February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day.Hubb's busy working.I love him so so so much.More than my hair, more than munch munch and everything else that I love and must have.

No one can beat my brother. He went nuts and bought a couple shirt for himself and his girlfriend, an Adidas Watch for her and 9 roses that cost $60.00?

I'm not jealous.

That's for sure...

Cause i've got metal roses..Baby, bought me a lovely Metalic Rose Ds Lite. Now, I can ditch my stupid boyish manly looking PSP for a pretty, sweet and girlie gadget.I'm so so so in love with it.

Anyways, lastnight baby asked me this, "All the girls on the streets are carrying roses,aren't you jealous?"

I casually replied, with a grin on my face and a squeal, " I'm Not!I have a rose too!A $300 rose."

Baby's expression was priceless....

So,I replied,"Baby, I've got a metalic rose.A DS Lite that is metalic rose in colour?"

We both couldn't help but burst into a huge fat laughter. I'm so happy when baby's around. Anyways, I got a Adidas Jacket for baby. ( It makes him look so hot) and I'm making Japanese Fruit Jelly and candle light dinner just for the both of us.

Anyways, 2 days ago, when baby bought me the DS. We were suppose to download this programme online and store it into the memory card.Baby left the job to me as he needed to head home. However, I went to do something smart.

I took the DS cartridge and for some stupid reason place it into the card reader on my CPU. It fell in and got stuck. So, I took an object and started digging it but it started falling in deeper and in the end it fell all the way into the CPU.

Anyways, baby managed to unscrew the shell of the CPU and took it out.How sweet of him to do that and being a lazy earthworm,I fell asleep on the bed and baby couldn't even wake me up.I don't think he finds it suprising at all.

Valentine's Day Itself

A hectic day of work.Not suprising either.Met baby in the morning at Shenton Medical as I needed to get medication for my eye and off I went to work.

Baby went to work too!During lunch I bought a bouquet of lillies for Elaine as she said that her husband would not buy her flowers and I bought my salmon and some other groceries =)

I made Japanese Jellies and for our main course was Broccoli cooked with mushroom stock, potato salad with Japanese mayo and baccon and of course grilled salmon with teriyaki sauce.

Baby loved it so so so so so much and I'm glad that after four years , we're having salmon again. This time it's perfectly cooked.

I'm so contented being with baby.So, very very happy. Anyways, I'm keeping my tiny fingers crossed on Tuesday.

You'll know why soon....

Love love