October 1, 2008

Okays, it's freaking almost 1am and i'm still up. Can't think bouta' anything to blog. I'm kinda stonned...So yupp had a long day and I'm quite happy today :)

I've decided to have no life and bumm at home and stay up late to watch One Tree Hill & Gossip Girls. Too bad I don't know where to watch Project Runway so if anyone has the links pls send it to me kays?

Anyways,my travel plans are still in a mess la and I'm too tired to think about anything. I think I should start spending money on stuff that can I can use at home. I was thinking of a Nintendo Wii but come to think about it, I rather use the thousand bucks to travel...

Btw, does anyone want to sell their Guitar Heroes away?? Cause I so wanna play Guitar Heroes on my DS. I'm not too sure what games are out yet but i'm still trying to complete the following games :

- The World Ends With You (freaking stuck at Day 6)
-Animal Crossing
-Mario Touch and Go
- Yoshi Island

As you can see, i'm too lazy to find the cheats and I obviously switch games everytime I simply get stuck at a certain level...

Okays, anyways, for the past 5minutes, I've got no idea what i'm blogging about and I've come to a conclusion tt i'm better off chatting with my peeps on Msn...

That's all folks...Goodnight!!