October 25, 2008

byebye people

Okays, I'll be off in a few hours time with my babes and gonna have some fun... :)

Anyways, I'm so freaking tired and i'm gonna pack my bags and also do some lastminute shopping and maybe do a short mask before going off ...

Everyone's travelling...

Jay's gg to HongKong...Buddy's gg to China and the rest are all over the place and not to forget Next week's house warming at JB and Lala's gg to Genting and Peg's too!!haah...Anyways, I'm so sleepy :( and haha...I've got breakfast now..yummy duck porridge from someone ...ooh lala..

and sasa, i'm missing you..see you when i'm back...go club :)

till then, see you people :)


October 19, 2008

I've got a hundred thousand things to blog about but I guess I've been really occupied with lotsa stuffs. This whole week passed really quick and I guess the only thing on my mind now is to kill off the remaining 5 days which I have and go for my short vacation.

Anyways, I've bought a super cute passport cover..Betty boop..haha..I so like :) Anyways, Here are some of the stuffs I bought yesterday :) and not forgetting the shoes haha...Had so much fun with Lala and we just shopped and shopped non-stop ...

and guess what??I had so much fun at my colleagues home :) We had Hari Raya Celebration and seriously I was really happy even though I was pretty late.haha...But I had Fun ....It's so good to be together with people who are smiley and chirpy...

I'm seriously digging life and guess I did...I just watch All The Boys Love Mandy Lane. It's not out in Singapore yet and it's a great thriller show. I love all the sound tracks and I think i'm gonna buy them once it's out. It's a sexy and old school film. My kind of film.I never fail to watch movies with such old school and slow killing effects....

I so swear this is better than I Know Who Killed Me. I love it so much....and I'm glad i've watched it. One thing, I learned about the whole show, is never underestimate someone even though you think you know the person so well....One word, Unpredictable. I love it man!!haha...
Anyways, i'm gonna put this poster as my Wallpaper for my psp. So pretty!!and guess what??It's freaking raining ....so sad...I'm suppose to pick someone up but that someone isn't responding...haha....
I'm so sad that I can't post some peeks of my really good friends cause I guess everyone needs their privacy too...So yupp..Till then....Love love

October 13, 2008

Pop Goes the Phyphy

Supp supp :)

Went to get a dress after work and I love it goes it has pretty pleats and not to forget a cute white belt.I like it alot ... Anyways, guess what we got? Pretty cute act punk black skully shawls for the holi...I'm so happy.
Anyways, I'm kinda tired today cause my brain's dying. Got so many things to think of especially my new project. Not many people know about it and I hope not many people will know about it as this is my hardwork. I guess people who know about it , will see another side of me.

I like being in my own shoes...It's alot more comfy ....

Btw i'm looking for cute covers for my PSP and I can't wait to complete this game and play BatMan and Indiana Jones or even Loco Roco.haha...Yayee...I'm so happy...I bet no one has really seen the real gamming me.

Anyways, ___ is sharing with me on how to download games and blah blah :)

So happy !!!!!Good night little people!!Muacks!

October 12, 2008

Sweets for my treat

Yupps..Lastnight dinner went well and here are some pics for the food which I cooked. Seriously the pics don't do any justification :)

The menu :

Warm Watercress soup
Mince Meat with Tofu and Sunny side egg with Rice
Dessert : Red bean glutinous rice balls with fragrant panda soup :)

I think i'm going to cook every weekend cause i'm so sick of eating out. My next craze has been fastfood. I swear I was never a fast food junkie..but, being with my bunch of ever so fun and crazy friends, I've been swearing on Junkfood.
Anyways, guess what I've been busy with???I've been gaming On my PSP. Haha...

It's so effin addictive cause the characters are damn effin' cute and seriously, I heart dumbshit.haha...I'm so gonna get the game with batman and Indiana Jones. So fun la...Haha...I swear i'm gonna take all my moony and spend it on games and travelling.
I'm doing whatever I loike.ha..I'm such a spoilt brat...
and ...
Guess what?? I might be buying a hamster later if i've got time cause i'm gonna visit my greatgrandma whose warded in...
I love life and i'm telling myself to do whatever I want and get whatever I like...haha...
Hv a great sunday people!!

October 11, 2008

So Surrrweeeet....

Okays, I was surfing around and I saw this...CrapNintendo is releasing a new version of their ever-so-popular-DS...It's gonna have a camera feature on it. Not just one camera but two freaking cameras. I'm not sure if i'm gonna buy this too as I'm gonna buy a WII.

People like me have nothing better to do. Anyways, Im so gonna go to Haha Girl's House to try her WII and play with Baby Haha.
Oh and guess what??I so want to get a Hamster. I fell in love with this hamster from the pet store yesterday. The hamster was so freaking furball like and it was so damn fat. Unlike other running and active hammies, the freaking hammie simply sat there with all his pther fur friends stepping on top of him. I was so amused...

But, on one condition, i've got to clear my room first.Yes, i've got tons of clothes to put aways and tons of accesories to clear and make up to throw away :(

I'm so happy. I swear October is the fastest and most fun month of this year and yayee, one more week and off i'll be with my dearest SerWee and Carol and I've got to start planning my leave cause I think i'll be taking mommy to Bintan for a short vacation..

Hongkong maybe with _______ and than Bangkok with my baby girl as she's so busy and more club sessions with the nicest people!!

Oh and guess what, I wished Ethan, Happy Birthday yesterday. Crap what was I thinking when he's birthday was on the 20th. So embarassing!!haha...I miss Ethan'
haha...I'm missing everyone so much. I really enjoyed hanging out with Kai until like 5am cause we were at his place watching Harold and Kumar. Sometimes, even though we're so far apart, I realised tt my true friends are the ones who have stood by me for the past few years :)
I must also add in that I have the cutest and most beautiful people in my life...
Anyways, i'm gonna hit the supermarket and get my stuffs for dinner tonight ...I'm thinking of Warm watercrest soup and some dishes :) I love going to the supermarket cause it's so fun and so many things to look at.
Will post pictures of tonight's dinner .... if i've got time..
I've got to treasure my weekends cause my weekdays are awfully packed :(
Tu Loos people ....

October 10, 2008


I've got ___ today. I'm so happy :) **Smiles**

I've never came this far...and I'm so freaking happy cause I made it ...Cannot be any happier..

Next, I got lost in the freaking Mrt Station.Yes, i'm not familiar with the train station at town area and guess what I got lost and ended taking the wrong trains back and fourth. ha...I'm such a klutz.I felt so silly as I was playing my ds and blasting my earphones, I kinda totally forgot that I had to alight..

Anyways, i'm over the moon :)

Totally happy cause of so many things and today I saw some cute hamsters and I wanna get myself a cute hammie.I'm seriously happy... and I'm might be not even celebrating NewYear in Singapore. I'm gonna enjoy myself. I'm just digging my life and doing whatever I like....

So yupp ...

Will continue blogging again...tulus!

October 8, 2008


I swear i'm so scared I might die of OD before I go for my vacation. Yupp, the pills are getting heavier by the day and seriously I'm dying and I look more and more zombie-like as the days go by....I swear I can't live without sleeping pills and without them, I'm hardly able to sleep.

I swear i'm not emo and neither am I depressed. I'm a happy bean even though some aspects of life aren't great. It's okie cause i've kinda really gotten over things and i've moved on...It's part and parcel of life so yupp...I guess, only the closest people know...

Btw,I've kinda got a new Label. Yes, someone keeps calling me little monster.haha...I'm yr little monster and your Toothy.Hehe..I swear I'm happy :)

I'm so gay ....and yes, I've need to get the following for my trip:

- New thick woolly shawl
-coloured tights :)

haha...I'm crossing my fingers and hoping tt the holiday will be super fun. I'm so planning HK to meet Mdm Chen and BKK with Sasa...

Sasa, hope you'll see this!!I am missing you too much and so much...Goodluck for your exams my dear and you'll always be a part of me babe..I miss you so so much red patent cause you're so funny and hawt.Hope to go clubbing with you soon !!

I'm kinda sleepy and my eyes are tired....

and guess what?I'm in a dilemma now. I'm not sure whether to take up the _____....Sigh...Good potential but will lose my ______....

Anyways, goodnights people!!

Signing off!!Tulu

October 5, 2008

Shopping :)

I'm so happy. Carol has got the plans and our last minute holiday is so on!I won't be here to celebrate my ____ however, i'll celebrate it when i'm back. :) I'm so excited!!

Anyways, did most of my shopping already. Got some cute tiny shelves for my makeups and my accessories. I've got so many accesories...I think I have at least 100 of them..Hmm Took some pics before we went out today :)

My camera kinda died on me and these pics are taken from my phone. I've got more to upload but i'm kinda lazy and i'll do that when i'm free..I'm freaking stonning and chatting with a bunch of people who obviously know i'm stoning.

Anyways, I'm kinda sick.A bad stiffy nose... :(

and I think i'm gonna sleep soon...So yupp...I'll finish uploading everything when I feel better :) Tuloos... Muacks!!

October 4, 2008

Happy 19th Birthday Gabby

Supp people :)

Kai, picked me up from work and we went shopping for Gabby's Pressie... After walking for sometime, Kai and I decided to head to Action City and guess what?I did the worse thing ever..Kai Psychoed me to buy this fugly looking stuff toy...

Apparently after walking for 2hours, we finally realised that we've know Gabby for like more than 5 years and we don't even know what he likes. Gabby likes shoes by the way but they've already gotten him a pair of limited edition Nike shoes :)

So, we decided to settle on the pig. However, being Kai, He suggested that we bought all the remaining pigs left on the shelf. So since, there were only 3 left. I bought all 3 Pigs. Yes. All 3 Pigs and to top it of, these 3 pigs have names.

Kai, Phy and Gabby...

Wow how nice. I'm a pig...

Anyways, i'll continue blogging abt the Birthday Suprise Part cause I don't have any photos except a stupid video we took which I might upload :X

I really enjoyed lastnight so much. I kept thinking about all the times we got into trouble together and stuffs like that. I really wished that Ethan would come cause I so miss his freaking handsome face and I miss Rachiie too...All the times, we had in school. Even though, I never really did like school and I really hated for being caught for the most stupid reasons, school was really a place where I made friends who've made a huge impact on my life...

All, I can say, is that most of us have gone our separate ways, those that did well, moved on to further their studies. Some went to Poly and some to JC or ITE. Some went straight to private schools or straight to NS. Some of them, Like me, ended up working and schooling...

I'm really happy with my life now and all the people around me. Nothing beats having good friends like them. All the times, they stood by me and all the times they encouraged me. Especially, Kai,Mardy and Sasa whose always been there for me. Constantly telling me that life would be happier and better...

I'm really happy with everything i've got now. I've got nothing to bitch about my life. Maybe once in a blue moon... I've got problems too but nothing is impossible and you'll never know unless you try hard enough...

Right now, my only goal is to travel and I really hope Kai and I can get our butts to Amsterdam and Smoke Weed...haha...I'm joking.. No weed for us...We don't need weed to be high...haha...Right Kai??I swear I love this boy so much!!

Oh, and Lastnight I found out that Mdm Chen is in freaking HONG KONG!!!CAN??I'm so gonna text her and I'm so so so so so gonna fly with ______ to HK and maybe find Mdm Chen there. Can?

By the way, I just called Carol. We're so freaking gg to KL and she's taking me to Genting with Serwee... I'm so excited cause it'll be our first trip together and i'm gonna take a train to KL. So exciting cause i've never took a train before and we're going shopping!!!!can???What more can I ask for...I'll be away at the end of the month. No phonecalls. No text messages. Just Phy, Carol & Ser Wee on a nice mini trip :)

Super happy kays?I'm so gonna start travelling cause I also need to shop for ______....haha..only the closest people know.

I'm so happy and I can just die...I've got alot of things to blog about but i'm going to take a break...Anyways, i'm going shopping now for my room stuffs and I need to get more shoes please...I wanna buy boots cause i'm gonna wear them with skinny jeans and a baby tee to Genting.

I've got to repeat this again, "I'm so Happy!!I can Just die!!"

Before, I go, Look what I did to the pig and my boy's Iphone??

And I'm so happy.. Gabby's Gf said that out of all my schoolmates, I'm the one that changed the most. Haha..So happy..I can just die...This is me now...haha...
That's Gabby, Me, Kai :)
Everyone has their Ugly photos..haha ^_^
I swear I looked like crap...
This is Me Now!! :)

Anyways, Bye people!!I can't wait for the bunch of birthday invites i've got this month :)

October 1, 2008

I swear I love DBS

okies, i'm nuts (-_-')

My Ibanking just died on me. So, what I did was to call the bank...and the good thing is that they're actually open 24/7 and they immediately offered to send a new Ibanking device to me and replace my cards. The best thing, Miss Phy doesn't need to crawl to the bank ^_^

At least i'm not procastinating :)

Next, i've got to get my basic theory done and my membership cards...I'll just die without the internet cause everything's bascially at your fingertips!What more can I ask for?

So yupps, i'm gg for dinner with my folks..

**Kai I cant' wait to see you on Friday and I can't wait to see the rest :)
***Lala, Sorry, i've been dead tired and I hardly wanna go out...haha...Clubb soon okay?
****SASA Clubbing soon!!!!!!!!DBLO!!

tons of birthday parties this month !!Can't wait to see you people!!ha...

Speaking of which, I need a tan soon....

And Peg, when's our BBQ party with tons of booze and people??haha ^_^

Love ya lots!!
Okays, it's freaking almost 1am and i'm still up. Can't think bouta' anything to blog. I'm kinda stonned...So yupp had a long day and I'm quite happy today :)

I've decided to have no life and bumm at home and stay up late to watch One Tree Hill & Gossip Girls. Too bad I don't know where to watch Project Runway so if anyone has the links pls send it to me kays?

Anyways,my travel plans are still in a mess la and I'm too tired to think about anything. I think I should start spending money on stuff that can I can use at home. I was thinking of a Nintendo Wii but come to think about it, I rather use the thousand bucks to travel...

Btw, does anyone want to sell their Guitar Heroes away?? Cause I so wanna play Guitar Heroes on my DS. I'm not too sure what games are out yet but i'm still trying to complete the following games :

- The World Ends With You (freaking stuck at Day 6)
-Animal Crossing
-Mario Touch and Go
- Yoshi Island

As you can see, i'm too lazy to find the cheats and I obviously switch games everytime I simply get stuck at a certain level...

Okays, anyways, for the past 5minutes, I've got no idea what i'm blogging about and I've come to a conclusion tt i'm better off chatting with my peeps on Msn...

That's all folks...Goodnight!!