November 2, 2008

I'm back from Indoneisia :)

Before reading, this , I just wanna say this is my personal blog and whatever you read here is whatever I wanna write here or post here. I appreciate if people would stop questioning me on my private life and about my relationship. Whether we are together or not , is our problem and then again it's no crime going for a holiday together and etc. I appreciate if you people can be nice and stop intruding in my personal life. I'm not interested in your lives and I don't like people poking into my yupp...

Anyways , I've been really really really lazy to blog cause i'm freaking tired but I'm happy cause i've blasted close to a thousand plus of lots of stuffs ... I'm just taking a break and being more laid back ... cause apparently shit happens and I kinda got a lil pissed but I'm not going to get things in my way :)

Anyways, I've been heavy shopping and I can't believe my babe Sasa has blasted almost a few hundred bucks on Victoria Secret bags.. Way to go baby!!I love you lots and that's my gal ... I really must say that she's one of my closest babes whose got style... So yupp back to my trip to Batam, Indoneisia :)

My ferry was apparently at 8.30am and I was supposed to do all the registration and all the other stuffs at 7.30am and that means I was supposed to leave my home at 6.30am. However, the night before, I slept at freaking 4am in the morning and thus I couldn't get up and only woke up at around 6.40am.

Thinking that , i'll still have time, I took my time to do my hair and makeup and etc and by the time the paperwork was done and by the time we got our boarding passes and stuffs, the gate had already closed. However, being lucky people , we managed to get passes for the next ferry which was apparently 10 minutes later :)

I must say that i've learned my lesson well and I swear not to be late ever ever again...Everything was super rushing cause I planned the trip in less than a few hours and we had to contact a travel agency and do up the necessary paperwork ...

I really had a great time seating by the window in the ferry and watching the waves and listening to slow songs on my PSP. Really soothing and something , I would very much love to do again. I'm very tired of the crazy hectic lifestyle and nothing beats being able to shut your phone and doing what you wanna do...

Looking out of the windows....Raindrops hitting hard against the glass...

Sampan....haha...I would very much like to try rowing a boat and not falling off from it :)
Us, Camwhoring away....We camwhored until we both fell asleep. Aircon was really really and I mean really blowing strongly.Super nice and cozy :)

Reaching Batam. The building in blue and Yellow is the MegaMall which is really near the customs :) didn't get to go there though...and there's J.Co there :)

Oh and not to forget, each time, I stopped at any customs, the custom officer would check whether this passport belongs to me cause apparently, I look a 80% different from my passport. Crap and I'm not going to update it cause i'm freaking lazy to do so. So yupp, the minute we stopped at the customs, this Indoneisian Citizen, literally cut my queue and acted like nothing happened.

I guess he knew we weren't local and there's was really nothing much we could do. Anyways, after entering, we had to look for our tour guide who was supposed to drive us up to meet another tour guide. Apprently the other people were already waiting for us at destination and the agency arranged a mini bus to pick us up to meet the others...
Us, in the mini bus with the others who were also late -_-"

It was really fun and I enjoyed seeing how the people lived there. They were simple and yet contented. Rows of stick-like and self-built houses could be seen and motorbikes with four people riding on them. Not to forget, the bunch of people protesting outside the government building.

Life seems so simple and serene. Stress-free and I must say that I would very much love to go there again. Oh and Batam will be upgrading and they have signs all over to promote a newer Batam in 2010.

First stop, was to Barelang Fisabililah Bridge,which is also the biggest connecting Batam Island to Tonton Island and it's an impressive height of 38 meter high and 642 meter in length. The view was really spectacular. From the top, of the bridge you can actually see all the tiny islands.

Apparently, the people in Batam cannot "make out" in public as they actually have police who arrest couple or people who behave immorally in public and there's no where which they can really hang out so I guess this is the one and only practical place for them.

I would really wish to rent a small fishing boat and just row my way through one island after another and I'll definitely drop dead there if my future partner proposes to me there. I mean, the place is really pretty :) and if I was a guy, i'll propose to my gf there and if she rejects me, I'll so freaking jump down there.haha...

Nothing beats the pretty skies. I guess, there are many more romantic places like Venice and etc but for now, this place will always always stay in my mind :)

After the Bridge, it was off to Lunch at the Kelong and guess what we had?Sumptous Seafood of course! Delicious and yummy and satisfying enough :) Since we were in a group, we had dinner with an Aussie Couple , A family and another chinese couple .....

Lunch was awesome and we went to catch the cultural show which was really interesting. I've always loved to see and understand the cultures of the other races especially the malays. It's always pretty interesting and every dance they have often shows their steps being very gracious and subtle.
Right after lunch, we left to the POLO factory. That's the only place where the polos sold are ORIGINAL as polos are made in Batam.As usual, we blasted our cards and damn before I knew it, my bank account sank one step deeper. As per advised by our tour guide, the exchange rate which the bank was offering was pretty good so it was worth to sign for our loots :) Bought a Polo for daddy too and he likes it very much.

I felt so bad cause the other time , I went to KL, I bought Mommy a Junkfood Peanuts Tee (which blasted my bank) and yeah so i've got to get daddy something nice too..... Everything was really fun and going smoothly and next we went for a FULL BODY MASSAGE. The massage was ONE AND A HALF HOURS and guess how much it cost us? ONLY S$20. The massage was heaven and great . After the massage, I felt totally light and relieved....

Then, it was off to shopping at The Nagoya Hills. Kinda strange why they named the building Nagoya cause Nagoya, happens to be a small town in Japan? haha...Shopping was great and they had almost everything like what we had in Singapore :)

As usual, my itchy fingers couldn't resist the shopping therapy. I grabbed a bunch of stuffs and before we knew it, we found ourselves at A&W. I swear i've not eaten that since I was like 5? and oh my freaking crap, A&W is effin good. So good that they should re-open in Singapore. I was like fucking pissed cause I always thought the food was bad or something. Seriously, it's fucking better than any other fast food i've tasted in Singapore.

Damn..still brooding about it, we left for the temple which was the last spot of the day. Very very quiet and serene. I didn't take any pictures cause I thought it'll be a little disrespectful to go round snapping of pictures while people were praying.... I seriously enjoyed the tour and I love my tour guide cause he's so humble.

Like the most humble man i've ever seen. Anyways, everything was really beautiful and after the tour , we got to do whatever we want and relax. Oh and guess what, we got freaking picked up by CIDs on the way out from Harbourfront. Crap.They're kinda rude and they sounded like we were illegal drug traffickers of something. It was so random and apparently they were random enough to pick us and waste our time...How nice??? haha....

I'm not going to post the rest of the after-tour pics cause i've got a life and i'm tooo way tooo lazy to post all of them :)

Anyways, here are somethings I bought :

Mandi LuLur the famous spa cream that all forums are raving about :)Super good I tell you :)

Face products like my Suki Set and Revlon Foundation :)

My Polo :) So loving it to bits :)

I bought other junk too haha....Like crackers and stuffs :)

I'm going to complete my M'sia post when i'm free :) so look out for it ...

Good night people ... and i'm crossing my fingers to get my last minute tickets to Bintan :)