October 13, 2008

Pop Goes the Phyphy

Supp supp :)

Went to get a dress after work and I love it goes it has pretty pleats and not to forget a cute white belt.I like it alot ... Anyways, guess what we got? Pretty cute act punk black skully shawls for the holi...I'm so happy.
Anyways, I'm kinda tired today cause my brain's dying. Got so many things to think of especially my new project. Not many people know about it and I hope not many people will know about it as this is my hardwork. I guess people who know about it , will see another side of me.

I like being in my own shoes...It's alot more comfy ....

Btw i'm looking for cute covers for my PSP and I can't wait to complete this game and play BatMan and Indiana Jones or even Loco Roco.haha...Yayee...I'm so happy...I bet no one has really seen the real gamming me.

Anyways, ___ is sharing with me on how to download games and blah blah :)

So happy !!!!!Good night little people!!Muacks!