October 1, 2008

I swear I love DBS

okies, i'm nuts (-_-')

My Ibanking just died on me. So, what I did was to call the bank...and the good thing is that they're actually open 24/7 and they immediately offered to send a new Ibanking device to me and replace my cards. The best thing, Miss Phy doesn't need to crawl to the bank ^_^

At least i'm not procastinating :)

Next, i've got to get my basic theory done and my membership cards...I'll just die without the internet cause everything's bascially at your fingertips!What more can I ask for?

So yupps, i'm gg for dinner with my folks..

**Kai I cant' wait to see you on Friday and I can't wait to see the rest :)
***Lala, Sorry, i've been dead tired and I hardly wanna go out...haha...Clubb soon okay?
****SASA Clubbing soon!!!!!!!!DBLO!!

tons of birthday parties this month !!Can't wait to see you people!!ha...

Speaking of which, I need a tan soon....

And Peg, when's our BBQ party with tons of booze and people??haha ^_^

Love ya lots!!