October 5, 2008

Shopping :)

I'm so happy. Carol has got the plans and our last minute holiday is so on!I won't be here to celebrate my ____ however, i'll celebrate it when i'm back. :) I'm so excited!!

Anyways, did most of my shopping already. Got some cute tiny shelves for my makeups and my accessories. I've got so many accesories...I think I have at least 100 of them..Hmm Took some pics before we went out today :)

My camera kinda died on me and these pics are taken from my phone. I've got more to upload but i'm kinda lazy and i'll do that when i'm free..I'm freaking stonning and chatting with a bunch of people who obviously know i'm stoning.

Anyways, I'm kinda sick.A bad stiffy nose... :(

and I think i'm gonna sleep soon...So yupp...I'll finish uploading everything when I feel better :) Tuloos... Muacks!!