April 6, 2008

My life's upside down

I have a mad life and I so so so need a PDA phone to keep track of my bloody life =(

Thursday, I met up with the guys..Gabby and John for dinner..It was raining super heavily and the funniest thing, John slipped and fell on his buttocks while running with Gabby to catch the bus. Apparently, these two sillys were not holding umbrellas but dragging sheets of newspapers above their heads =(

Gabby flung the papers when he saw the bus, while clumsy and buttery fingered John was too busy crushing his papers, he fell...The construction workers were laughing their heads off and John was apparently pissed..hahah....he actually also stepped on a snail *Ewww*

I love these 2 guys...Anyways, we met up at town for dinner. Headed to Seoul Garden...and that was when I blew off my top.

We were ordering our stuffs and we could actually choose only 1 type of soup. Being silly, I didn't know, so , I ordered 2 types of soup. The manager smirked and laughed at me.John and Gabby also felt that she was mean and seriously I blew it.

I said this to her,"What kind of service is this?You shouldn't even be the manager!I seriously can't believe it!!"

The manager turned nice and said,"Here's your seat." (She was pointing to the seat) So, I wanted to put my handbag down. Before I knew it, she said,"Sorry your seat not here.It's there!" and proceeds to glare and stare at me..Damn it!!

I immediately replied," I seriously can't believe your the manager when your hand can't even point to the correctly."

She was stunned.

I swear never ever ever ever ever ever ever to go there again!!!!!Damn!!or at least until they change the manager....Argh..

It's not me that's complaining. There have been several people who also complained about their stupid service and etc!!!

Anyways, dinner was not that fantastic.My companions made up for it though...John made crude jokes about Sasa's bf name and Gabby was so sweet to cook for me the food and dishing and carrying the food for me...**Swoons**

We left off to DFS at Scotts to get a pressie for dear's sister.hehe..Bought her a Coach Wrislet..It was pretty worth it..Wanted to buy her a Gucci Hp strap but they were all so ugly.Going to buy a new Gucci bag and LV speedy soon =)

But first, i'm going to get my Coach Card holder..haha..

John thinks i'm nuts and he's such a cutie...

He thinks i'm too materialistic and he said that if he was Sadamm Husein, he'll burn the entire DFS store, until everything turns gold and silver and he'll get all the poor people to mine the place so they'll all become rich =) *haha*

Friday, I had meeting with Boss and the rest. It ended pretty late =( and I had to meet Dez. We met up at Plaza Singapura and had a yummy dinner at Yoshinoya..Salmon bowl with yummy mayo!I love mayo!

Glad that Dez loved the food there!!We shopped like nuts and bunked over at my place..

Yes, we bought tons of stuffs at Daiso and it was so fun...Went to Dez home to get her stuff with baby boy and cabbed to my place =)

Saturday, I brought Dez to have Lunch with Uncle Kwan (my x boss) and James. Without them I would be nothing and wouldn't be what I am today...Throughout the whole lunch,we were bitching about people in our industry and etc. I still miss uncle kwan and he says i'm putting on weight in my thighs and butt. hehe...

Lunch was really fun and I'm glad uncle Kwan was happy.Seeing him happy makes me happy =)

Off it was for another round of shopping...

Going to make Bento Lunchbox dinner for baby and me tonight..See so cute!!

Ripcurl Cap and Boxers for baby boy..Going to suprise him!

After shopping we were damn tired and decided to head to NYDC. Had warm brownie with cold vanilla ice cream and cold icy beer!!I love alcohol of any kind...

I've also received tons of compliments about my nails..haha...I'm in love with fake nails...I like buying pretty ones which can be a little more expensive but they're worth it...I hate painting my nails =(

Anyways, going to meet baby later for dinner at the beach.I'm preparing bento sets and I've got my picnic mat and also blueberry candles.Life is sweet...I'm going to do my hair le...hehe...

Have to maintain my hair.I'm so gonna take a cab cause i'm so lazy to walk..More pictures of my bento soon...stay tuned..

Love Love mew mew

P.s to John : Coffee and midnight movie next week =)

I love you guys..i'm so happy