October 25, 2008

byebye people

Okays, I'll be off in a few hours time with my babes and gonna have some fun... :)

Anyways, I'm so freaking tired and i'm gonna pack my bags and also do some lastminute shopping and maybe do a short mask before going off ...

Everyone's travelling...

Jay's gg to HongKong...Buddy's gg to China and the rest are all over the place and not to forget Next week's house warming at JB and Lala's gg to Genting and Peg's too!!haah...Anyways, I'm so sleepy :( and haha...I've got breakfast now..yummy duck porridge from someone ...ooh lala..

and sasa, i'm missing you..see you when i'm back...go club :)

till then, see you people :)