February 22, 2008

I love Fafi

Alrights I've got a damn sick fetish for Fafi girls aka Fafinettes...I love Fafi Girls..and I think many of my friends think i'm over obsessed and nuts...
I mean look at these cute and pretty Fafi girls..I've skinned my DS into a Fafi DS too.I know i'm nuts.
The minute I knew MAC had released a MAC FAFI collection, I swear and I knew I had to get the makeup and baby bought me these. I got the Limited Edition Lipglass for Peggy whose birthday is tomorrow. I miss her so much!I'm so darn busy and i've hardly got any time... =(

I swear i'm going to start buying everything that's Fafi. I love Fafi and their crazy makeup and crazy yet pretty artworks...

Anyways, i'm going to get my Praline Chocolates for baby's godma.Her birthday's tomorrow and we're going for dinner =) Here's what I intend to get...

Sinful and yummy Pralines for her to indulge in...I'm going down to select their Signature pralines =) I really hope she likes them =)

Anyways, i've already signed the papers with __________.I'm so freaking happy and over the moon and I love them to death. I'm so so so so so so so grateful and happy for the opportunity that they've given and i'm hoping that everything will start of well =)
I've yet to meet up a ton of people and here's a list of things i've got to do :
1)Meet Peggy on Monday
2)Meet ______ on Wednesday
3)Meet my baby cuppycake Sasa on Thursday
4)Meet up with Alvin for dinner =)
I'm excited and i'm happy...shall be keeping my fingers cross for now... =)