March 29, 2008


Okay...I'm getting a tattoo real soon...I suppose it's gg to be pink.Anything nice and No Fugly colours...Been super hell busy at work..So many million things to do...Pay day is finally here and I'm gonna splurge...

Met up with my cousin, Des. Had dinner at Sakae..Shall blog about the twit waiter that made me so pissed!!**hmmph**Shall blog about it another day. Don't wanna spoil my mood today =)

Did some shopping and I only bought lingerie **Mews** yes Topshop lingerie. My favourite...

While my des, bought a pair of jeans and cute patent pumps!!I love my cousin to death...

Then, off to have supper at Toast Box at Wisma Atria...

The other day, I was sick, so I decided to cook porridge...with chicken and my favourite veggies...I don't really take carrots though cause they'll kinda make me look yellow and orangey.. =(

I love the shitake mushrooms though!Yummy..Me likey..hehe..

Veggies!!Mushrooms!!I like!!

I'm going to meet Sasa to do my hair and meet my greatgrandma to pass her some stuffs I bought for them and also i'm going SHOPPING!!

Going to splurge with my girlfriend. She's my bestest bestie...I love her so much.Though, we're both busy, she's one friend who cares alot...I love love love love her and she's damn freaking CUTE when she gets paranoid.hehe..

Babe, if you're reading this, pls don't kill me...btw, it was damn funny when you found out he wasn't a ______ (fill up the blanks) hehe

I love my bestie..OMG...Love love love love her so..

and one more thing, i've decided that if I should throw a party, it'll be an RNB party..Everyone's gotta dress up with their bling blings and low hangin jeans and trucker caps..Only close people will get invited...cause I only like chilling with ma niggers yo'..

i'm nuts..I am enjoying life now..


March 23, 2008

So sad it's Sunday

So sad its Sunday already =(

Have a bunch of photos to upload and etc. *Smiles* Anyways, i'm going to get myself done up for my passport photo shots. I need to get em' done as i've got to get my Original Pass ready..Super happy that March is finally ending!!

Tomorrow's WORK DAY!!

Which means, squirming through the mad MRT rides and etc. Oh bother...

Lots of plans soon =)

Friday : Dinner with Dez at Marche / Sakae
Sat:Kenny's Vet visit
Sunday:Visiting my Great Grandma
Monday:Dinner with Elaine n Iris

I've got to meet John soon and Sastri!! many things to do with such little time =(

Photos photos...Soon!


March 22, 2008

Happy beans

I finally got to speak with Ethan...Missing that guy so much..I'll always remember the five years we had in Sec school days...Anyways, baby came over for dinner lastnight and we chilled out and had fun..

After that, I got real drowsy from my medication and dozed off...poor baby...hehe...

Simple dinner baby and I had =)

I'm going to M'sia soon as there's a new Juicy couture store opened there... here are some things I wanna get =)

Going to get em'!!!I love sinful shopping and going to get a nice new belt for baby!!!Love love

March 21, 2008

Smiles smiles smiles

Work has been crazeeeee... No way anyone could have imagined!!But hey nothings free in this world..Amount of pay = Amount of Work.. Yes, I know i'm working my crazy ass off..I'm becoming ambitious.. =P

Anyways, i'm cooking dinner tonight for baby and I..Yes, I know it sounds a little crazy.I've been thinking about my birthday..hehe..and I think I know what I want...hehe..

It's gonna be something lame but fun..Ooooh Cheesy I like...

I've got a hundred and one million meetups to do and i'm getting my appointments listed.Yes..I'm a busy bee...

updates with pics tmr...


March 16, 2008

Fruitful Week

Super tired after this whole week...Really got alot of things done with just so little time.

Monday, I had dinner with baby...We went to visit my great grandma at Alexandra Hospital as she had a fall. While waiting for my dad to come, baby and I decided to have dinner first at Ikea.
We had poached salmon and a drink. Drinks are only 1.50 and you can refill as many times as you like,,It's not suprising to see typical people harassing and hogging the counter to keep topping up their drinks..They drip a mouthful and top up and repeat that stupid and selfish action over a hundred times until their satisfied.
Poached to Perfection *_*

Hotdogs at only a Dollar

After shopping and all, baby went to the washroom and I saw hotdogs for sale!So being a glutton, I bought two.Each for one of us..Baby couldn't finish it and was amazed on how I gobbled everything up in a jiffy...Oh wells =/

Tuesday, was my Grandpa's wedding.Yes, stop asking me why my grandpa is getting married..Anyways, it's nothing unusual..Grandpa's getting married for the third time. As for grandma, she's already in her third marriage.

After work, I met up with my parents at town and off we went to the Corpthorne Waterfront or whatever the hotel name is. It was not to bad but the food wasn't the least bit up to expectation even though it cost my grandpa almost a thousand per table.

Met up with my cousins and we were seated with some strangers which we apparently didn't like at all. They were just plain stupid. Period.While having dinner, I threw my camera to my baby cousin. Photos credit to her =)

Enjoy =)
First Course, Cold Dish

My Cousins and Me =P

Our table settings

Peking Duck

My grandpa and grandma

Christie My dearest cousin and photographer =)

My cousin with her dad's car

Had lunch with Jac and Joan on Wednesday and met up with Elaine on Thursday for Lunch. We met up at Amara Hotel and she bought me a really nice and yummy chocolate muffin..So damn happy =)

Met up with Peggy on Friday for lunch at Amara and we had a great time talking and laughing and I'm hoping she'll get the job. She looks damn good with the lipgloss I bought for her and i'll miss her. She had Mee Hoon Kueh without the meat, without the veggies, without the Ikan Billis and she didn't even finish most of it. The aunty who cooked it must be damn happy.Save ingredients, save cost.

Finally came , Friday. Had dinner with my whole department as Savvy was leaving. Linda, Savvy, Christine and me left together to meet up with the rest at Shokudo. The place resembles Marche and food is really good. By the way , I saw something which I shouldn't have seen and m instincts have proved me right... =)

I hope Savvy will do well and I hope she'll like the gift that I bought for her.

Finally Saturday. Baby came over and we wanted to make pancakes. It became a disaster. The pancakes burnt and uncooked and etc. In the end, I ditched the whole plan and made French toast with maple syrup and sunny side up and of course baccon.

Baby's First Attempt

After breakfast, we were suppose to attend a malay wedding but being lazy bums we slacked and I fell asleep. Got up late and prepared to meet daddy at Fuji Ice Palace. Daddy was there for some ice-skating and baby and I decided not to skate.

After that, daddy and Baby brought me for some shopping..(''v'')

Pretty cute pens for only $0.50 each and nail art stickers

A baby tee which baby bought for me from Harajuku Lovers (''v'')

Pretty shoes which Daddy Bought =)

Speaking of which, daddy is kinda overwhelmed with the amount of shoes all over the place. I still have somemore in my room =/

I bought a scarf for baby kenny =)

Lastly, Sunday. Got up realy early and bought breakfast for everyone and also this pimple patch. The lady was really nice to introduce me to this brand. Apparently, it's better than Nexcare and yet so so so so much cheaper than Nexcare. It's only $3 for 36 pieces. Shall try and review on it *Smiles*

Lastly, baby and my aunts are coming over for dinner... We're having Cream of brocoli, Carbonara and toast with parmesan cheese. Me like!!

See you people tomorrow...I'm so happy Friday's a public holiday!!

Love love people !!

March 12, 2008


Lots of things to blog yet so little time..tons of photos to post too...
see you soon!Loves!

March 9, 2008

Well spent day =)

Yesterday was the only day which I could do everything I needed to do =) I enjoyed the whole of last week... Dinners everyday with all my loves.How nice is that?

Here was my schedule :

Monday : Dinner with Baby
Tuesday : Dinner with ______
Wednesday : Dinner with Elaine and Iris
Thursday : Dinner with Cupcake Sasa
Friday : Dinner with Baby

Imagine having all the bussle and hussle everyday...

So it was off to Kenny's Grooming at Happy Pets. They're pretty good I must say.. Meanwhile, while we were waiting for Kenny to be done, Mom and I hopped off to the libary to return the books which I owed over the month and had already incurred to an amount of $10.80. =/

Mom said that I could actually buy a book with that and baby was shocked but not suprised by the fact that I had once again forgotten to return the books =) Oh wells and off we went to the coffee shop nearby to have our dinner. Dinner was pretty good. Mouth watering duck rice and water cress soup =P

Collected Kenny and we actually walked all the way home =) I'm getting fat might as well go for a walk

some pictures of Kenny and us at home ...

Work has been mad since Monday. However, I enjoyed Friday the most. Had a great time learning new stuffs and meeting new people. I'm happy..Not over the moon happy but at least I'm happy =) Met baby after work and bought some pretty earrings that I love so much!

It isn't so bad after all...Other than waking up in the mornings and stoning at the mirror while i'm doing my makeup.. =(

Baby's coming for dinner in the evening cause daddy's cooking sharksfin soup, stir fried veggies, emperor's chicken and maybe sweet and sour fish...

Till then..lovelove (''v'')

March 6, 2008

Good news finally

Yes, I may be offered another position which I hope will be even better with even higher prospect. I'm glad with how my career's getting on =)

Just got home..and i'm very very tired...Met up with my lil sasa for dinner.. Wanted to have Ayam Penyet but it was closed =( so we ate somewhere else. Lastnight, I had dinner with Elaine and Iris. Managed to get a pretty bracelet for Iris and the Paris by Paris Hilton perfume for Elaine.. I'm really happy to see them happy..

Two days ago, I had dinner with ______ at Vivo City. Gave her a treat at Asian Kitchen and bought a pretty top for her.. I love her to death =)

I'm so the point that i'll just drop dead anytime...I leave my home at 7am everyday to get my butt in the office by 8.20am. That's more than just being punctual..Oh wells...No order to climb higher..I've got to change some bad habbits of mine =)

Here are some pictures of Baby and my parents at Beaulieu House..Great place for dinner..dinner by the sea with my love ones

more pictures to come...Love love...

No time at all

Okays i'm damn busy. Seriously so busy that i've hardly got time to do anything.Including sleeping. It's freaking 2.30 in the morning and i'm blogging. Alrighty, firstly, everything is just so bad, so wrong. Don't bother asking why.

Secondly, I've cleared my mass amount of meetings and dinners and amazingly everything including my shopping and meetups have turned out wonderful and memorable. I love all my sunshines.

Thirdly, I've got Photos...Yes Photos which i'll upload soon...Till then..


March 1, 2008

Blasted and tired

It was my last day and I packed up my whole table and etc. Met baby after work and I went to do my hair *Smiles* I was a little sad but still...Anyways, Iris gave me this and it's pretty =) I'm going to hang it on my DS to give it a little glam.

I'm really happy and touched with everything that he does for me and I love him.

So after doing my hair, we met Sasa at Bugis who was overwhelmed by the amount of things you can actually buy with a small sum of money *Cheers* I love her pretty hair now and it suits her perfectly..She's so damn hot. Anyways, she bought a a few tops and a necklace...

Meanwhile, I had to get all my basic needs which came up to quite an amount =)

I'm so excited about work on Monday and baby's driving me to work so that I won't be late and picking me after. He wanted to have lunch with me but I decided that I should have lunch with my new colleagues to break the ice?

Anyways, I'm keeping my fingers cross about everything and I'm hoping things will be better and that i'll be able to take off from there. I'm not going to be too happy and overwhelmed yet.

Here are some of the stuffs I bought =)

Black Sweater which is good for work =)

Shoes that Sasa and I have. We bought it the day before..Channel has something like that =)

Baby bought this pair of shoes for me. So pretty!

This sexy Bratz doll was from Sasa and I love it so much!

I bought an eyeliner also. It's Loreal this time as Sasa recommended that it's pretty good and precise. Not forgetting I repaired all my pretty shoes and now I have tons of shoes to wear. Super tons of shoes. Shall post the photos of the shoes next time =) I've got to admit i've got a fetish for shoes.. =X

Anyways, I love baby boy the most cause he's willing to go all out to make me happy and smile. He's always protecting me and I really enjoyed lastnight. Having my bestie and my boy. Shopping and sweating like nuts and just enjoying every second with them.

Life's short so i've gotta make full use of it. Other than that, I've decided to give up hope on some people. They're not worth it and I'm so glad I voiced everything out to Sasa. Thanks for always being here for me..

Till then...

Love love