November 30, 2008

Yippy so happy...Yesterday, I met up with Carrot and my mommy Melacho and her sister to do our hair :)
They dropped by my place and Mummy Melacho did her highlights and oh were they nice and blond..I so like her drop-dead gorgeous hair and my carrot friend did her rebonding..Super cutey carrot which I like. I did my rebonding and snip all my frindge off and it's practically a straight board. haha...My hair stylist told me to change my make up a little and carrot and a few bunch of people said my hair is niceeee...

After going home for a while, Carrot and I decided to go to JB to Shop!!! usual spend lots of money on make up and etc....

After that , I rushed out of customs myself cause carrot had to do some stuffs and I had to rush back as I was taking my family for dinner cause it was my daddy's birthday. Along , the way at Singapore Customs I met this old lady carrying tons of bags and seriously for some reason no one helped her. Crap...and not to mention, there was this idiot who stepped on my slippers and when my slipper came off the person turned back and stared at me. Before I knew it, I told the person off.
Anyways, back to the old lady, so , I helped her carry her stuffs up to customs and before I knew it,I helped her all the way back to her home and took a cab back. The lady was quite nice to pass me some coins for my cab back.
Seriously, she told me something which has been on my mind for quite some time," Life is short. You rarely meet someone who comes by to offer help and sometimes we can't take things for granted"
I think that's something that never really came across my mind. Anyways...I'm happy that I met this old lady and like what she said, life is short...I'm really learning not to take for granted of the people who care and love me for who I am...
Anyways, i'm going out soon..cause i'm going shopping again..yes...again..hahahaha and not to forget have my yummy duck porridge....
tulus...can't wait to see the melachos tomorrow...I love my love - hate life...

November 28, 2008

Hellu ppl...

Before, I start bloggin, please start helping me to click my ads okie??Help me to get paid and anyways , it's freaking 1:39am and i'm not in bed...

Just a bit of updates, I bought my coffret set from Kose :)

Love it to bits...You can get yours at $69 at all counters...Better do so...cause it's limited and while stocks last... Anyways, i've been really busy and tired...Doing my thang...and i've been blasting the account so badly and not feeling the least bit guilty at all....
Anyways, i've got many things I wanna blog about...but i'm too lazy..and too tired...perhaps tomorrow...anyways.... Sasa, hope you're okay and sorry I couldn't make it to club with you ladies tonight...Missed you lots and huggs and kisses....
Hope you see this :)
ooh and i'm gonna do my hair this weekend...hip hip hooray...

November 16, 2008

My brain's so dead. Apparently I had a bad migraine. It was so bad I took more than 5 tablets of aspirin and it still didn't work and I got so mad, I took a whole sleeping pill to knock me out.

Don't bother calling my handphone cause i'm not picking up. I wanna have time for myself and i'm on half day tomorrow cause I've got a doctor's appointment and i'm going to couzzie's hommie cause I wanna give her her birthday present. I love my dearest Mei Mei :)

Anyways, I've been having pie and movies. I like munching of pies and i'm a happy girl. Call me nuts. I don't care.

I'm so happy, that i've been contemplating to get my inks done. I'm thinking of getting white inks done on my wrist. Okays...I know...What the fuck it's like white?Yeah but who cares. I like it...So yupp :)

Lindsay's Tattoo which says "Breathe" on her wrist

I'm planning get my name done on my wrist. Right , now my only concern is whether, the my skin will be able to take in the ink cause I've read on some people having rejection of the ink and causing the ink to ooze out of their skin which is definitely quite gross.

I wanna get a tattoo cause I really like it. I'm tired of people telling me that I don't suit piercings and tattoos. I like them and I don't really care what people think.It's quite annoying if i've got to listen to a hundred and thousand over comments on what people have to say about my life.

I don't like talking to anyone about my life or problems or any other stuffs cause I don't trust anyone except some of my friends who've been here for so long and I never did like people who question about my life or tell in my face that what i'm doing doesn't seem right or wrong. It's my life so get a life of your own.

I' just want a life of my own with the closest of the closest friends and my family. Thats all cause nothing much matters to me. Seriously there are some people who've I think I've been too nice to and in the end, I'll just get myself into trouble. I'm not going to explain or try to make something work, instead, i'll do my usual and ignore.
I guess alot of people think that I've got a little nuts. Skipping outings and just doing my own thang. I'm happy that way and seriously people who know me well, will definitely know that i've been quite tired of my love -hate life cycle and seriously , don't bother trying to help me cause i'm happy this way.

People usually, think that I request too much in life and blah blah...truth is, I don't ask for much. I'm tired of last minute dates and if I reject them or can't attend, I'll have lots of explaning to do and etc. Seriously fuck it.I have my own life and I've got a fucking tight schedule and i'm not saying I'm an important biatch but please think of me.

I've got tons of unfinished projects and errands to run and a job so yeah and soon school. So stop making a fuss out if I can't follow accordingly to your schedules and yes, Lazing around and chilling at home is also part of my schedule. So if you want respect from me than respect me too.

I'm not angry. Just sad that some people aren't the least bit understanding and it gets annoying at times. So yeah ....

Anyways here's carrot and phy for you :)


November 15, 2008

I'm uber tired. Sleepy cause Lala woke me up this morning :) or maybe afternoon I should say :(

Haha..I'm so sleepy..I fell asleep like a lamb all the way from lastnight till afternoon. I'm so sleepy and i've been trying hard to keep my eyes opened.

Anyways, i've been doing crazy heavy shopping and here are a bunch of stuffs I got :
- Taiwan Beauty Diary Masks
-Za Whitening Moisturiser and face wash
-Nuteen Gel
-Nexcare patches
-Cute Bunny rubber band (which cause close to $4 bucks) haha
-Neutrogena Masks
-Floral dress
-Revlon Liquid Molten Bronze Eyeshadow
-Multi purpose lens solutions
-Pearls stickers
I'm starting to think that I've got nothing better to do and guess what, I used the pearl stickers to "Zheng" my slippers...haha..I'm cooking dinner tonight too ... and running some errands. Sometimes, I really think I'm going through a Love-Hate cycle.
There are many things, I'll like to do and stop doing but than again, sometimes, I just love the wrong stuffs and totally hate the good stuffs. haha..I'm effin random.I'm so eggcited to do my hair and I think I might want to highlight some purple or blond streaks.
I'm kinda lazy to blog so yeah...haha...See you people around....
For now, i've got to get my ass moving and hit the supermarkets...Where typical aunties who are quite mean and rude will be...and not to forget the screaming bratty kids who will be at the supermarket fighting with their siblings over who gets to push the trolly..
I guess my only escape will be the loud music from my blasting earphones and my totally washedout brain :p
tulus....and muacks and fabby hugs....

November 9, 2008

I'm officially going to shut off :(

No not my blog. My brain. I couldn't sleep the whole night and each time, I fell asleep I kept dreaming of something dumb.Oh and yes, I've been alcohol free for the past few months and I must say the lesson has been well learnt.

Oh and I've got to say this, i've decided to change things abit. I'm going to go for intense whitening treatments :P cause apparently, I feel like being super fair and I'm gonna colour my hair dark brown. I just want a change cause i'm kinda sick "messed up look"

ha..I've no idea what i'm really ranting about and i'm going out in ahwhile cause I need to stock up my makeup and my beauty supplies and not to forget I wanna have yummy Duck porridge.Yayee... I'm going to wear my JunkFood tee and my micro shorts and of course my Cappy :) and accesories and makeup..I'm super insane ..ha

and did I mention I made dinner lastnight?

Here's the deal :

Fried Omelette with Onions and FishCakes
Crispy Five Spice Chicken Wings
Stir Fried Spinach with Ikan Billis and Sliced FishCakes
Lotus Root Soup with peanuts and sweet Corn

I wanted to make dessert but i'm too lazy. So wanted to do Caramel Custard Pudding.I guess I'll do it next week and I so swear to cook dinner at least twice a month and I'm gonna buy Rose Buds to make tea later :)

I'm not some dumb klutz who can't cook and yes, I love cooking as it's really great to cook for the people you Love. I'm gonna try cooking Prawn Noodles Next week :)

For now,tulus People!!

ha...Love ya :)

November 8, 2008

I'm still sick :(

Very very bad flu with the usual coughing and sniffing :(

Anyways, I've got to see a doctor for my nail cause the other I went to do my Pedicure and the Manicurist told me that my nail got infected. Big boo hoo to that and i've got to seriously pack my cosmetics up cause everything's messy and all over the place. Even my entire desk is filled with accesories and makeup and even perfume bottles lying around :(

I think i'm gonna get a big big mirror and pretty lace and decorate my study, into a dressing table for all my stuffs ... I've got to go stock up my masks and Yayee I'm going to rebond and go for facial soon ...

So excited cause i'm going with Carrot ...hehe...oh and not to forget, I've got to change my handphone soon :) I've been looking around and I think I kinda know which one i'll get.

Oh and Haha...Look at this :

Even Carrot couldn't stop laughing..Ha...This is what I call Idiot face. I always do these stupid expressions when i'm damn tired and when people ask me to take pics :) haha...

Oh and one more...when I was dead tired after clubbing with baby Sasa...

I'm full of crapp and I'm really happy and happy when i'm with this babies. Especially Sasa whom I'm also looking forward to go clubbing with :)

I really missed you babe and I'm happy to have you as my bestie .... Tried calling you but I guess your busy and babe,I'm giving the Chalet a miss tonight cause i'm really sick. I still love you...Hmm maybe a trip to the Bazarr or chicken Rice or maybe Penyet?ha...

I love Sasa so much cause I guess she's the only one who understands me alot. Alot more than anyone. Someone who bothers calling at the late hours to see how are things and who bothers telling me that everything will be fine :) Sometimes, she's the only one that understands me so very much :) and sometimes more than I understand myself ...haha..I'm crapping rapping....

Anyways, Butty called me lastnight from Overseas and Butty, I love you just as much and i'm glad to have you too...Love ya and hope u'll come back soon and we'll hang out together :)

I don't ask for much and i'm neither am I what, some people think I am...and honestly, I've learned something over these months. Never look down on others unless you're intending to pick them up.Go figure.

Tulus people :)

November 4, 2008

I'm effin' sick and i'm down with flu, cough and fever...feeling really crappy ... anyways, i've been doing tons of shopping lately ... and i'm very happy .... even though i'm sick and I coloured my hair hazelnut brown this time :) Really a warm colour which is easier to maintain ....

Some of my loots :

-Lingerie and tights from Club Marc :)
-Satin zipper dress from Cotton on and lipgloss :)
-Plastic accesory holder and hooks for my room to keep my accessories :)
-Eyelashes :)

-Sandy thongs for casual dress up :)

-Majolica Majorica Eyeshadow :) It's a tad more expensive in Singapore than in M'sia but who cares...Looks how pretty and glittery it is :)

Some of my loots from Malaysia :)
-Junkfood tees :)
-Majolica Mojorica Honey Lip Pumping gloss
-A cap from FOS
-Miss Cindy Bangle :)
-Smashbox Liquid Foundation :)
- Rimmel Intense Lippy :)

And, since toothy's birthday was coming, I did her this .... I love calling toothy cause she apparently has alot of tooth problem and she calls me Little Monster :) I made this and bought her J.Co. Love ya babe and thanks for being my great friend and a good friend who humours me and makes me smile :) love ya and Happy Birthday ....

Life can be great even if you are surrounded by crap...and oh I met someone really nasty today and sorry to say she was such a wuss...These people never fail to amuse me ...and haha...sad to say we really felt like she was a circus Monkey...

Oh and I had Marche the other day :) will post up the pics soon and complete my Malaysia post...Till then...tata and goodnight people.....

I hoping i'll get well soon :(

November 2, 2008

I'm back from Indoneisia :)

Before reading, this , I just wanna say this is my personal blog and whatever you read here is whatever I wanna write here or post here. I appreciate if people would stop questioning me on my private life and about my relationship. Whether we are together or not , is our problem and then again it's no crime going for a holiday together and etc. I appreciate if you people can be nice and stop intruding in my personal life. I'm not interested in your lives and I don't like people poking into my yupp...

Anyways , I've been really really really lazy to blog cause i'm freaking tired but I'm happy cause i've blasted close to a thousand plus of lots of stuffs ... I'm just taking a break and being more laid back ... cause apparently shit happens and I kinda got a lil pissed but I'm not going to get things in my way :)

Anyways, I've been heavy shopping and I can't believe my babe Sasa has blasted almost a few hundred bucks on Victoria Secret bags.. Way to go baby!!I love you lots and that's my gal ... I really must say that she's one of my closest babes whose got style... So yupp back to my trip to Batam, Indoneisia :)

My ferry was apparently at 8.30am and I was supposed to do all the registration and all the other stuffs at 7.30am and that means I was supposed to leave my home at 6.30am. However, the night before, I slept at freaking 4am in the morning and thus I couldn't get up and only woke up at around 6.40am.

Thinking that , i'll still have time, I took my time to do my hair and makeup and etc and by the time the paperwork was done and by the time we got our boarding passes and stuffs, the gate had already closed. However, being lucky people , we managed to get passes for the next ferry which was apparently 10 minutes later :)

I must say that i've learned my lesson well and I swear not to be late ever ever again...Everything was super rushing cause I planned the trip in less than a few hours and we had to contact a travel agency and do up the necessary paperwork ...

I really had a great time seating by the window in the ferry and watching the waves and listening to slow songs on my PSP. Really soothing and something , I would very much love to do again. I'm very tired of the crazy hectic lifestyle and nothing beats being able to shut your phone and doing what you wanna do...

Looking out of the windows....Raindrops hitting hard against the glass...

Sampan....haha...I would very much like to try rowing a boat and not falling off from it :)
Us, Camwhoring away....We camwhored until we both fell asleep. Aircon was really really and I mean really blowing strongly.Super nice and cozy :)

Reaching Batam. The building in blue and Yellow is the MegaMall which is really near the customs :) didn't get to go there though...and there's J.Co there :)

Oh and not to forget, each time, I stopped at any customs, the custom officer would check whether this passport belongs to me cause apparently, I look a 80% different from my passport. Crap and I'm not going to update it cause i'm freaking lazy to do so. So yupp, the minute we stopped at the customs, this Indoneisian Citizen, literally cut my queue and acted like nothing happened.

I guess he knew we weren't local and there's was really nothing much we could do. Anyways, after entering, we had to look for our tour guide who was supposed to drive us up to meet another tour guide. Apprently the other people were already waiting for us at destination and the agency arranged a mini bus to pick us up to meet the others...
Us, in the mini bus with the others who were also late -_-"

It was really fun and I enjoyed seeing how the people lived there. They were simple and yet contented. Rows of stick-like and self-built houses could be seen and motorbikes with four people riding on them. Not to forget, the bunch of people protesting outside the government building.

Life seems so simple and serene. Stress-free and I must say that I would very much love to go there again. Oh and Batam will be upgrading and they have signs all over to promote a newer Batam in 2010.

First stop, was to Barelang Fisabililah Bridge,which is also the biggest connecting Batam Island to Tonton Island and it's an impressive height of 38 meter high and 642 meter in length. The view was really spectacular. From the top, of the bridge you can actually see all the tiny islands.

Apparently, the people in Batam cannot "make out" in public as they actually have police who arrest couple or people who behave immorally in public and there's no where which they can really hang out so I guess this is the one and only practical place for them.

I would really wish to rent a small fishing boat and just row my way through one island after another and I'll definitely drop dead there if my future partner proposes to me there. I mean, the place is really pretty :) and if I was a guy, i'll propose to my gf there and if she rejects me, I'll so freaking jump down there.haha...

Nothing beats the pretty skies. I guess, there are many more romantic places like Venice and etc but for now, this place will always always stay in my mind :)

After the Bridge, it was off to Lunch at the Kelong and guess what we had?Sumptous Seafood of course! Delicious and yummy and satisfying enough :) Since we were in a group, we had dinner with an Aussie Couple , A family and another chinese couple .....

Lunch was awesome and we went to catch the cultural show which was really interesting. I've always loved to see and understand the cultures of the other races especially the malays. It's always pretty interesting and every dance they have often shows their steps being very gracious and subtle.
Right after lunch, we left to the POLO factory. That's the only place where the polos sold are ORIGINAL as polos are made in Batam.As usual, we blasted our cards and damn before I knew it, my bank account sank one step deeper. As per advised by our tour guide, the exchange rate which the bank was offering was pretty good so it was worth to sign for our loots :) Bought a Polo for daddy too and he likes it very much.

I felt so bad cause the other time , I went to KL, I bought Mommy a Junkfood Peanuts Tee (which blasted my bank) and yeah so i've got to get daddy something nice too..... Everything was really fun and going smoothly and next we went for a FULL BODY MASSAGE. The massage was ONE AND A HALF HOURS and guess how much it cost us? ONLY S$20. The massage was heaven and great . After the massage, I felt totally light and relieved....

Then, it was off to shopping at The Nagoya Hills. Kinda strange why they named the building Nagoya cause Nagoya, happens to be a small town in Japan? haha...Shopping was great and they had almost everything like what we had in Singapore :)

As usual, my itchy fingers couldn't resist the shopping therapy. I grabbed a bunch of stuffs and before we knew it, we found ourselves at A&W. I swear i've not eaten that since I was like 5? and oh my freaking crap, A&W is effin good. So good that they should re-open in Singapore. I was like fucking pissed cause I always thought the food was bad or something. Seriously, it's fucking better than any other fast food i've tasted in Singapore.

Damn..still brooding about it, we left for the temple which was the last spot of the day. Very very quiet and serene. I didn't take any pictures cause I thought it'll be a little disrespectful to go round snapping of pictures while people were praying.... I seriously enjoyed the tour and I love my tour guide cause he's so humble.

Like the most humble man i've ever seen. Anyways, everything was really beautiful and after the tour , we got to do whatever we want and relax. Oh and guess what, we got freaking picked up by CIDs on the way out from Harbourfront. Crap.They're kinda rude and they sounded like we were illegal drug traffickers of something. It was so random and apparently they were random enough to pick us and waste our time...How nice??? haha....

I'm not going to post the rest of the after-tour pics cause i've got a life and i'm tooo way tooo lazy to post all of them :)

Anyways, here are somethings I bought :

Mandi LuLur the famous spa cream that all forums are raving about :)Super good I tell you :)

Face products like my Suki Set and Revlon Foundation :)

My Polo :) So loving it to bits :)

I bought other junk too haha....Like crackers and stuffs :)

I'm going to complete my M'sia post when i'm free :) so look out for it ...

Good night people ... and i'm crossing my fingers to get my last minute tickets to Bintan :)