January 27, 2009

Pink and purple hues ,
soft shimmery blues and light fluffy colours
are in for this Spring :)
Found photos of Greatgrandma,Grandma and my greatGrandpa...
Grandma looks like her dad whose Portugese...

I love my family and of course my dearest Cousin :)

It's good to know that your family loves you the most....

January 26, 2009

Yours faithfully got myself these two babies ....

Dinner was awesome and crap My hair is like totally dark and close to black....am getting used to it and i'm looking too kiddy for black hair...anyways, It's finally the New Year :)

Just gave a big hug to my dad and I swear I love my life :) and please please help me to click my advertisement on the right and help me get paid...pretty please? Huggs and muacks

January 25, 2009

Did all my last minute shopping lastnight :)

I managed to get Canmake's Nail Polish which gives a pretty glittery sheen to your nails :) I'll do a review, after i've finished painting my nails :)

Managed to get some hair dye as well as a new Skincare product which I saw at Watsons :) Really cute and apparently it's infused with Vitamin C and B...I bought a set which comes with the facial foam as well as a sealing gel :)

I swear i've got tons of makeup and skincare and some of them, i've not even opened. Oh wells :) Anyways, I made dinner lastnight but didn't take a pic of dinner though..
We had ...
- cream of brocoli soup
- Panfried silver dory with pesto herbs and garlic butter
-Mash potatoes with butter and herb
I'm glad everything was all swiped off and I was telling daddy , that I might wanna try cooking as a career since i've always enjoyed cooking :)
I've still got a long way to go and i'm still planning and waiting for everything to take off :)
I'm gonna go do my shoppin now so Happy New Year to all :)

January 24, 2009

Hello :)
it's finally Chinese New Year and i'm going to be off until tuesday and halfday too on Wed. Anyways, I've been doing sinful shopping. Really sinful shopping. I got 3 skirts and 2 dresses and guess what ? I got myself MAKEUP again :(

This time from Paul Joe. I've never bought their stuffs but this line really caught my eye. Having almost everything sold out, I manage to order this cute face powder :) I got mine in orange cause I prefer orangey colours more than typical pinks :) oh wells that just my opinion though...

Last Pic : Credit to Lotus Palace (Kathy)

One of the beauty blogs that I often read... I was too lazy to snap a pic of the powder balls. This is really pretty which gives a smooth subtle glow.

I know, i'm addicted to makeup. I told myself that I was going to skip it but I knew I had to have it. You can place your orders and I heard from the SA that stocks will be coming in after chinese new year. Each face powder costs $48. :)

I'm also getting some other makeup which I ordered and i'm currently waiting for the dress I ordered from Wetseal to come :) I'm planning to wear this on Valentine's Day which will also be the day i'm going to watch "BREAKOUT" at the Esplanade theatres :)

I'm pairing it up with some heels and a white clutch :) Hoping that everything goes well :)

I've been severely busy trying to manage some things and I'm hoping everything kicks off well :)

Anyways, i'm going to get dressed, colour my hair and also get my nails done for Chinese New Year .... Love you all and Happy New Year :)

Hugs and kisses

January 19, 2009

Tonight , I can finally fall asleep with a tiny smile on my face :)
Good night people and Welcome back to Singapore Sasa..
I love ya babe....Waiting for my turn to get my ass out :)

January 18, 2009

Hey people....I came home real late...To be exact, this morning....Met my new shopping buddy to head to Malaysia. Left late cause I was Late -_-"

Anyways, I introduced her to Old Town's Nasi Lemak at Milk Tea immediately when I saw the place cause the first time I had in was in Singapore with my buddy and It was really good.

Being Skeptical, she decided to try the nasi lemak , so we ended up ordering the same thing.

The chicken, was succulent in the inside and crisp on the outter layer. Rice was fragrant and not to forget the spicy and mouth watering chilli. We had Milk tea too! and it was really nice...Not to sweet and very milky :)

After lunch, we decided to have go to Etude. The new Korean Makeup store that had just opened and I knew I had to buy those cute and irresistable makeup.

Here's what I got myself :

Lipstick in a cool and pretty reddish tone which isn't really bright when applied. Sheer and smooth in texture which can be used almost daily as it matches most of my make up which I have. Not to forget the cute and irresistable pink pretty girl packaging it comes with :)

Next was the on-screen concealer, which I felt was rather creamy in texture and provided really good coverage for blemishes and dark circles. Smooth to touch and easy to blend. The plus point was it came in a good and fair tone which suits me.

I also picked up the On-screen base Primer which helps to set the makeup and even out the skintone. It's oil free and helps to keep oil at bay. I've got pretty oily skin so I hoping this will keep my make up oil free and help it to last... :)

Both Carol and I picked out this lovely Lip tint. You don't have to put lipstick or lipgloss and it turns your lips pink and last through the whole day without feeling like you've got anything on your lips. Really Loving it and I ran back to get another tube before we lef the shopping centre :)

Next, I picked up was this really cute and sweet eye makeup pallet. I like it alot cause the powder is very glittery and the colours are quite easy to blend. I like the dark shades which I can use them to create smoky eyes :) I'm not sure if this will be better than my majolica or MAC smoky eye pallet.

I also got this really cute bubble peeling foam cleanser which apparently helps to exfoliate your dead skin and brighten up your face. However, this cannot be used everyday as it might dry out your face....

Next was this facial mask which promises to whiten your skin tone. I wasn't interested in this, but since Carol said it might work , so I took a tub to try. This is quite expensive though so I'm hoping it'll work...

I got this new cleanser which helps to reduce the amount of oil on your face and helps to regulate the skin better. I'm not sure if it'll work but I'm currently finishing my Eucerin face wash and i've still got tons which I have not opened yet...haha

Lastly , was this eyeliner brush which I wanted to buy at first. However, I thought since , I already had one, I decided to skip this. Everything changed when I was in the washroom with carol and before I knew it my eyeliner brush rolled into the sink has a big whole leading to the sewage and It was fated for me to get a new brush hehe...

I bought so many things till it amounted to almost $300 and the lady gave up alot of free stuffs which I gave some to Carol too...

Also bought this Seaweed cleanser for mommy as mommy says it's good and works for her skin so decided to Splurge on my mommy too :) hehe

After shopping ,we met S.W who happened to be out and who apparently had gotten his new car and we went out with him and his Sister to Tebrau City which is quite a drive away from where we were....

We had late night supper and it was really fun. I love S.W sister cause she's so cute and pretty :) and after that S.W dropped us off at the custom and Carol and I went back to Singapore. Being two silly partners in crime , we waited aimlessly at the train station, thinking that there was still train service. In the end, I kinda figured out that we were wasting time and there was no longer any train service....Damn..the best part, we were still ignorant and we were actually snapping pictures at the train station and had forgotten about the train....

That's us for you at 12.30 am in the morning being stranded. We eventually took a cab home...Really enjoyed myself....hehe....

Oh and I spotted a pretty Bvlagari ring which I liked alot and I'm not sure if I wana get it...this is so damn random...haha....I'm so missing school and i've got another few more hours before Monday comes...Ciao people :)

January 10, 2009

I finally got my hands on my new Mojo Makeup eyeshadow pallet...and a new dress :)I've been dying to get my hands on the makeup cause I can never get enough of MJ :)

I did this cute little toothy and lil monster thingy for my dearest good friend :) Hope she does well for exams :)

and one more thing, Etude is opening in M'sia so i've got to get my hands on the whole series of makeup and of course more clothes :)

I'm going to the salon to wash my hair and than cooking creme of brocoli soup and yummy salmon with salad tonight for dinner....

Sometimes, I just need to unwind ....

Hv a great weekend people

January 4, 2009

So here's what I did today. I went shopping at City Square :)

- 2 half dozens of J.Co assorted Donuts
-Pretty Floral Hair Clips
- 2 tubes of Majolica Lip Glosses (Not fr me)
- Pretty Xmas Majolica Eyeshadow Palette
-Junk food Tee for my brother
- Hello Kitty Junkfood Tee for my mommy
-Respect your Mother tee for myself
Lunch at Kim Gary's
-Beef baked rice
-Noodles with Egg and Luncheon Meat
-Lemon Tea
- Yin Yong Tea
- Beef spagetthi sauce with fries
and I had lots of fun today cause I'm happy :)
Oh and I snipped my frindge yesterday. My usual hair stylist was not around so I settled for another stylist which did a good job for my hair snip but not for the washing. He didn't remove my hair spray residue well and since I was in a rush, I really couldn't care less...
Me leaving to get my hair done...see how shitty it is??I couldn't care less though...
Went to JP to walk around and got myself really pretty nail colours from Beauty Credit. Got them in Gold Black , Titanium and Purple. After walking around, I had supper at New Yorks. Had, Yummy Mudpie which was all-so-sinful and Buffalo wings...Yummy

I'm going to bed. I'm really sad to hear about the deaths in Bangkok, the fighting going on in Gaza and the economy taking it's toll....oh wells...
Goodnight world...I'm leaving all these shitty problems till tomorrow morning :)

Muacks and Giant Bear Huggs :)

January 2, 2009

I'm such a sinful lil creature. I spent $100 over again :(


- Contact lens Solution
- Green Tea masks
-Skin Food Masks
- The Cure (This gel cause me $38 but heard it's really good)
-Billabong Slippers
Damn not to forget the online shopping stuffs which I ordered.
and Lastly, i'm a happy girl cause my idelible Gel liner has reached my mailbox :)
Shall test it and see if it's better than the maybelline gel liner i'm using now...
And i'm going to use the The Cure Gel Cleanser which I bought..Have read many reviews on this and it's known for one of the product that has a bottle sold every 20 seconds in Japan.
I'm still thinking whether to get an eyeshadow Primer. I'm contemplating betweent Too Faced Insurance or Urban decay which helps your eye makeup to last longer...
I'm going to wake up early tomorrow and go to my stylist to get my Frindge snipped and to touch up my hair and after that i'm going shopping cause I wanna buy lots of cute holders for my makeup.
Anyways, i'm tired and sleepy...going to bed soon..after i've done feeding my face...and slapping myself with enough of face cream..Nights people :)
Oh and I just realised. I'm currently owning at least a hundred Lipglosses and lipsticks...and my dad say my adiction is getting worse.haha....Tulus...
I am pissed. Firstly, I tried to order some Victoria Secret stuffs for ___ and ____ and guess what? I can't make payments cause I need to go all the way down to the bank tomorrow and update my details with all my personal proofs.

Next, I so wanted to get something I liked from Gucci but guess what the item was sold out..and i've spent tons at Cotton On. $130 to be exact and lastly I'm not happy cause the Idelible Gel Liner which I ordered was suppose to reach my mailbox and yet it hasn't reached yet.
Lastly, I just thought about how the remaining afternoon of 2008 went crazy and how upset I got. Maybe it's true. No matter how hard we try, we're always never gonna see the results we wanna see...Oh wells I am not happy cause of all these mediocre dilly tally life threatening issues.ok...maybe i'm just making things sound real bad...

Anyways, I'm thinking of getting Some Armani Xchange Cufflinks fr my really good friend cause I still have not gotten him his birthday gift :(

Oh and I finally collected my ticks from Sistics :)

Spent almost $200 on these tickets and I heard really good reviews on them. Anyways, I'm thinking of the next place I should go...
My new year Resolutions are :
- Take my driving licence ( or at least pass my basic and btw this is 2008's resolution)
-Start going gyming or learn tennis
- Cut down on my money wasting habits ....Like taking cabs to work...and buying makeups
-Start saving and go back to School
-Stop killing my hair with severe killing hair products like Dye
-Stop relying on Sleeping Pills cause right now I'm definitely going OTT on them (Over the top)
-To have a good party this year for my birthday
these are the only ones for now ...I guess and I hope...
Anyways, i'm going to the bank in the afternoon and going for a nice hair trim for my bangs and have a cosy dinner and maybe hit the beds if I can....
Goodnight ppl :)