October 8, 2008


I swear i'm so scared I might die of OD before I go for my vacation. Yupp, the pills are getting heavier by the day and seriously I'm dying and I look more and more zombie-like as the days go by....I swear I can't live without sleeping pills and without them, I'm hardly able to sleep.

I swear i'm not emo and neither am I depressed. I'm a happy bean even though some aspects of life aren't great. It's okie cause i've kinda really gotten over things and i've moved on...It's part and parcel of life so yupp...I guess, only the closest people know...

Btw,I've kinda got a new Label. Yes, someone keeps calling me little monster.haha...I'm yr little monster and your Toothy.Hehe..I swear I'm happy :)

I'm so gay ....and yes, I've need to get the following for my trip:

- New thick woolly shawl
-coloured tights :)

haha...I'm crossing my fingers and hoping tt the holiday will be super fun. I'm so planning HK to meet Mdm Chen and BKK with Sasa...

Sasa, hope you'll see this!!I am missing you too much and so much...Goodluck for your exams my dear and you'll always be a part of me babe..I miss you so so much red patent cause you're so funny and hawt.Hope to go clubbing with you soon !!

I'm kinda sleepy and my eyes are tired....

and guess what?I'm in a dilemma now. I'm not sure whether to take up the _____....Sigh...Good potential but will lose my ______....

Anyways, goodnights people!!

Signing off!!Tulu