February 10, 2008

If everyday would be just like Christmas

Yes, I've woken up.Finally!It sounds ridiculous and I can't believe how ridiculous I am to actually think this way but I just wish that everyday could be Christmas. I like Christmas. Looking back at 2007 makes me squirm and makes me happy.

*Silly Face of Myself*

Thinking of all the times that I had with the sweetest people that could literally make my heart melt.Thinking of failed relationships.Thinking of all the Fun I had while I was working with the bestest colleagues that god could ever give and lastly a Birthday wish which I made 4 years ago really came true before 2007 was about to end.Thinking about all these makes me feel like re-living 2007 again...

I'm not sure what's going to happen during 2008 but i'm almost prepared for it.School's gonna start before I know it and I'm keeping my fingers cross that everything will be fine. I'd must say that i'm happy with the opportunities that people have provided.As, I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't have even know what I really wanted to do with my life.

The best thing was celebrating New Year's Eve with my dearest cuppy cake, Mao and her Boy.A wild night at Rouge with drinks that got the girls tipsy. I decided that I deserved that night after a Hectic year of schedules and etc and I decided not to even care if we got wasted that night.

I'm glad that baby was there all the while.

On top of that, I'm glad that the endless tests and lonesome nights which baby and I had to go through are finally all over. It's amazing.From how we got to know each other,to the most pretty relationship that we had, to how it went tubbling and how we lost it for 4 years and how I bumped into him after all these years.
*Baby and Me*

It's also amazing how the most beautiful relationship which I had over the last two years crashed and began to fall apart. How we ripped each other's throats.How close friends saw everything tubbling down with closed mouths.I'm certain without a single doubt that Life never fails to amaze me. I'm not sad about it it's just that everything happens for a reason.I guess...

*As close friends watched with closed mouths on how everything fell apart*

Its amazing how I lost a great friendship.How things began tearing apart. Anyways, 2007 has made me lose 2 people who were closest to me and at the same time made me get to know more new friends and lovely people who are just too good to be true.

I miss Angela so much too.I'm happy to receive her letter and I'm really really really happy that she'll change and how life will be so much better once everything is over.I guess this is part and
parcel of life.

*Lunch at Rendevous Hotel with the guys from OCWS*

Me, May,Eileen,Mao and Angela

Anyways, i'm off to my chitty chat session with my baby girl..Goodnights people!I'm faking to be excited about tomorrow. Love love...