June 28, 2009

I am backkkk!!! I've been neglecting my blog cause i've been so busy and tired at work and with all the adjustments.Here's a short post on the hauls I got yesterday from the sale I went to with my girlfriend :)

I so wanted to get the Esprique Christmas set which was out of stock by the time I got there and I managed to get a couple of pretty good buys :) I got myself Two Givenchy Lippies for $10 & $12 each when they're retailing for about $40 here. Most of the colours were out of stock as they were really cheap.

Next I got myself my first Lunasol eye shadow palette :) It's retailing for about $70 here but I managed to get it at about $35 which is pretty reasonable. I've read alot of raves about the Lunasol palettes and I really wanted to try it out. However, the colours were really limited and I wanted to get the other green palette but decided to drop it cause i've got way too many eye shadows!!

It's really smooth and pigmented and I like it alot :) I've not tried it on my eyes yet and I hope i'll remember to take pics when i'm using it. I skipped the Lunasol's liquid foundation as i've been using Etude house Precious mineral BB cream which is my HG and I don't think i'm switching or needing any more foundations for the time being.

Not to forget, I bought myself some heels :) I bought these Guess shoes as it matches with most of my clothes and I love the prints so much. I got myself another super high pair of shoes from ClubMarc too but i'm too lazy to post pics of it.

Lastly, here are some pics I took today :)

With Flash

Without Flash

What I used :

Face : Smashbox photofinish Primer,Etude house BB cream ,Maybelline Mineral Loose Powder

Cheeks : Random Brand Blusher and bronzer

Lips : Etude house lip tint chou and Dramatic Lip Gloss

Eyes : Majolica Eye Palette in Purple & Ardell lash glue + Falsies

Hope you guys have a great weekend guys :) I'm gonna go blog hoppin"

June 21, 2009

Hi guys :) I've been really busy adjusting to everything since I got out of hospital but I'm alot better :) thanks for the tags and i'll be blogging soon :) Oh and if you've not Tried Etude House's Precious Mineral BB cream, please do !! It's my HG now...

I'll update again :) huggs and kisses... :)

June 7, 2009

I am back!!Yes I've been into hospital for 10 days!!I was really sick and i'm alot better now :) Today, I went shopping and guess what I got??? A new Bag!! I love it so much and I felt happy though I spent quite abit on it :)

I bought some cool jackets from Adidas for the Dad and the boy and of course a nice Shiseido Lippy for mommy... I seriously blew the bank account today :) Can't blame me though since i've been sick and hardly being able to enjoy life and always having to be in and out of hospital :(

Toothy and I also went to get our pedicures done and of course more shopping at Malaysia :) We bought Etude House Mineral BB cream and it came along with some freebies. A box of cotton wool for makeup removal and also a cute mirror key chain. I also managed to get Majolica's single eyeshadow as it was on sale and I wanted to add another colour to my collection.

Bought this month's copy of Vivi Magazine which was a lil' disappointing as there was not much about makeup but more of shoes and clothing which we are not really available here in Singapore. Last but not least , I got myself books written by Kevin whose a really famous makeup artist in Taiwan and i'm sure most of you have heard about his beauty products under Kevin Beauty Maker which is his own line of cosmetics and skincare. I've definitely heard alot of raves on his products and would love to try some of them too!!

I'll be doing some reviews on the products I bought and the BB cream too!! I'm looking forward and living each day like as though it was the last and appreciating everyone around me. It feels so good to be out of hospital and back home. I'm hoping this coming week would be a great and smooth sailing week for everyone !!

I can't wait to do Bungy jumping too!! Have a great week and I'll blog again when i've done up all my posts :) Big huggs and kisses!!