April 14, 2008

Hello Monday

Monday monday...Crap..It turned out to be good. I wanted it to be bad so I could give myself an excuse to ______.

Anyways, supposed to Meet Sasa today but the Ayam Penyet stall was closed *Sigh* so I went to do my hair and also get my stuffs for my oreo cheesecake...

Shall post the photos soon...anyways, i'm so in love with my baby boy.Can't wait to snuggle up to him.Can't wait for him to try the cheesecake.I guess when your in love, nothing else matters...*Swoons*

I've made so many decisions within the past few days and i'm so going to stick to them.Going shopping next week and my birthday is coming....

Goodnight sweeties...Give me some time to gather all my photos =)