February 20, 2008

Good Vs Bad

It's been a hectic train ride for the past few days. Emotionally wrecked and nerve wrecking situations. =( Still, it doesn't really matter to me until I get what I want...

Went for the interview and it turned out better than I expected and tada, he called me today saying that I'll be on board!I'm on half day tomorrow cause i'm going to sign the papers =) I'm so excited cause this is what I want =) and i'm happy to have yet gained another opportunity =)
Anyways, baby and I had a little tiffy.

I was being a little brat =(

Not really suprising to some people though... Baby was so sweet to cheer me up as I was hugging my baby Cinamaroll and crying my eyes out =( Anyways, yesterday while waiting for baby, I was sitting at one of bench,playing my DS.

This lady came up to me and wanted to sit next to me.Of course, I had no objections.Why should I??Until, she started taking out some stuffs from one of bags. ( She was carrying tons of trash bags) The smell was something freaking bad. It was so fishy and gross.I was on the verge of throwing up =(

I didn't want to be mean or anything so, I left and went to another bench.

This time, a guy,a quite good looking guy came up to me. He was quite matured. Let's say about 33??He was well dresses and we had a really funny conversation ...

Guy : Hello..May I sit here?

Me : Yeah sure =) *Smiles politely*

Guy: So, you're not working today??

Me : *giggles* Nope, i'm on half day leave and i'm waiting for someone

Guy : Oh I see...So you're playing a game?What game is it??

Me : Oh it's some dumb lawyer game?oh wells =)

Guy : haha lawyer??

Me : Yes *Blinks with my doe eyes*

Guy : So what do you work as ??

Me: I'm in the shipping line. Shipping chemicals in Isotanks

Guy : Wow..

Me: *Blushes* what about you??

Guy: I do import and export of furnitures

Me : That's nice =) so have you been to the International Furniture show in Singapore?It was really big.

Guy: really??I didn't know that.
Me: Huh?Are you sure?How can it be????It's so big and everyone all over the world comes in to bid for furnitures =/

Guy : Singapore has nothing. I ship from HongKong and China

Me: Are you sure?So what do you ship them with GP containers??

Guy: *Pauses with question marks all over* erm ya

Me: Oh alrights *Sianz*

Guy:So can I have your number??

Not wanting to be disturbed,I gave it to him...damn...I was clueless =(

Guy : So can I buy you dinner tonight?

Me : Erm i'm actually waiting for someone whose working right now

Guy:Your friend is a guy or girl?

Me: Oh he's a guy and he's my Boyfriend??

The guy stands up and says," Oh I see, we'll catch up then.Keep in touch "

haha...You should see the sianz and lost face of his....No other guy can replace my super cute, funny, smelly, snory,gigantic,fatty , fuzzy wuzzy, cutie lil pie baby.

I was telling baby on how I should have gone for dinner with him and invite baby along and ask baby to pretend to be my friend. haha...

Baby was super turned off by that...

Anyways, we went to catch the Movie.Jumper. Good show and I loved it so much.. Apparently, we went to the wrong theatre and the movie was almost ending...and we went to seat 23 and 24 and told the guy (Who had been watching the movie the whole time for like the past 1hr) that he's sitting on our seats.

We were like idiots and eventually, the guy told us off. The guy was pissed.Anyone would have been pissed if they were being interupted by people and the best thing by morons who claim that he's sitting on the wrong seats...

Baby and I were super embarassed =/

Anyways, not forgetting about the dinner that I had with Iris and Elain a few days ago at Swensens. Since, i'll be leaving,Iris decided to take Elaine and I for dinner.I'll miss Elaine's wackiness and Iris's crazy mood swings. hehe...

All these months have been crazy and yet fun and enjoyable at times and i'll alway remember everything that everyone has done for me...
By the way, baby's bringing me to get MAC's FAFI makeup..I'm so gonna fly.I can just die happy now..Life is Sweet!

Love love love =)