February 17, 2008

What is it that I really want?

I met baby this morning and we had brunch together and we spent some kitschy time together. He's off to work now =(

I was on the couch alone, sipping my green tea and reading my mag and munching when all of a sudden, I started thinking of what I really wanted. Life's very unpredictable and it's full of crap at times yet it can be so blissful and pretty at times.

I don't really know where to start at times.I'm going to be super busy this whole week and i've already got a bunch of plans for myself. I know that it's gonna be tiring and i'm definitely going to be super worn out.

I've gotta get my school stuffs ready and I've gotta make sure that I won't procrastinate on things. I've hardly got enough rest and I'm too too too tired for any night programmes. I need a holiday and a short break to getaway from all the hectic crazy plans that I have.

Sometimes,I should start thinking for myself and start loving myself more.Especially my health which is practically killing me..

It's going to be my last day of work soon and I'm happy with the many opportunities that have been provided.A big thanks to _______ whom has helped me quite abit. I love you lots and will definitely meet up with you soon...

It's been a great experience working in CCS and I love my dearest Uncle Kwan whose been like a dad.A very funny and naggy dad.I'll crawl up slowly to where I want to be and I'll makesure i'll return a favour to those who have been supportive and loving.

I'm still thinking and contemplating on some ideas which I've been thinking about and it's just a matter of finding the right person to help me.I'm sure slow and steady, bit by bit things will get better..until I reach my mark in life.

However, I've got a weakness and that is i'm too soft hearted at times.But, i've learnt that losing somethings and people in life is for my own good and things will get better.It's sad and it's hard to let go but sooner or later i've got to get used to it. This is life..

Alrights, i'm gonna go do my other things and maybe have dinner with my pops and mops...