November 4, 2008

I'm effin' sick and i'm down with flu, cough and fever...feeling really crappy ... anyways, i've been doing tons of shopping lately ... and i'm very happy .... even though i'm sick and I coloured my hair hazelnut brown this time :) Really a warm colour which is easier to maintain ....

Some of my loots :

-Lingerie and tights from Club Marc :)
-Satin zipper dress from Cotton on and lipgloss :)
-Plastic accesory holder and hooks for my room to keep my accessories :)
-Eyelashes :)

-Sandy thongs for casual dress up :)

-Majolica Majorica Eyeshadow :) It's a tad more expensive in Singapore than in M'sia but who cares...Looks how pretty and glittery it is :)

Some of my loots from Malaysia :)
-Junkfood tees :)
-Majolica Mojorica Honey Lip Pumping gloss
-A cap from FOS
-Miss Cindy Bangle :)
-Smashbox Liquid Foundation :)
- Rimmel Intense Lippy :)

And, since toothy's birthday was coming, I did her this .... I love calling toothy cause she apparently has alot of tooth problem and she calls me Little Monster :) I made this and bought her J.Co. Love ya babe and thanks for being my great friend and a good friend who humours me and makes me smile :) love ya and Happy Birthday ....

Life can be great even if you are surrounded by crap...and oh I met someone really nasty today and sorry to say she was such a wuss...These people never fail to amuse me ...and haha...sad to say we really felt like she was a circus Monkey...

Oh and I had Marche the other day :) will post up the pics soon and complete my Malaysia post...Till then...tata and goodnight people.....

I hoping i'll get well soon :(