, my friends think i'm nuts and the craziest thing tt got them to think that I'm even crazier was me using slimming products. Haha...I'm freaking random...and yes, that's Phy for you.

So yes, I've gonna get my ass cracking and i'm gonna do my stuffs now...So for now is TU Lu!!Mwacks!!

September 22, 2008

I'm A Happy Bunny

I'm Hopping Around :)
Bought my mask..Finally found it cause it's from Taiwan and it's so hard to find and I don't like waiting :(
Bought tons of things and coloured my hair today :)
I love life ...

September 20, 2008

Yippy it's Saturday

I've been quite disappointed with somone.Don't really wanna talk about it cause it's kinda pointless..Just wanna let you know tt you've been apart of me since school days and etc. Seeing you like that makes me sad...You'll always be tt one and only pretty barbie in my life :)

When you're feeling better ring me up...

and we'll start planning kays?Don't let yourself down sweetie...

Anyways, baby and I met up yesterday and had dinner together :) I wore my new dress and thanks for the compliments haha...I'm enjoying everyday and i've got to get a new dress for my upcoming dinner with the best people and not to forget to get my other stuffs. I've been masking my face more frequently and stop being so lazy.

...and yes my camera's not charged yet and thus I can't get all the photos...and my scanner is dead cause I took neoprints with my darling baby boy :)

I love him so much...thats for sure...I'm so happy he like all the stuffies I got for him :)

I've got another suprise but I can't let him know yet...

Anyways, ___ bro is gg to ____ so yeah I can buy Coach things!!Yippy...can die liao...and I'm might be gg to BKK with Regina too :)


September 16, 2008


Came home late cause I had meeting and stuffs like that. I'm so happy with myself :)

Anyways, i'm getting a little annoyed with someone but I shan't say who cause there are many people esp nosey people who read and tell tales.

Anyways, the mommy gave me cash for my air tickets and right now, I'm kinda spoilt for choice...Like what ___ said, I should start travelling every 6 months :)

I wanna go to Maldives on my birthday and maybe Amsterdam for X'mas '09...I'm a happy bean...and anyways, I still haven't found my camera charger and i've got my mask stuck on my face tulus...

Btw Sasa, Don't bother abt J...I'm gonna smack his head when I see him...

Kai, it's dinner and movie soon...

Love you death...Muacks

September 13, 2008

Met baby lastnight and we went for dinner at Miss Clarity. Food was good and everything was nice and simple. Took Neoprints too and not to forget we'll be going out in awhile :)

I'm gonna clear my room in the meanwhile cause i've lost my camera charger and I have pictures which I wanna upload soon :)

I'm a happy beanie...Soo soo soo missing my cuppycake...Sasa's takin me to Geylang Serai to shop for her clothes and to have a yummy dinner + Ikea too!!I'm so excited..Not to forget the short get away... I'm in love la la la la...


September 10, 2008


Baby is so sweet....
and to _________ I didnt call you on purpose and I accidently press my phone and so happens you're the first one on my phonebook. Don't be too full of yourself and get a life.
Yes, U did make me happy bt that was a longtime ago and i'm Happier now..So you get my point???
Some people...Nonsense la...
Sasa,sorry didn't hear my hp today.I still miss you alot :)
Meeting my girls tmr and Baby wanted to buy me something I like haha...and Sunday It's Ikea with Sasa...

September 8, 2008

Oh life

Bintan...A shortget away soon with my buddy :) and maybe the boys?
("v") I LOVE YOU ... ("v")
Ikea this weekend Kays??I Heart you babe!!!

September 7, 2008

Your my star...

He' my everything, Like good morning guy,

he's my angel, up above my world,

And he's the only one, who understands me,

That's why I call him, my new family,

See he's the only one that I want by my side,

he's the only one that I believe can save my life,

he makes me want to be a better girl

he's higher than the sky, the sun and the moon...

Baby I swear it was love at first sight...

No matter how bumpy the road is,
I'll always be with you along the way...
I'll always Love you...
You're my star...

Updates :)

Helluu...I've been real busy and I'm glad Sasa and I have some plans to travel so it's time to save lots of money. Anyways, i'm going out laters and i've got to get my crystals so that I can do my DS :)

I'm a happy bean and tomorrow i'm going to the hospital. So i'll be on 1/2 day. Anyways I miss Sasa and I'm really shock that _____ just gave birth. Kai, I think you're pretty shocked too!Oh my...Shit happens...Anyways, here are some pics of my brother and I during his birthday....He's without his piercings and he does look alot better without them :)

It's amazing when all of a sudden you have a new goal in life and you keep working towards it.I'm so happy :) and what's best if you have a buddy who is willing to travel around with you? Oh my effin goodness I'm happy :)

Hva great Sunday people!!

September 5, 2008

I'm saving up for?

Okay.I know where i'm heading next..
I'm gonna live life...
Love life...