April 29, 2008

I'm so so so so in love

I love everything about you...I can't wait to see you tomorrow.No matter what anyone says, i'll still be there for you..Being your buddy and your best friend. Willing to love you no matter what happens.

I sound madly in love or some puppy love sick teenage dirtbag but I swear its so freaking true. Loves blind.I know.

Your so dangerous and yet so special..

I love you baby...
blogging soon...going out with baby tomorrow and i'm gonna have fun...I heart baby...
Mwack mwack

April 28, 2008

So sad...

I'm kinda sad.I've got everything that i've wanted but i'm just so unhappy.I guess I'm kinda tired and worn out. Just got home not long..chatting with Juan (My colleague)

Hmm there are nice people out there =)

Anyways, went out with Sasa yesterday. I enjoyed myself. I miss all my lost friends. So, we went to town to celebrate Sasa's Birthday. Had dinner at Ayam Penyet Ria and did lots of shopping..

Enjoy the peeks...

Sasa and me at Wisma Atria *Winks*

So Happy to see my bestie so Happy!! I love her to death...next person to meet is Elaine...haha..Anyways we bought tons of things...Shoes, Clothes and makeups (:

Met up with baby today after work. Had Soup Spoon For dinner. I swear their soups are good and the sandwiches and potato wedges are to die for...*Swoons* Baby's so so so cute whenever he eats.

Before heading to the doctor's, Baby bought me my birthday present. Yupp It's a coach bag. Suede material and it's really pretty =) I love you so much...

I can't wait to get dear a Gucci Wallet...I love you alot dear. I'm sorry for being sucha crybaby at times..thanks for being there for me and i'll always be there for you too...

Goodnight people..lovelove

April 27, 2008

Our Half Year Anniversary ("v")

Yesterday was our half year anniversary. Baby came over at about 8 plus. We enjoyed the morning talking to each other and smiling at each other and we fell asleep.

Woke up at about 10 and went to prepare. Took almost 2 and a half hours to prepare and we left to have Lunch. Had lunch at Swensens. Food there was pretty good.

The weird thing is that, I think there were some people who mistaken me for someone else. There was this couple, a very old couple, who kept staring at me and smiling at the glass. I thought they were nuts. It was even crazier when they walked back and fourth staring. I got so mad. Serious. I couldn't even enjoy my lunch in peace. oh man...

Nothing fails to suprise me. I meet nice and cranky people who are just simply absurd.

Some pictures of sweety at Swensens :

Baby's Grilled fish with sambal and Lime Soda
My boy's so freaking awesome and cute..Walked around after lunch and bought baby A new pair of slippers from Billabong cause his previous slipper got stolen or something =(

We had some dessert at some stall and went home to pick Kenny up for his grooming at Happy Pets. While waiting we went to walk around and buy my stuffs. We decided to pack dinner home and we enjoyed our roasted duck rice and warm water crest soup. *YummY*

Kenny at Happy Pets...

Went home and cooked shredded chicken and dried scallop porridge for baby and daddy. Baby liked the porridge and i'm happy.

Some photos of baby and I waiting for me to get ready =) He's being forced to take these photos..haha.. I love ya babe. Yr so freaking awesome.

Going out with Sasa and we're going to town for lotsa shopping and chilling out...I love her so much. My bestie and my sista.

Enjoy your weekends people. Tomorrow's Monday =(

Oh wells.

April 25, 2008

Mew mew







Okay,the tittle of this post is damn silly. Anyways, work was pretty alright for today. Met the girls at Town and we decided to head back for dinner.

Had BK, my usual double mushroom swiss. *Smiles*

We had so much fun laughing and making cranky noises. I feel my age when i'm around them. It's pretty boring to face adults all day long.I love Peg and Genie.These two crazy girls make life so damn fun....

Anyways, another 5 more minutes, baby and I will be together for half a year. Baby's sleeping right now and he's coming over at 8am. We're going rest and go grab breakfast.Not to mention, i've got to meet the girls to crash Genie's place tomorrow and also send baby kenny for grooming.

I can't wait to hug baby...*Cuddly Cuddly*

By the way, after some thought, my birthday shall be held at Double O. I guess shots are only $3 and jugs are only $12. I guess we're all going to get drunk again. I hope they'll play more RNB songs and I'm so gonna have fun with my friends.

I don't care about the venue. I care about the people I club with..and they're the best people in the world..

So many things I want for my birthday...

1) Apple Iphone / LG viewty
2)Makeups and perfumes
3)New hair straightener
4)A new piercing
5) A new bag
6) A Juicy Couture bag

damn the list goes on and on...

haha...anyways, i've got nothing much to blog about...Shall be doing some online shopping!Mwacks!!

April 23, 2008


Yes, i'm ill.Freaking horrid ulcer and cough and flu. Just had my blood test today. Was suppose to be on MC but stayed all the way until work ended.

I should just hang myself...

Tomorrow's Elaine's birthday and it'll be bestie's birthday on Saturday. I love my bestie.She's super awesome. Anyways, I look damn gong gong in these photos can?

Super tired lately =)

I can't wait to hang out at Crown Prince Hotel with bestie and also Elaine.So many things to do !!!
I've got to pierce my stomach soon.So wanna try it and i'm so darn excited.

A few pictures of baby bestie and I at Jurong East waiting for her darling Knuckles...

I love her to death...

Baby's coming over soon.He's driving and I think i'm might be getting supper.I love bebe...









April 20, 2008

Happy little Jelly Bean

A busy week but fufilling weekend.
First thing first, I no longer have my ass long hair..Yes, I spend a total of 7 hours yesterday doing my hair.Fixing my hair and rebonding and colouring. My ass nearly cracked. A big thankyou to Darren and Tony who fixed my lion mane.

Goodbye to the messy hair and hello to the new kiddo hairstyle.

My last picture with my ass long hair...Pardon my messy hair.I had just gotten out of bed and was still in my nightie *winks*

Alot of compliments on my new hair.I think I look too girlish and not punk and raunchy enough.Oh wells..A new change I guess.

Some updates on my great grandma's birthday.It was my great granny's burfdae.Baby met me at the restaurant cause I had overslept *Sigh* and I had to take a cab there. Glad to see all my relatives and I can definitely say that all my relatives like baby alot.

Baby's so freaking cute.I like hugging him to bed and both of us laughing the head out of crappy stuffs.It's so nice to see him chow down his food like a little kid and stuffing them up all into his mouth.Seeing happy makes me happy.I guess when everyone let's you down at times, he'll always be there to provide me the comfort that I need.

The main thing in life, I guess, is not about earning lots and lots of money or piling yourself and burrying yourself with work. The best thing in life is being able to be loved and to love.

As mentioned in my previous post, I decided to make a non-bake oreo cheese cake for baby.Here are some of the ingredients that you would need..
Crush the oreos with Hershey chocolate in a bag and lay them in a tray and top of with cream cheese..*Winks* and voila you're all done to pop it in the fridge for at least 4 hours!It's sinful and damn yummy...try it..
And lastly, the best thing to do on a weekend is to have breakfast with your other half. Since we can't really have breakfast together *Sigh*Baby and I always make it a point to have dinner together and talk about our day and just destress..
Brought baby to have fried beehoon with assorted dishes at my somewhere near my place. The food was awesome. Makes me so hungry looking at it...argh..I've gotta cut down and start going to the gym with John and Gabby =)

Lastly, a pretty purple and blue bracelet from baby's sister. She had just came back from Taiwan with some sinful shopping...=) It's gonna be my turn soon when i've cleared all my crap

I've decided to throw a mini gathering at __________ as a small birthday party. Gonna drink till we all get drunk...haha...It's been a long long time friends ...
I swear i'm gonna get everyone to do their thang...I'm missing everyone and I can't wait to see em'. I'm gonna meet Sasa at Jurong for some shopping =)
Take care yo'll ..Love love
Ps...Does anyone know where to get a good PDA Phone?Is a Blackberry or Palm better??I so so so need a phone that allows me to keep track of my life, read emails and surf the net anytime and anywhere...Drop me an email...
Blogger is not behaving at all... =(

Lots of photos and I've snipped out all my ass long hair..

April 14, 2008

Hello Monday

Monday monday...Crap..It turned out to be good. I wanted it to be bad so I could give myself an excuse to ______.

Anyways, supposed to Meet Sasa today but the Ayam Penyet stall was closed *Sigh* so I went to do my hair and also get my stuffs for my oreo cheesecake...

Shall post the photos soon...anyways, i'm so in love with my baby boy.Can't wait to snuggle up to him.Can't wait for him to try the cheesecake.I guess when your in love, nothing else matters...*Swoons*

I've made so many decisions within the past few days and i'm so going to stick to them.Going shopping next week and my birthday is coming....

Goodnight sweeties...Give me some time to gather all my photos =)


April 13, 2008

Lots of photos

Just as life is full of trash, I'm getting the hang of it yol' I'm so gonna pierce my tummy soon....Looking for a good place to pierce. I wanted to pierce my eyebrows but i'll look like a total ditz.

I'm gonna do my hair and I'm so gonna trash tomorrow. Come what may...I'm darn ready for all that crap..Clubbing soon...Really need to crash out with my nigger babes =)

I swear Step Up 2 is so damn hot.I love the hot bod guys and I love the hot dance moves...Damn i'm so nigger now...I love them...

So gonna get sneakers and trucker caps!!!and I have tons of photos...Will post them tomorrow...

Meanwhile, I love love love hot stuff


April 12, 2008

I'm sitting on rocks

Life is beginning to suck everything out of me. Every bit of energy and time.I'm so stressed up that I hardly sleep. Lastnight , was the final straw.Maybe not just lastnight, yesterday, was the final straw.

I love my job but i'm so sick of working with adults who are plain childish,selfish and plain dumb. I don't care whoever is reading this. Go ahead and screw it. I guess this is what I get after getting myself in a huge company that everyone assumes is all-so-nice.

Everyone thinks i'm doing all-so-well and fine.

I seriously don't give a damn about those idiot adults.I don't.I don't care if i'm the youngest there cause guess what?I'm so so so trying to do the same thing that you adults are doing and yes, i've made mistakes but i'm learning from them...

I sleep everynight thinking of vessels and schedules. Thinking of documents and the crap I get everyday. So bad till the point i've got to take sleeping pills to be able to have a goodnight's rest.Well, i'm not giving up...

Not till the very end. I'm so gonna learn and when i'm ready i'll take off again.

Yes!To somewhere even higher and better...I'm sitting on rocks and i've got nothing to lose. I'm giving everything i've got.I've cried and broke down several times but so what!Damn you adults should be bloody ashamed that i'm trying my bloody ass out here...

I don't give a thing if people are fake.I seriously don't.You people can stay in your bloody cave!!

Anyways, i'm in alot alot of stress but for the sake of my future, i'm not going to idle my life away.I've got everything that I want now so i'm aiming higher...

I feel so damn better after saying everything out...

Anyways, here are a few pictures which I have....
Bento dinner by the beach =)

My girlie stuffs =)

I'm going to celebrate my greatgrandma's birthday tonight so i've got to go get prepared. My birthday's coming soon and i'm so gonna get everyone to dressup if I have a party. I wanna get a nice dress too and some heels...

I'm so going to get my coach stuffs too...Life's not that bad luh..going for Sushi Lunch with the boys tomorrow =)

Lovelove xxoo

April 8, 2008

Nothing suprising

Yupp the header says it all. It's not suprising that i'm going to be an alcoholic soon.I'm so gone..In fact, discussed with _____ that i'll be seeing a doctor soon to fix my life up.

I've got what I wanted and I'm somewhere now but I still feel a sense of emptiness...

Everything's great and there's nothing wrong..I guess this is what you get when you're too over and engrossed with nothing but work..

I hardly sleep and I hardly even do anything fruitful (Other than work)

"Take me over,when i'm gone...
Take me over and make me strong..."

I need time to kick my habbits...

in the mean time, i'm seriously seriously in need of rest...


P.S..thanks baby for being here for me.I'll do what I promised...meantime..people who are reading this and are not close to me, please don't bother asking me what's happening..thanks for your concern and i'm alright...


April 6, 2008

My life's upside down

I have a mad life and I so so so need a PDA phone to keep track of my bloody life =(

Thursday, I met up with the guys..Gabby and John for dinner..It was raining super heavily and the funniest thing, John slipped and fell on his buttocks while running with Gabby to catch the bus. Apparently, these two sillys were not holding umbrellas but dragging sheets of newspapers above their heads =(

Gabby flung the papers when he saw the bus, while clumsy and buttery fingered John was too busy crushing his papers, he fell...The construction workers were laughing their heads off and John was apparently pissed..hahah....he actually also stepped on a snail *Ewww*

I love these 2 guys...Anyways, we met up at town for dinner. Headed to Seoul Garden...and that was when I blew off my top.

We were ordering our stuffs and we could actually choose only 1 type of soup. Being silly, I didn't know, so , I ordered 2 types of soup. The manager smirked and laughed at me.John and Gabby also felt that she was mean and seriously I blew it.

I said this to her,"What kind of service is this?You shouldn't even be the manager!I seriously can't believe it!!"

The manager turned nice and said,"Here's your seat." (She was pointing to the seat) So, I wanted to put my handbag down. Before I knew it, she said,"Sorry your seat not here.It's there!" and proceeds to glare and stare at me..Damn it!!

I immediately replied," I seriously can't believe your the manager when your hand can't even point to the correctly."

She was stunned.

I swear never ever ever ever ever ever ever to go there again!!!!!Damn!!or at least until they change the manager....Argh..

It's not me that's complaining. There have been several people who also complained about their stupid service and etc!!!

Anyways, dinner was not that fantastic.My companions made up for it though...John made crude jokes about Sasa's bf name and Gabby was so sweet to cook for me the food and dishing and carrying the food for me...**Swoons**

We left off to DFS at Scotts to get a pressie for dear's sister.hehe..Bought her a Coach Wrislet..It was pretty worth it..Wanted to buy her a Gucci Hp strap but they were all so ugly.Going to buy a new Gucci bag and LV speedy soon =)

But first, i'm going to get my Coach Card holder..haha..

John thinks i'm nuts and he's such a cutie...

He thinks i'm too materialistic and he said that if he was Sadamm Husein, he'll burn the entire DFS store, until everything turns gold and silver and he'll get all the poor people to mine the place so they'll all become rich =) *haha*

Friday, I had meeting with Boss and the rest. It ended pretty late =( and I had to meet Dez. We met up at Plaza Singapura and had a yummy dinner at Yoshinoya..Salmon bowl with yummy mayo!I love mayo!

Glad that Dez loved the food there!!We shopped like nuts and bunked over at my place..

Yes, we bought tons of stuffs at Daiso and it was so fun...Went to Dez home to get her stuff with baby boy and cabbed to my place =)

Saturday, I brought Dez to have Lunch with Uncle Kwan (my x boss) and James. Without them I would be nothing and wouldn't be what I am today...Throughout the whole lunch,we were bitching about people in our industry and etc. I still miss uncle kwan and he says i'm putting on weight in my thighs and butt. hehe...

Lunch was really fun and I'm glad uncle Kwan was happy.Seeing him happy makes me happy =)

Off it was for another round of shopping...

Going to make Bento Lunchbox dinner for baby and me tonight..See so cute!!

Ripcurl Cap and Boxers for baby boy..Going to suprise him!

After shopping we were damn tired and decided to head to NYDC. Had warm brownie with cold vanilla ice cream and cold icy beer!!I love alcohol of any kind...

I've also received tons of compliments about my nails..haha...I'm in love with fake nails...I like buying pretty ones which can be a little more expensive but they're worth it...I hate painting my nails =(

Anyways, going to meet baby later for dinner at the beach.I'm preparing bento sets and I've got my picnic mat and also blueberry candles.Life is sweet...I'm going to do my hair le...hehe...

Have to maintain my hair.I'm so gonna take a cab cause i'm so lazy to walk..More pictures of my bento soon...stay tuned..

Love Love mew mew

P.s to John : Coffee and midnight movie next week =)

I love you guys..i'm so happy