October 10, 2008


I've got ___ today. I'm so happy :) **Smiles**

I've never came this far...and I'm so freaking happy cause I made it ...Cannot be any happier..

Next, I got lost in the freaking Mrt Station.Yes, i'm not familiar with the train station at town area and guess what I got lost and ended taking the wrong trains back and fourth. ha...I'm such a klutz.I felt so silly as I was playing my ds and blasting my earphones, I kinda totally forgot that I had to alight..

Anyways, i'm over the moon :)

Totally happy cause of so many things and today I saw some cute hamsters and I wanna get myself a cute hammie.I'm seriously happy... and I'm might be not even celebrating NewYear in Singapore. I'm gonna enjoy myself. I'm just digging my life and doing whatever I like....

So yupp ...

Will continue blogging again...tulus!