April 20, 2008

Happy little Jelly Bean

A busy week but fufilling weekend.
First thing first, I no longer have my ass long hair..Yes, I spend a total of 7 hours yesterday doing my hair.Fixing my hair and rebonding and colouring. My ass nearly cracked. A big thankyou to Darren and Tony who fixed my lion mane.

Goodbye to the messy hair and hello to the new kiddo hairstyle.

My last picture with my ass long hair...Pardon my messy hair.I had just gotten out of bed and was still in my nightie *winks*

Alot of compliments on my new hair.I think I look too girlish and not punk and raunchy enough.Oh wells..A new change I guess.

Some updates on my great grandma's birthday.It was my great granny's burfdae.Baby met me at the restaurant cause I had overslept *Sigh* and I had to take a cab there. Glad to see all my relatives and I can definitely say that all my relatives like baby alot.

Baby's so freaking cute.I like hugging him to bed and both of us laughing the head out of crappy stuffs.It's so nice to see him chow down his food like a little kid and stuffing them up all into his mouth.Seeing happy makes me happy.I guess when everyone let's you down at times, he'll always be there to provide me the comfort that I need.

The main thing in life, I guess, is not about earning lots and lots of money or piling yourself and burrying yourself with work. The best thing in life is being able to be loved and to love.

As mentioned in my previous post, I decided to make a non-bake oreo cheese cake for baby.Here are some of the ingredients that you would need..
Crush the oreos with Hershey chocolate in a bag and lay them in a tray and top of with cream cheese..*Winks* and voila you're all done to pop it in the fridge for at least 4 hours!It's sinful and damn yummy...try it..
And lastly, the best thing to do on a weekend is to have breakfast with your other half. Since we can't really have breakfast together *Sigh*Baby and I always make it a point to have dinner together and talk about our day and just destress..
Brought baby to have fried beehoon with assorted dishes at my somewhere near my place. The food was awesome. Makes me so hungry looking at it...argh..I've gotta cut down and start going to the gym with John and Gabby =)

Lastly, a pretty purple and blue bracelet from baby's sister. She had just came back from Taiwan with some sinful shopping...=) It's gonna be my turn soon when i've cleared all my crap

I've decided to throw a mini gathering at __________ as a small birthday party. Gonna drink till we all get drunk...haha...It's been a long long time friends ...
I swear i'm gonna get everyone to do their thang...I'm missing everyone and I can't wait to see em'. I'm gonna meet Sasa at Jurong for some shopping =)
Take care yo'll ..Love love
Ps...Does anyone know where to get a good PDA Phone?Is a Blackberry or Palm better??I so so so need a phone that allows me to keep track of my life, read emails and surf the net anytime and anywhere...Drop me an email...