December 27, 2008

wokays now that Christmas is over, i'm looking forward to another mad week when new year's eve is arnd the corner. So yupp.I'm going for a huge huge shopping spree and i've made a list of stuffs I need to get :)

Now that i've officially blasted more than _ _ _ _ bucks just for dec, i'll just have to settle for some lesser stuffs for January. I can forsee myself buying makeup and clothes off the shelves like there's no tomorrow.Oh god...Tell me why I'm a female again?

Anyhows, here are some of my presents I got from some of my relatives and friends :)

-La senza nightie
- Cosmetic case
-Choc and more chocolates
- Lots of cash
-Tissue Tofu holder
-Kitty wallet from my couzzy who got it fm Japan. I'm not a fan bt since it's frm him,I Luv it :)
- Bodyshop set
-Fasio makeup set
-Mickey hp strap from Japan
- Models & co Light Lip gloss ( which has a build in light and mirror)
-Dresses (in the box)
- Skinfood Mushroom bb cream
I've still got a bunch of presents not given out yet cause i've hardly had time for meetups and oh another crappy thing, I had mild case of food poisoning on Christmas...haha....anyways, i'm so happy my colleagues liked their individual pressies :)
Some pics at the chalet :)

For some reason, I look abit too cartoonish...I think it's the makeup and the hair. Oh and I'm going to curl my hair cause the ones on the picture was self done :) and that's the dark shade of brown i'm currently having now ( which by the way was also done by me).... Seriously, I think when it comes to colouring, I'm seriously workin it better than the hair stylist.

Anyways, i'm going to have my dinner cause daddy bought me Mac :) and i'm might be going out with the gals laters :)

Ciao !!

December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

It's almost 5 am now and i'm blogging.can't get to bed yet :)

3G my dearest butty Juanie just now and It was damn funny la...haha...I've received quite alot of presents and I can't wait to see mama and the rest of my relatives tomorrow. I've still got quite a number of pressies which i've not wrapped up.

Anyways, something happened today which left me crying a lil. Hmmph!!But i'm a big kid now and I guess i've almost forgotten the feeling of crying cause i've been toooo chirpy lately and i'm really glad my colleagues liked their pressies :)

I'm a little tired and i've got to get my butt to my family's chalet tomorrow...I can't believe it's christmas already and next week will be New Year's day. I'm gonna celebrate it with someone ...if i'm not clubbing...My private issues are kinda messed up but honestly, i'm not caring about it cause i've got an even better goal in life.

Anyways, i'm just ranting...oh and Prealin, if you see this, Merry christmas..Hope you'll enjoy your hollies and i would very much love to see you christmas tree if I could fly to Durban.

Merry xmas to all and don't forget to help me click on my advertisement and help me get paid....

Pictures up soon...

December 21, 2008

Hello...I'm finally having time to post this up. Anyways, i've been really busy...Shopping for Christmas. I'm really trying to find time to clear up my room and wrap the presents. Anyways, So I went To Vivo with Lala the other day and got some stuffs from gap and my usual knick knack items....

Had dinner at some Japanese Restaurant...Food was pretty okay but the service and the tables Kinda sucked. Since we only had two people, they gave up a table which pretty much made us face a huge big wall all the time.

Anyways, I've got Chocolates for the relatives as well as Gap Stuffs and American eagle stuffs for my dearest Buddy Juanie.....haha....

Here are some of the special pressies I picked out for the dearest people ...

There's more to where those came from and i'm too lazy to post the pics up.I'm might get my nails done and I can't wait to see my Family.My dearest Cousins...Grandma and everyone...It's one occasion where my whole family comes together.

I'm might be curling my hair soon cause i'm into curls and my hair's pretty long now and i'm not intending to snip my hair off.Seriously not and I've been a good girl this xmas but those fingers can't stop me from lemming on a new...




Wallet...yes....a new pretty wallet....

So pretty right? It's about SGD605 and I was thinking of the Red one. I know I'm such a klutx...Next thing, I've finally changed my

Mine's in black though...and I've been surfing and hooking myself to Msn all day...haha...This is one huge baby I've given to myself for christmas. I'm going to work harder and get myself more stuffs.

and oh boy...I so need to go clubbing soon...I've missed out tons of parties and fun...Next stop, I'm going with my girl for some hot fun...I'm not a crazy party creature that some people label me to be and I'm just an average human being who needs some partying with my girls and boys.

I'm missing everyone. Really everyone...I've been thinking of all the happy things in life. Having midnight movies with Marddy and clubbing sessions with Sasa and and having late nights out with Genie and the gang. Having lots of booze and music.I miss everyone from school and there are times i'll get so emo and whiney and cry while thinking of all these fond memories.

Thinking of all the times Kai and I had catching up with Gabby and his gf to crash his house on his birthday and Kai I missed you lots. I just wanna give you a big big big big hug and go feast...I wanna tell Sasa hw much I've missed her and how much I really wished we were as close as when we were in Sec school. I wanna tell Mardy how much I've long to catchup with her to go for more midnight movies and camwhore with her. I'm really emoing cause I need these people in my life. No matter how many new friends i've made, these people are my life.

Sometimes,i'm so disappointed with myself. All I do is work and i've been so lazy to go hangout cause i'll be braindead by then. Sometimes, I regretted not going to school like everyone else is doing but instead taking a private diploma.

Sometimes, I look at my friends who are all enjoying and hanging out at Starbucks all day and slacking in their skinnies and flipflops while i'll be working. Then again, i've got to work cause I don't believe in relying on people. I don't hogg on my parents for cash and I buy whatever I want within my means. I'm not saying that my friends don't do anything but i'm just thinking on whether i'm happy with the route i'm taking.

I'll like to meet my friends in the morning and go for school together. Travel home together and have lunch. Do projects together and bitch about every issue on earth.I missed wearing my school uniform and super ugly socks and shoes...

I'm done with the emoing and i'll start planning my time wisely :(
anyhows, i've got to do the remaining shopping for xmas ......
Have fun yo'll......

December 14, 2008

It's gonna be X'mas soon and i'll be on leave doing my shopping :)'

I can't wait to wrap up the presents and get a few more babies for myself...I can't wait to be with my family on christmas and ripping open all my presents. I'm not sure what my folks will be getting haha....for me...But i'm eyeing on something..Anyways, my eyes are always on something...

I've been doing loads of heavy shopping too and blasting my accounts like there's no tomorrow. Oh wells...I'm happy and that's all that I care...

Oh and not to forget the bunch of candies which I bought that cost me a bomb...but they were cute and I couldn't resist such cute candies...I just couldn't die with regrets..haha...

And i've bought another book. It's quite a good selling book and i've heard about it sometime ago and I knew I had to buy it...I'm thinking of getting some other books once i'm done with the current book i'm reading and as well as this book.

I'm going to colour my hair to a darker shade after having such a light shade for such a long time and i'm not colouring my hair black. After much thought, i've decided not to cause I don't wanna look weird.haha....
So tired....cause I woke up at 3am and started playing my DS...I'm seriously kuku in the head...I am...haha...
Enjoy the remaining hours of Sunday Folks

December 9, 2008

Hello Prealin ... haha...If you're seeing this ...

Good night folks

December 7, 2008

Hellu people...

I'm officially going to find a Malaysian Bf..haha..Guess what? I went to JB again yesterday and I had dinner twice and shopping :]

Yes and I'm currently reading this book I bought lastnight...Really want some time alone with just my book and a cup of tea ... I hardly have the time to breathe and this is what I wanna do :)

Babe's going to Sydney on Tuesday and texas too. I can't wait to go with Toothy to Taiwan. We're all planning our own trips and I plan to be outta here on my Birthday. Hopefully to somewhere peaceful and quiet.
I'm planning to keep a quiet and slow paced life cause I seriously think the hectic life is something not for me. Anyways, couzzy is in Japan now.

Crap...Everyone's travelling and I need to go for another short vacation. Just with the people I love. That's all....Can't really be bothered to think of anything else.

Oh and Christmas is coming :)
I'm gonna get all my x'mas presents and this year i'm going to save up my bonus for a good re-treat. haha...I know , I'm nuts. I've already blasted enough money to buy a Gucci Bag.

Anyways, i'm going to cook my yummy dried scallop and chicken porridge and maybe go out to grab some stuffs.

Oh and I have close to 30 or 40 pieces of masks :) Shall do a mini facial before I leave...Life is such a bliss...
Anyone wanna go to Shanghai or Taiwan??and Sasa please start saving money cause i'm might be celebrating my birthday at Bangkok. Hahaha....

Better stop giving me excuses sweetie...Hmmm I rather get drunk with hot Thai boys than waste that precious day being pissed drunk in some dumb club in Singapore...haha....

I love you and will call you talk about your Chinese hottie pie....Muacks

Dear people...start clicking my ads and help me get paid to fund my horrendous money wasting life :)

December 3, 2008

Hmm let's see where did close to $200+ go to??

-ZA Face shaper

- Shiseido foundation

- Shiseido bronzer

-Za Lipstick and eyeshadow

-Ettusaisis Night Powder and refill

-Ettusasis Blusher

-Za body shaper

I love my life and i'm might be meeting Flea tomorrow....
Going for dinner ... anyways, can't wait to buy my Gucci landyard...