April 27, 2008

Our Half Year Anniversary ("v")

Yesterday was our half year anniversary. Baby came over at about 8 plus. We enjoyed the morning talking to each other and smiling at each other and we fell asleep.

Woke up at about 10 and went to prepare. Took almost 2 and a half hours to prepare and we left to have Lunch. Had lunch at Swensens. Food there was pretty good.

The weird thing is that, I think there were some people who mistaken me for someone else. There was this couple, a very old couple, who kept staring at me and smiling at the glass. I thought they were nuts. It was even crazier when they walked back and fourth staring. I got so mad. Serious. I couldn't even enjoy my lunch in peace. oh man...

Nothing fails to suprise me. I meet nice and cranky people who are just simply absurd.

Some pictures of sweety at Swensens :

Baby's Grilled fish with sambal and Lime Soda
My boy's so freaking awesome and cute..Walked around after lunch and bought baby A new pair of slippers from Billabong cause his previous slipper got stolen or something =(

We had some dessert at some stall and went home to pick Kenny up for his grooming at Happy Pets. While waiting we went to walk around and buy my stuffs. We decided to pack dinner home and we enjoyed our roasted duck rice and warm water crest soup. *YummY*

Kenny at Happy Pets...

Went home and cooked shredded chicken and dried scallop porridge for baby and daddy. Baby liked the porridge and i'm happy.

Some photos of baby and I waiting for me to get ready =) He's being forced to take these photos..haha.. I love ya babe. Yr so freaking awesome.

Going out with Sasa and we're going to town for lotsa shopping and chilling out...I love her so much. My bestie and my sista.

Enjoy your weekends people. Tomorrow's Monday =(

Oh wells.