April 19, 2009

Hi guys,

i've been real busy lately and i've been thinking like how long i'm gonna be able to put up with it :) Anyways, I dropped by to Town on Friday as I was going to visit my aunt. While waiting for my cousin's driver to pick me up, I grabbed a bunch of stuffs :)

I dropped by to CottonOn (which is one of my favvy stores)

Guess how much I spent on the top and the studs? Freaking awesome good $9.50 and I didn't know that these were on sale and I actually thought that the Sales assistant had punched in the wrong numbers....I kinda like their casual top and dresses :)

Next, We went to Sasa, and guess what I found?

6 pairs of lashies for only freaking $4.90. They're pretty cheap to use and throw kind as they're quite flimsy and they're not long enough and definitely not thick enough but it's good enough for me if I wanna go makeupless on lazy days :)

Next , I wanna introduce this really good blusher :)

I've been reading up about it all over beauty forums and hesistated to buy till now as I wouldn't spend $30 on just a drugstore blusher.However I caved in after reading all the fabulous reviews on it :) This blusher is really popular in Japan and I must credit it for being really pigmented. I got this in shade 09 (apricot ginger) and I love it so much. However, you've got to be really really light handed when using it as it's really pigmented and I love this shade to all the rest as most of them were really pinkish tones which I don't quite fancy. I Prefer orangy tones alot :)

Anyways, this blusher is not only super pigmented but it's really glittery and people who have large pores around the cheeks might want to stay away from this as it makes the pores slightly more visible but to curb this , you can try to use a good makeup base to give you a smooth even finishing.

You can get yours at most Watson's stores at $29.90. I"m lemming for a few more but I'd rather stick to MAC's blushers as I do prefer non-shimmering blushers on simple casual days :)

Next, my mom bought me some of these shadows from LA GIRL. She bought them at John little's I think. You hardly see this brand around but i'm quite sure they sell em' on Cherryculture.com :)

I really like the shades alot but one thing's for sure, they're not really pigmented enough and they're pretty good for highlighting and I usually use them as a light shimmery base for my eyesharows after I 've done my eyelids with my primer. They're kinda creamy and less powdery and these eyeshadows are way more workable if you use your fingertips insteads of a eyeshadow brush as the brush can't really pick up enough of the eyeshadow.

As for the blusher, it's really easy to use and it gives a matt look and it's non glittery at all . The blusher gives a very dusty rose shade to my cheeks and I hardly use this as a blush. Sometime, i'l dust it to the bottom of my apples to give a lil lift to my cheekbones.

Each eyeshadow and blusher retails for $15.00.

Lastly, i've been reading on a new book after finishing my other books :)

I really like this book alot but it's slight;y dry in the middle but it's interesting and I kinda gagged a lil during the part when they described her surgery. A good book to read and definitely one of my favourites. It's retailing for $19.90 at all bookstores.

Last but not least, meet my new cinamaroll toy to my collection :) I bought the Happy Meal at Macdonald's for the sake of this toy and I'm oh-so-tempted to complete the whole collection :)

Anyways, Have a great weekend ahead to all :) I"ll be back with more makeup and stuffs :) oh and i'm planning on my get-away in just abit :)

Ciao :)