April 6, 2009

I just got home from dinner :) I had chinese food and it was pretty good but i'm not really hungry though...Anyways, i'm really thinking of moving on..I've got ten thousand things to think of and i've got a report that's due tomorrow.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow cause I know it'll just be another day...another day of endless problems :( boo to that

I've decided to move on and stop whinning like a biatch and make things work ...i'm sick and still sick of the people I meet ...I don't understand how and why rude idiots live in this world...damn ... It wouldn't kill to be like a little polite??

Anyways, I bought Skinfood's Sakae Skin serum and i'll do a review soon and post up the make up pics.. I"m really excited about doing party makeup this week :)

Anyways, I've got no more alcohol in my fridge and i'll prolly just make do with a cup of hot milktea and my book... :(

Goodnight folks ...