February 28, 2009

Okays, i've had a long long week at work :) Very very very and still tired....I've stopped taking my pills for the time being as It's making me kinda sick. What's the point of having good skin when I get sick all the time. I'm thinking if it's the high dosage of vitamins i've been taking which has been making me really bad and sick.

I tend to get sore throats and i'll feel real bad in my head and i'll start getting flushes and i'll feel super hot like as though i'm burning. Anyways, it could also be the super latenights that I had been keeping and rushing to and fro from the office to the hospital and back home that caused me to be sick. So i'm monitoring it now.

I'll start taking the pills and sleep regularly to see if the pills are the ones that's causing all these. For the time being, i'm making sure i'm resting enough :)

Anyways, Here's some of the hauls I got lastnight ...

I love reading Japanese mags though they cost more than your usual local mags. I've ditched most local mags as they aren't really interesting ...Anyways, You can get yr March Issue of Popteen at Kinokuniya or other newstands that sells em' . Seriously I prefer the Taiwanese version of VIVI as it's in Chinese and though I can't really speak or read chinese but than again it's better than facing Jap words which I can't even read at all...

VIVI is also better as it show more makeups and clothes suitable for rather matured ladies and POPTEEN is pretty much a teenage mag. Oh wells I guess the cover and the name says it all. The fashion and makeup shown in Popteen are rather wild and really kiddish kinda cute....Still it's better than the usual mags...

Anyways, it's selling for S$12.90 at Kinokuniya.

Next I got this cute pencil high waste skirt with Gold studs. I really love black high wasted skirts. I'm quite petite so It's pretty hard to find nice skirts at Topshop that always runs out of sizes.I got this from Bugis street and it's only $20. Really cheap....
Here are some of the looks i'm currently loving :)
and speaking of which, I've already got my dress for my dinner and dance :) It's a grey checked ra-ra dress with a m-shaped tube on the front. I'm pairing it up with black stockings :) and patent pumps...The dress will have the same ra-ra effect as the skirt shown below ...

I'm going to have japanese food and i'll be out of Singapore tomorrow :) Carrot and me are going to Langkawi soon and not to forget my bdae holiday with _____. Super happy :)

Hv a greatweekend people and help me to click my advertisement okay?

February 22, 2009

Saturday was pretty bad cause I was so sick and I almost went to hospital cause my head was going to crash and all my bones were killing me. I've been sick for quite some time and I might be going to see a good doctor to get some medication cause I don't know what's causing all these symptons. I get fever once every other day and i'll start flushing. It's definitely not an allergy cause i've not been eating anything unusual and i've stopped all the pills that I was taking.

Anyways, enough of the sad stuffs :)

Yesterday, before the head throbbing session started, I went to town as I wanted to get some makeup.First stop was to PAULJOE. I didn't really know what I wanted so I picked up this really pretty dark brown and Turquiose colour which I liked alot. The texture is quite smooth and the shimmers are quite soft and subtle. Not the harsh kind which made it quite pretty.

You can get yours now at SGD$37.00 at PaulJoe Counters.
Next , we went to Ninshino Pharmacy and I got this makeup cleanser.

I'm usually very lazy when it comes to removing makeup so I usually used makeup wipes. I'm using the peach scented ones from Watsons and it's pretty good for me. I don't usually use Mascara so it wipes all my foundation and eyeliner off.
But this product is really good. I tried it and all I need is 1 pump and is cleanses everything off. Including the gel eyeliner which I'm currently using. The best thing about this product is that you don't have to rinse your face after cleansing cause it cleanses and moisturises the skin at the same time. Just as much as I love this product, just as much I wouldn't want to take the risk of having pimples the next morning, so, I followed by my cleansing scrub to make sure I get every gunk of makeup out of my skin.

I woud recommend this product for anyone who puts on makeup and who comes back late after work as this is really a fuss free makeup remover. It's not havily scented and it's pretty cost friendly. It's retailing for about $17 now at promotional price. I think the usual is about $20? Even the sales assistant told me that's it's a pretty handy makeup remover so it's really worth getting...

After that,we decided to head to the MAC counter as I wanted to pre-order my makeup. I've decided on what I want and i'm all set and ready to splurge at least $150 on them. I'll do a post once i've collected my items :)

Had dinner at some chinese restaurant at Wisma.

Dinner was really simple as I didn't feel like eating. We had stir fried chilli KangKong, Sweet and sour chicken and sea food fried rice. Food was good but I just didn't feel like eating...Big boo to that...

So,for yesterday, I decided to keep things simple. Wore my stripey jumper and slippers. I did a simple makeup. Here's some of the stuffs I used:-

-Smashbox Primer

-BB cream (Ginko)

- Ettusais limited edition marble blusher

- MAC lipstick in Kinda' Sexy

-Smoky eyepalette from Etude house

-Bronze nudish Lipgloss from Rimmel

Curled my hair and clipped it up in the centre :)

Will be reviewing more products soon as i'm going out now ... I'm gonna crash someone's place and have fun watching MTV and munching on Chinese food...

Back to office tomorrow and i'm eggcited cause I wanna clear the whole of next week and watch movies.

Ciao :)

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February 20, 2009

Hey ppl :) It's 1am now and it's finally Friday. We've been really busy with work and seriously , I've been having a skin allergy. I'm not sure what's the cause but all I know is I'm freaking going to a good skin dermatologist to settle this problem. I'm really picky when it's issues to my skin or anything that's on my body.
Anyways, i've been doing crazy mad freaking shopping again. Yes, nothing suprising :)

I managed to get myself the Ettusais marble blusher :) It's so pretty and smooth . I love the glitter bits and seriously It's only $29 so it's pretty cheap for a small and good blusher like this. Dad's gonna faint cause this is like my 14th blusher when I only have a pair of cheeks ...

And not to forget , I bought this pretty skirt and a black top from Mphosis ... I heart the skirt so much cause it's chiffon and it's really soft however, it's gotta be dry cleaned so it's gonna be a lil hassle to send the skirt to the dry cleaner's...It was selling at $70 but I managed to get it at a cheaper price :)

Seriously the picks don't really do any justice to this pretty Skirt :) last but not least, I've managed to get this pretty frindge bag which I love so much. It's really easy to match with either a simple pair of jeans and tee or long boho dresses :)
I wanted to get this in black by my colleague said that it'll look like some fury animal :P haha...Anyways, i've been so busy with work and with ______ that i've hardly met anyone. No dinners and no nothing cause i've been so so so busy and i'm might be skipping p's birthday party this Saturday as I need to see my doc.

Oh and not to forget, i'm seriously taking $200 to purchase my MAC Cosmetics which i'll be reserving. I'm such a happy bean...

Finally not to forget, some random pics taken at the Singapore flyer :)

Anyways, goodnight folks :)

February 14, 2009

Hi guys :)

I'm finally back to bloggin. Really tired and have been working late at office with my clicks. Anyways, I've managed to do and meet up some of my peeps :)

Met toothy after work and we had fun shopping :)

I bought almost a hundred bucks worth of scrapbooking materials to do my Vday present and sadly by the time , I wanted to do it, I realised the sales assistant forgot to pack my glitter stuffs in and those bunch of glitters were a slightly expensive for glitters. -_-"

Anyways, we managed to get Anna Sui makeup too :) I love them so much :)

Heres the bunch of haul (Not all that i've bought) I've spent so much this month and haha oh bo

Anna Sui -- Beidge gold eyeshadow creme (I usually use this as a base)
Peach and milk hand creme
Hakubi vitamin B and C
Body shop Kabuki brush ( really smooth and this cost about $40)
Etude House -- peaches lip gloss
Majolica Mascara
Majolica Hot pink and white eyeshadow
Anna sui Eyeshadow in purple
Canmake blusher
Gold shadows from Silky Girl
These bunch of items cost me about 3**. Crap...haha..so much for telling myself that i'm gonna save. I've spent enough money to buy a Gucci bag. Anyways, I'm hoping to get put some money for my Holiday trip which i'm taking on my birthday. I'm not sure if i'm inviting anyone but I'm planning a sweet and nice relaxing holiday for myself and my loved ones.

My initial plan was to throw a birthday party at Z**** but since my aunt know the boss there :) but come to think about it, I just wanna spend that whole week just with the people I love...

I need a good rest since i've been really sick and i've lost so much of weight.

I think i'm going to be even more tiny as what my colleagues said...I've been taking too much of pills and seriously i'm hoping I don't die of OD.

Anyways, i'm going for "BreakOut" tonight at the esplanade theatres :)
Happy valentines day to all :)

February 7, 2009

I'm so exhausted cause I came home really late lastnight...3.30am :) to be exact.... I'm really sleepy but I'll blog on my hauls I got last week :)

I've officially spent almost 4 digits on my shopping hauls in a 2 weeks :/ and I went to the singapore flyer yesterday. I've got tons of things to blog about and oh gosh yesterday I spent close to a hundred buying some cosmetics and pills for my skin :)

Shall blog agn tomorrow cos i'm gg to sort out my makeup and skin care and pack up my clothes and not to forget i'm so sad that my party dress is no longer available...sigh....

See u tomorrow :) Hugs