October 11, 2008

So Surrrweeeet....

Okays, I was surfing around and I saw this...CrapNintendo is releasing a new version of their ever-so-popular-DS...It's gonna have a camera feature on it. Not just one camera but two freaking cameras. I'm not sure if i'm gonna buy this too as I'm gonna buy a WII.

People like me have nothing better to do. Anyways, Im so gonna go to Haha Girl's House to try her WII and play with Baby Haha.
Oh and guess what??I so want to get a Hamster. I fell in love with this hamster from the pet store yesterday. The hamster was so freaking furball like and it was so damn fat. Unlike other running and active hammies, the freaking hammie simply sat there with all his pther fur friends stepping on top of him. I was so amused...

But, on one condition, i've got to clear my room first.Yes, i've got tons of clothes to put aways and tons of accesories to clear and make up to throw away :(

I'm so happy. I swear October is the fastest and most fun month of this year and yayee, one more week and off i'll be with my dearest SerWee and Carol and I've got to start planning my leave cause I think i'll be taking mommy to Bintan for a short vacation..

Hongkong maybe with _______ and than Bangkok with my baby girl as she's so busy and more club sessions with the nicest people!!

Oh and guess what, I wished Ethan, Happy Birthday yesterday. Crap what was I thinking when he's birthday was on the 20th. So embarassing!!haha...I miss Ethan'
haha...I'm missing everyone so much. I really enjoyed hanging out with Kai until like 5am cause we were at his place watching Harold and Kumar. Sometimes, even though we're so far apart, I realised tt my true friends are the ones who have stood by me for the past few years :)
I must also add in that I have the cutest and most beautiful people in my life...
Anyways, i'm gonna hit the supermarket and get my stuffs for dinner tonight ...I'm thinking of Warm watercrest soup and some dishes :) I love going to the supermarket cause it's so fun and so many things to look at.
Will post pictures of tonight's dinner .... if i've got time..
I've got to treasure my weekends cause my weekdays are awfully packed :(
Tu Loos people ....