February 27, 2008

You're a true classic

People never fail to amaze me with their crazy enthics. To Mr You Think You're Perfect, firstly, i'm not the least bit angry with you. I have nothing to be angry with you at all. Yes, we once had a perfect relationship but it's over now.

I'm not saying that I was the goody little angel who never did anything wrong and I was sure not very far from you at all. I didn't push all the blame to you and said that everything was your fault. I'm just telling you in your face (If you're reading) that I don't want to be your freaking vintage flower clock sitting on your wall and facing the damn cracks.

I will not stop you from staying or doing whatever you want, I'm not asking you to give up and neither am I telling you to put in more effort. No matter how many times you tattoo my name , it's not going to work and no matter how many explanations you give, it'll never work.

I'm not heartless or mean or nasty or even sacarstic. I'm sick and tired of your violence. (Not that I wasn't) and i'm sick of you telling me how dumb I am and how _ _ is so much better.Good for you then. I'm no longer going to cry over those dumb fum issues.I'll certainly without the least bit doubt congratulate you two if you end up together because you guys are the world's most perfect couple =)

Don't make it sound like I left you at the bridge for ____ sakes. (Fill up whatever you want ) Cause I didn't!I asked you and you replied confidently ,"Yes" when I asked you if we should go our sepparate ways.Good for you then.

So you can tell your peanut friends how ______ , ________ etc I am. Go ahead. (Fill it up)

It's perfectly fine with me =) I'm not writing this because i've got nothing better to do or I think that you're a ____________. It's just that you should know one thing.

I had enough =)

Serious. When you started doing crazy things, it really drove me to the point that I was so afraid.Even when you sent breakfast to me, I was so damn scared to eat it or touch the container cause I really thought that you would poison me. Not that I thought you were evil or something but because you were scaring me when you started slicing yourself and doing things you would never do.

I don't hate you. I don't love you either. I'm not really afraid of you.

I just don't know and it's best we remain like how we are now.

Please don't bother telling me what comes around goes around cause I know that I'm not sorry for the breakup..you made the choice.So stick with it!
I'm Moving On...

Anyways, I came home straight away from work. I'm going to collapse soon and I know i'm over doing it. I'm driving myself and forcing myself to sleep less because I'm starting to agree that sleep is a waste of time.

I can't wait to meet cuppycake tomorrow as we're going to view phones and I'm looking forward to everything thats starting next week.I'm going for it and even though i've got the passion for it, I may still want to try something else that i've been contemplating.

oh wells...till then...

I'm going to talk to baby now. Can't wait to have pancakes and double sunny side eggs and fresh milk for breakfast on Sunday. I love cooking for him... (''v'') anyways, baby and I had a great dinner last night and I enjoyed chilling next to him and looking at his oh-so-cute baby photos and my nerdy fat photos of me. *Smiles*
I feel so fuzzy whenever I think of him *Blushes*
Goodnight people!Start learning from me by sleeping less. Sleep is a waste of time. If you disagree so that go sleep and do whatever you want. I'm just talking chicken nuts. *winks*