February 24, 2008

I can die happy

I was a lil sad about what happened lastnight. Nope, Darling and I didnt' have a tiff.Something happened and we were both lost for words. It was like we had nothing to say. I'm over it and I'm glad to have baby by my side.

All the pretty precious times that he's given. Always letting me pinch his fatty cheeks and all his hugs and kisses. How we both have earth worm fights and how he allows me to snuggle up to him like a fat earth worm.

Mew mew...

I must admit baby and I have gone through lots of things together and it'll be waste if I simply put everything down =) Anyways, someone special gave me this.

So pretty and lovely. I love it so much and I can't wait to get something back. I can die happy now cause everything is almost cleared up now. I'm also happy that cuppycake sasa has always been here for me and I love her to death.
Anyways,I decided to heed baby's advise. You can't make everyone happy and i've decided to do just that. I love all my friends and i'm not saying i'm perfect. But I have only 2 best friends.No one else can take their place.
I'm going to get Paris by Paris Hilton's perfume for my dearest Elaine cause she's my sunshine.I'm going to be super busy soon and my aim is to earn _ _ _ _ next year. I've told baby everything and only he knows everything and I mean Everything.
I'm also happy for Cupcake who is practically in love now.I'm so so so so happy and I've decided no matter how worried I am , I'll still support you and love you always....
I feel like I can just die happy without any regrets..
Mew mew