February 17, 2008

I told you life never fails to amuse me

I was online on Msn and guess what?There was someone who approached me on Msn. Let's name this person B. B claims to be an Event Coordinator or something like that. Anyways, she or he might be an Events Coordinator for god knows whether it's true.

So to cut the story nice and short. B started approaching me and asked If I wanted to make money or to be a model etc. Before I knew it, B offered to pay me if I sold my photos. 3-8 photos with myself in revealing tops would earn me $300 and it would be transfered to me immediately. So I asked what would happen to my photos or for what usage? (Any idiot would ask) and B replied,"For references so that I won't ask you for photo again and to keep in my foilio in case you want to be a model."

Number one, no offense but I think you should go back home and ask your mom to teach you how to spell the word foilio?It's Folio and not Foilio.

Number two, if you're genuine about it, thanks,I appreciate it but if you're a fake than I suggest you go home and lock yourself in your cabinet and do something better with your life.

As interesting as it gets, I'm going to continue sitting here and watch how life never fails to amuse me.

Anyways, John taught me to do a screen shot and I was telling him about what happened..Apparently, he's amused with the amount of money that B offered =(

I love him so much.My dearest buddy and brother. =P I hope he does well for tomorrow's paper.Thinking about papers, it's been so long since I last sat for a paper.
oh wells...