September 26, 2009

Hi guys :)

I'm back.. after like almost a month.... Well i've been really busy with so many things and I hardly have the time to blog. Anyways, I managed to get some stuffs from Majolica Mojorica's new collection.

I got myself the new Honey Lipgloss in a nude shade. This is definitely more pigemented and moisturising than the old version. It isn't tacky and sticky which is a good point and there's only a slight hint of frangrance.

Other than the lipgloss, I got myself the highlighter which is a new product. I don't think this is really worth buying as it doesn't really give much glow to my skin and it's only pretty in the pan. Texture wise is pretty smooth and I guess this would be sitting in my cupboard for a long long time...

Before I go, I'll like to post up a picture of my the Agnes B tote bag and Anna Sui multi case which came with the Japanese magazines I bought. Oh boy were they sold out fast and the man was so sweet to queue up for me as they only had 10 copies brought into Singapore for that particular shipment.

Anyways, I'll just like to say a big thankyou for those who have followed me on my blog and I'll try to blog more often :) Have a great weekend ahead guys :)

August 30, 2009

I'll be back in just abit :)

August 23, 2009

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thanks a million :)
Hi Guys :)

It's been super long since I last blogged. I've been busy with work and by the time I get home, I usually spend my time online shopping or either blog hopping !!
I love reading blogs and here are a few must reads!!

Tiff's Blog :

She's super duper pretty and has one of the best blogs out there..Her posts are full of gorgeous pictures of her and I so so so love the way she does her make up !! Super good blending skills!!!

Christina's blog :

Super hot mama who has the cutest taste in fashion!!! I've seriously not seen anyone in Singapore who can actually carry out the lip piercing better than this hot mama!!

Suzi's blog :

She's a super cute cupcake living in the UK who has a good taste for fashion and I so so so would kill to have her hair!! Do check out her vids on how she does her hair!Good tutorial.. :)

Kimoko's blog :

Need reviews for skin care products and makeup?? here's one blog you cannot miss!! Super detailed reviews and lots of makeup porn!

Anyways, I've gotten a few products over the month and one of the products which I love alot is definitely the Suntint I got from MAC's Babybloom collection. Though it's not really pigmented, it's really glittery and I love the doe-foot application which is really convenient. Not to forget that it does last and It has SPF 20 to protect my lips! This retails for SGD28 so get yours now!

Last but not least is a Picture of me !! I hate it when my face looks alot fairer than my body but I really did like my hair on that day :) I'm going to bed now cause it's way pass midnight and I need to sleep the eyebags away...

Goodnight babes !! XoXo :)

August 13, 2009

Hey ladies, I need some help :) i just bought the two faced eye shadow insurance and i'm thinking of trying urban decay's primer potion...anyone can advise if it's worth getting?
thanks a million....

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August 9, 2009

I am so happy cause I had MAC for breakie this morning with the lovelies and he has a suprise for me :) Cant wait to go back to school too and can't wait to do more hauling :)

pictures in just abit...

xoxoxoxo, phy :)

July 31, 2009

I'm super tired of being sick.The throwing up, the meds , the nauseous feeling and the tiredness. I'm pretty pissed that everyone thinks that they know me when the truth is that they don't. No one knows what I go through and they think that since I have almost everything in my life, i'm simply just throwing a bitch fit because of I have nothing better to do.

Sometimes, I do feel better when i'm alone. I've always liked cheering people up. Be it going an extra mile to write a post stick, a simple text, food or good ol' companionship. However, sometimes, these people are the ones that end up disappointing me the most. I don't expect anyone to repay or do the exact samethings for me when i'm down but instead maybe just leave me alone instead of saying more unnecessary words to aggrevate the whole matter.

Some think i'm paranoid and some even think that it's me who wanted my life to be like that. Others emphasise over and over again that god gives me a choice but i'm the one who doesn't use my bloody brain to choose. I'm like ,"Hello?" god didn't ask me if I wanted to be sick and neither did I have the choice to go against it.

Yes, I may not be the only one that's suffering in this world but then again, you guys are not the ones in my shoes.Would you say the samething to your sister / mother / girlfriend / friend or whatever if he or she is going through the same damn thing as me??

It's not funny going in and out of hospitals and feeling shitty all the time.I'm human too and I need a break from all these people. People who call you when they need someone, people who call you to club for the sake of accompanying them, people who call you only when they need yr help and people who are just to reliant on me. I will no longer put up with this crap and honestly what comes around goes around.

Just like a bunch of people who I used to work with...sometimes, I do feel sorry that they are stuck in their hole and being all sad and miserable...not to forget fighting amongst themselves. It's just sad and since life is that short ( at least fr me ) all the more I do not see any point to live my life just like theirs and again, i'm not saying that my life is any greater.

I just need to rant this all out and take my mind off many issues. I'm still working on getting back to school as I found a school and I do meet the requirements and not to forget my Japan trip and of course my online shop. I don't need anyone's pity or sympathy that's why I choose not to speak about certain issues because i'm quite sure that i'm able to do the things which many others can.

I'm sorry for this stupid long post and i'm really happy that there are at least some people who still have the slightest compassion in their hearts.....take care ya'll :)


July 29, 2009

I need a break from everything. Everything's happening too quickly and i've declared 2009 to be the worse year ... of my life... It's just sad..Trust me when I say so...

July 26, 2009

Hi guys.. It's been a long long long long time since I last blogged as I've been really busy at work and of course shopping and having fun with my friends...I've been really sick again and i've been suspected of having the H1N1 but i'm alot better now. This year has really been rather crappy for me as i've been falling ill so often and I'm hoping my health will get better soon :)

Anyways, the other day, I decided to Drop by the ION which had just been opened and damn I could sniff out all the Gucci and Louis from far. This building is huge and it has one of the biggest Louis Vuitton boutique in Asia and loads of other Boutiques which I've been eyeing on. I managed to grab a LongChamp bag for one of my colleague as it was her birthday and I managed to get myself a lil ' something along the way!!

I was amazed to see how big the Sephora was and I managed to get my Too Faced Eyeshadow insurance which I wanted to try as there were tons of good reviews about it online and I had been on the waiting list for about 5 months as the other Sephora was always sold out and there was a super long waiting list.

Overall, I like this product as i've tried it only once and I must say that my eyeshadow stayed the whole day and didn't crease not a single bit. Blending was also much easier as it made my eyelid alot smoother than other primers.I got it for $28.00 which is qute reasonable.I'm planning on stocking up as it's gonna be sold out again very soon...

The only disappointing thing was that the only new brand they brought in was Smashbox and there wasn't any Nars or Urban decay which I've been really lemming for. It kinda sucks having to buy everything online at times.

Anyways, I've also been using the ZA pore smoother which I bought a month ago. Overall, this product is alright and it does help cover up my pores but this is definitely not as good as the Primer from Smashbox which is now available in Singapore at $75 which is a lil pricey for a primer. I guess i'll be buying my smashbox primer online instead of getting it here :(

I can't wait to do more shopping at the ION as the other day I went there too late and there wasn't much time to do major shopping :( Anyways, i'm gonna go get some rest first as i've got to go back to office tomorrow and I do need plenty of rest. Take care ya'll and drink plenty of water as the viruses are running amock these days!!

Xoxoxo :)

June 28, 2009

I am backkkk!!! I've been neglecting my blog cause i've been so busy and tired at work and with all the adjustments.Here's a short post on the hauls I got yesterday from the sale I went to with my girlfriend :)

I so wanted to get the Esprique Christmas set which was out of stock by the time I got there and I managed to get a couple of pretty good buys :) I got myself Two Givenchy Lippies for $10 & $12 each when they're retailing for about $40 here. Most of the colours were out of stock as they were really cheap.

Next I got myself my first Lunasol eye shadow palette :) It's retailing for about $70 here but I managed to get it at about $35 which is pretty reasonable. I've read alot of raves about the Lunasol palettes and I really wanted to try it out. However, the colours were really limited and I wanted to get the other green palette but decided to drop it cause i've got way too many eye shadows!!

It's really smooth and pigmented and I like it alot :) I've not tried it on my eyes yet and I hope i'll remember to take pics when i'm using it. I skipped the Lunasol's liquid foundation as i've been using Etude house Precious mineral BB cream which is my HG and I don't think i'm switching or needing any more foundations for the time being.

Not to forget, I bought myself some heels :) I bought these Guess shoes as it matches with most of my clothes and I love the prints so much. I got myself another super high pair of shoes from ClubMarc too but i'm too lazy to post pics of it.

Lastly, here are some pics I took today :)

With Flash

Without Flash

What I used :

Face : Smashbox photofinish Primer,Etude house BB cream ,Maybelline Mineral Loose Powder

Cheeks : Random Brand Blusher and bronzer

Lips : Etude house lip tint chou and Dramatic Lip Gloss

Eyes : Majolica Eye Palette in Purple & Ardell lash glue + Falsies

Hope you guys have a great weekend guys :) I'm gonna go blog hoppin"

June 21, 2009

Hi guys :) I've been really busy adjusting to everything since I got out of hospital but I'm alot better :) thanks for the tags and i'll be blogging soon :) Oh and if you've not Tried Etude House's Precious Mineral BB cream, please do !! It's my HG now...

I'll update again :) huggs and kisses... :)