November 16, 2008

My brain's so dead. Apparently I had a bad migraine. It was so bad I took more than 5 tablets of aspirin and it still didn't work and I got so mad, I took a whole sleeping pill to knock me out.

Don't bother calling my handphone cause i'm not picking up. I wanna have time for myself and i'm on half day tomorrow cause I've got a doctor's appointment and i'm going to couzzie's hommie cause I wanna give her her birthday present. I love my dearest Mei Mei :)

Anyways, I've been having pie and movies. I like munching of pies and i'm a happy girl. Call me nuts. I don't care.

I'm so happy, that i've been contemplating to get my inks done. I'm thinking of getting white inks done on my wrist. Okays...I know...What the fuck it's like white?Yeah but who cares. I like it...So yupp :)

Lindsay's Tattoo which says "Breathe" on her wrist

I'm planning get my name done on my wrist. Right , now my only concern is whether, the my skin will be able to take in the ink cause I've read on some people having rejection of the ink and causing the ink to ooze out of their skin which is definitely quite gross.

I wanna get a tattoo cause I really like it. I'm tired of people telling me that I don't suit piercings and tattoos. I like them and I don't really care what people think.It's quite annoying if i've got to listen to a hundred and thousand over comments on what people have to say about my life.

I don't like talking to anyone about my life or problems or any other stuffs cause I don't trust anyone except some of my friends who've been here for so long and I never did like people who question about my life or tell in my face that what i'm doing doesn't seem right or wrong. It's my life so get a life of your own.

I' just want a life of my own with the closest of the closest friends and my family. Thats all cause nothing much matters to me. Seriously there are some people who've I think I've been too nice to and in the end, I'll just get myself into trouble. I'm not going to explain or try to make something work, instead, i'll do my usual and ignore.
I guess alot of people think that I've got a little nuts. Skipping outings and just doing my own thang. I'm happy that way and seriously people who know me well, will definitely know that i've been quite tired of my love -hate life cycle and seriously , don't bother trying to help me cause i'm happy this way.

People usually, think that I request too much in life and blah blah...truth is, I don't ask for much. I'm tired of last minute dates and if I reject them or can't attend, I'll have lots of explaning to do and etc. Seriously fuck it.I have my own life and I've got a fucking tight schedule and i'm not saying I'm an important biatch but please think of me.

I've got tons of unfinished projects and errands to run and a job so yeah and soon school. So stop making a fuss out if I can't follow accordingly to your schedules and yes, Lazing around and chilling at home is also part of my schedule. So if you want respect from me than respect me too.

I'm not angry. Just sad that some people aren't the least bit understanding and it gets annoying at times. So yeah ....

Anyways here's carrot and phy for you :)