April 25, 2009

I'm going to have a hearty meal after throwing up like there's no tomorrow and I'm going to start making things right...

April 24, 2009

Hi everyone :)

I'm finally able to blog :) i've been really sick and the meds are killing me cause they're making me throw up and makin" me feel horrible. I didn't really have the mood to do anything much as I'll usually get real tired easily.Anyways, I'll like to do some reviews on the products that I've purchased :)

Recently, Biore has released this new makeup remover and i've used it twice so far. It's really really efficient in removing every trace of makeup (including my Majolica mascara) and I must admit that this makes it very easy and fuss-free for me when i'm removing my makeup and this is definitely better than the makeup remover which I was using from Mandom.

It also does not require any cotton pads as the instructions was to actually apply a teaspoon of this remover all over your face and to actually use your fingers to gently remove the makeup. This makeup remover also promises that no tugging of the skin is required and trust me, all you need to do is to gently rub against your skin and every trace of makeup will be removed and I did notice that it doesn't sting my eyes when i'm removing my eye makeup.

However, I think that the smell of this remover is a little too overwhelming and it makes my nose slightly irritated. It has this really really strong floral scent which I don't really like but is still tolerable. The other thing that I don't really like is that this bottle doesn't have a pump and it's hard to pour out exactly how much you need as i'm always pouring out more than what I need and this definitely leads to wastage.

I got this makeup remover for about $15 at Watsons and i'll definitely get this again, once i'm finished with this bottle.

Next, I got another bottle of this cleanser which I've been using for quite sometime and I must say that this is really good if you've got oily skin and skin that is more prone to breakouts. I definitely do not have flawless skin and this cleanser really does a good job when in removing all the excess oil and drying up my blemishes.

After using both the cleanser and the toner, I've also decided to buy the Moisturiser which has SPF15 and I'll do a review once I've started using it. So far, I've been using moisturisers from Clarins and Shiseido which can be a little costly.

This brand is also quite popular in Taiwan and is selling pretty well in Singapore and it is really really cheap. The moisturiser retails for about $6+ and the cleanser for about $4.95 which is pretty reasonable for a drugstore brand which delivers good results.

I also purchased another tube of Ardell lash glue in clear as u;ve been using the one in white which turns transparent once it's dried and it retails for only $9 and it comes in a rather large tube which can actually last me half a year even though I use falsies everyday.

I've also got Majolica's Frozen splash in Gold. I've not really used it yet but I tried the colour and I must say it makes a pretty good base but it rubs off really easily and I guess i'll have to use a good eye primer to help it last a little longer. This retails for about $15 at Watsons :)

Initially I wanted to get Canmake's new cream eyeshadows but I realised that they were way to oily and the colours really didn't appeal to me at all :(

I also managed to pick up Silky Girl's latest eyeshadow as well as their glitter liner and honestly, I've never been a big fan of silky girl's products but somehow, i've got to admit that the liner is really really good and I love the way it sticks without all the glitter falling all over my face and I'll definitely purchase this in other colours. This eyeliner retails for about $8+ and the eyeshadow retails for about $12+ and I've got to say that the eyeshadow is really pigmented and I really do like the colours alot :)

Lastly , I got the latest Vivi Magazine which has just been released and I must say that this month's issue is really very detailed and definitely one of the best magazines out there that all girls should purchase. I got mine for $9 at a local newstand.

I'll try posting my makeup pics when i'm done sorting them out. Most of them are pretty old pictures as i've not been going out lately.

Oh and not to forget, I've purchased another blusher from MAC's latest collection :)

credits to Spectra.com for the picture

I ordered mine online for about $40 and as this has not been released in Singapore yet and I got this as an early birthday gift for myself.

I"ll also like to say a big thankyou for those who have been reading my blog and honestly my blog is really nothing compared to you other beauty bloggers who've got really good makeup skills that i've been dying and would kill to master :)

I'm also hoping that you guys could check out my ad on the right hand side of my page and help me to get paid :) hehe...

Anyways, have a great day ahead to all my pretty ladies :)

April 22, 2009

Hi guys,

i've been really very sick and i've just gotten back from the hospital...Boo to that...Anyways, I'll do my next few reviews once i've completed them :)

oh and in the meantime, please help me to click on my advertisement on the right hand side to help me get my moolahs :) haha...

see ya soon peeps :)

April 19, 2009

Hi guys,

i've been real busy lately and i've been thinking like how long i'm gonna be able to put up with it :) Anyways, I dropped by to Town on Friday as I was going to visit my aunt. While waiting for my cousin's driver to pick me up, I grabbed a bunch of stuffs :)

I dropped by to CottonOn (which is one of my favvy stores)

Guess how much I spent on the top and the studs? Freaking awesome good $9.50 and I didn't know that these were on sale and I actually thought that the Sales assistant had punched in the wrong numbers....I kinda like their casual top and dresses :)

Next, We went to Sasa, and guess what I found?

6 pairs of lashies for only freaking $4.90. They're pretty cheap to use and throw kind as they're quite flimsy and they're not long enough and definitely not thick enough but it's good enough for me if I wanna go makeupless on lazy days :)

Next , I wanna introduce this really good blusher :)

I've been reading up about it all over beauty forums and hesistated to buy till now as I wouldn't spend $30 on just a drugstore blusher.However I caved in after reading all the fabulous reviews on it :) This blusher is really popular in Japan and I must credit it for being really pigmented. I got this in shade 09 (apricot ginger) and I love it so much. However, you've got to be really really light handed when using it as it's really pigmented and I love this shade to all the rest as most of them were really pinkish tones which I don't quite fancy. I Prefer orangy tones alot :)

Anyways, this blusher is not only super pigmented but it's really glittery and people who have large pores around the cheeks might want to stay away from this as it makes the pores slightly more visible but to curb this , you can try to use a good makeup base to give you a smooth even finishing.

You can get yours at most Watson's stores at $29.90. I"m lemming for a few more but I'd rather stick to MAC's blushers as I do prefer non-shimmering blushers on simple casual days :)

Next, my mom bought me some of these shadows from LA GIRL. She bought them at John little's I think. You hardly see this brand around but i'm quite sure they sell em' on Cherryculture.com :)

I really like the shades alot but one thing's for sure, they're not really pigmented enough and they're pretty good for highlighting and I usually use them as a light shimmery base for my eyesharows after I 've done my eyelids with my primer. They're kinda creamy and less powdery and these eyeshadows are way more workable if you use your fingertips insteads of a eyeshadow brush as the brush can't really pick up enough of the eyeshadow.

As for the blusher, it's really easy to use and it gives a matt look and it's non glittery at all . The blusher gives a very dusty rose shade to my cheeks and I hardly use this as a blush. Sometime, i'l dust it to the bottom of my apples to give a lil lift to my cheekbones.

Each eyeshadow and blusher retails for $15.00.

Lastly, i've been reading on a new book after finishing my other books :)

I really like this book alot but it's slight;y dry in the middle but it's interesting and I kinda gagged a lil during the part when they described her surgery. A good book to read and definitely one of my favourites. It's retailing for $19.90 at all bookstores.

Last but not least, meet my new cinamaroll toy to my collection :) I bought the Happy Meal at Macdonald's for the sake of this toy and I'm oh-so-tempted to complete the whole collection :)

Anyways, Have a great weekend ahead to all :) I"ll be back with more makeup and stuffs :) oh and i'm planning on my get-away in just abit :)

Ciao :)

April 11, 2009

I'm gonna do a short post on my haul from yesterdays shopping. Anyways, I went to MAC and guess what? I left being really disappointed with the new collection from the Sugar Sweet collection. I wanted to get the tri-coloured glosses but they were just too sheer and most of the colours in the testers had been all mixed up due to all that slushing and seriously the packaging was nothing fanciful and it was practically the same as their usual MAC products. I wanted to get the primer from the Prep and Prime collection but after reading many review of the product on Makeupalley.com , I decided to skip it....

Anyways, I really really wanted to get something from the Sugar sweet collection but I managed to convince myself that getting anything from the Sugar sweet collection would just be a waste of money for me. So instead, I got another lipstick from MAC.

I wanted to get something like "Kinda Sexy" as the shade had been discontinued and after contemplating, I got "Shy Girl". It's a pretty nude shade which is slightly orangy. I really like tones that are more to the nude orangy side as I like pairing it with slightly orangy blushers cause I'm not really a fan of pink blushers.

The Makeup artist was really nice to recommend me some other shades and she was really nice enough to ask if I wanted to try them on my lips. Thumbs up for her good service and i'll definitely look for her again as I don't really like pushy makeup artists.

Anyways, the lippie is retailing at $28.00 at all MAC outlets :)

Next, I bought this really creamy and cute Lip polish from Stila. I've not tried the colour on my lips yet but I was intending to pair it up with the lippie I bought as mentioned above. I like how this is cute and small and I really love the colour alot. I think it'll look good even if I use it without a lipstick cause it's quite pigmented :)

Here's a look which I did yesterday. I parted my hair slightly and I did a very light smoky eyemakeup. It's not really clear as I was using my handphone camera :(

Products I used :





Since it was raining and the weather was really chilly, I wore my skull scarf, a black sweater, basic top and a simple caridgan with hight waisted studded skirt and not forgetting my simple prada tote bag :)

Laslty, here's a pretty ring from Aldo which I bought for my aunt as it was her birthday the day before my greatgrandma passed away and i'm gonna give it to her tomorrow as we're going to celebrate my greatgrandma's birthday and visit her niche :)

I'm thinking of getting some Gransenbon blushers which are really popular in Japan from Watsons but i'm still contemplating as I've got far too many blushers and I can't seem to finish any of them :)

Anyways, have a great weekend ahead :)


April 10, 2009

Supp people :)

I've been having a mad hectic week :) oh and dinner at the Merchant's court hotel was really good :) i'm glad my grand aunt had a great time and the money was really well spent :) I seriously don't mind paying any amount fr a meal that makes my grand aunt happy cause she deserves it more than anyone...

So I went for a light hauling yesterday and I got this pretty eyeshadow from The Face Shop :) not a brand that I'll really fancy but every since I bought the pallet ( which was shown on prev post) I kinda like the texture and the colour but one thing about the eyeshadow, You'll definitely need to use a eyeshadow primer with it cause it gets a lil crumbly and the colours would definitely show up better with a primer :)

So I bought this really shimmery single eyeshadow. It's really cheap cause it's only like $15? and since this was the last one left , I knew I had to get it :) the packaging is kinda simple and a lil frosted with some flowers imprints on it...

as you can see the eyeshadow is really packed with chunks of goldish and silverish glitter and I think this really makes a good highlighter and I was thinking of using abit of this with some dark smoky shadows and i'm post up a pic of it when i'm done :)

Next, I bought this serum, from the skinfood :) this is for pore minimising as well as oil control and I bought it after reading kimoko's blog. ( kimoko.livejournal.com ) Apparently she raved about the serum and also did mention that it helped her with her pores and she's currently on her third bottle :) this retails for about $35 and it smells really really really good ..Do check it out. It's under the Peach Sakae series :) I've got the toner too and I must say I still prefer the other toners rather than this the toner from this series and i'll try it a little longer before I do a good review on this ....

Lastly , i'm currently trying out this Primer from YSL and I must say that it smells really good but I don't really fancy this Primer cause I think other primers like Smashbox, Etude house are pretty much better than this....

I'll post up some of my pics after i'm done sorting them out and etc :)

I'm now heading to MAC to get my hands on some of the stuffs from the Sugar Sweet collection which is out in Singapore.

Have a great weekend

April 6, 2009

I just got home from dinner :) I had chinese food and it was pretty good but i'm not really hungry though...Anyways, i'm really thinking of moving on..I've got ten thousand things to think of and i've got a report that's due tomorrow.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow cause I know it'll just be another day...another day of endless problems :( boo to that

I've decided to move on and stop whinning like a biatch and make things work ...i'm sick and still sick of the people I meet ...I don't understand how and why rude idiots live in this world...damn ... It wouldn't kill to be like a little polite??

Anyways, I bought Skinfood's Sakae Skin serum and i'll do a review soon and post up the make up pics.. I"m really excited about doing party makeup this week :)

Anyways, I've got no more alcohol in my fridge and i'll prolly just make do with a cup of hot milktea and my book... :(

Goodnight folks ...

April 5, 2009

Supp peeps...

I'm finally back cause i've got a lappie to blog now and my desktop at home's got real bad cause it's infected with viruses and crap i've got like a thousand photos and all deleted and all my songs gone.I'm really feeling crappy about that...

So it was out of Singapore with the tooth and we did our monthly shopping for makeup and stuffs...Toothy treated me to lunch and I treated her to dinner at our usual hangout, O-town which serves brilliant coffee and milktea and not forgetting yummy food...

After that was crazy shopping and we shopped like there was no ones to stop us...ha suprisingly I didn't blow up the account and I only spent like a hundred plus? haha...

Here are some of my loots :

Bodyshop seaweed cleanser plus toner (fr my mom), Skinfood Sakae toner,old town milktea, eyelashes,apple hand cream and eyeshadow from the Faceshop, Kinderjoy (one fr me , one fr toothy), Bodyshop Dewberry perfume oil, nexcare, Junkfood tee,Faceshop nude lipstick haha

I'm gonna shop even more soon as I really wanna buy a nice black leather jacket, raybans and shoes..baby I need shoeeeeesssssss...

And before I forget, I did my NAILS!!I blinged it up with Swavaroski Crystals and tri-colour nail polish and also did my Ibanking device and blinged it with pink and White crystals :) and that's the Victoria Secret's bag which i'm currently loving cause it's from my baby girllll.......

I'm gonna be real busy this whole week with the following appts :

Monday- dinner after work :)
Tues : Meeting
Wed : dinner at Merchant's court hotel with my grandaunt :)
Thurs : PARTYING!!!!!!!!!
Fri : Out with tha Family

It's gonna be a busy busy week and i'm currently doing up some stuffs too!!I'm hoping everything goes well and I can't wait to colour my hair :)

Oh and I ordered 3 pairs of Pretty Armani Exchange earrings for WY....

Anyways, i'm off to bed soon cause I'm in need of sleep...

Goodnight folks :)