April 24, 2009

Hi everyone :)

I'm finally able to blog :) i've been really sick and the meds are killing me cause they're making me throw up and makin" me feel horrible. I didn't really have the mood to do anything much as I'll usually get real tired easily.Anyways, I'll like to do some reviews on the products that I've purchased :)

Recently, Biore has released this new makeup remover and i've used it twice so far. It's really really efficient in removing every trace of makeup (including my Majolica mascara) and I must admit that this makes it very easy and fuss-free for me when i'm removing my makeup and this is definitely better than the makeup remover which I was using from Mandom.

It also does not require any cotton pads as the instructions was to actually apply a teaspoon of this remover all over your face and to actually use your fingers to gently remove the makeup. This makeup remover also promises that no tugging of the skin is required and trust me, all you need to do is to gently rub against your skin and every trace of makeup will be removed and I did notice that it doesn't sting my eyes when i'm removing my eye makeup.

However, I think that the smell of this remover is a little too overwhelming and it makes my nose slightly irritated. It has this really really strong floral scent which I don't really like but is still tolerable. The other thing that I don't really like is that this bottle doesn't have a pump and it's hard to pour out exactly how much you need as i'm always pouring out more than what I need and this definitely leads to wastage.

I got this makeup remover for about $15 at Watsons and i'll definitely get this again, once i'm finished with this bottle.

Next, I got another bottle of this cleanser which I've been using for quite sometime and I must say that this is really good if you've got oily skin and skin that is more prone to breakouts. I definitely do not have flawless skin and this cleanser really does a good job when in removing all the excess oil and drying up my blemishes.

After using both the cleanser and the toner, I've also decided to buy the Moisturiser which has SPF15 and I'll do a review once I've started using it. So far, I've been using moisturisers from Clarins and Shiseido which can be a little costly.

This brand is also quite popular in Taiwan and is selling pretty well in Singapore and it is really really cheap. The moisturiser retails for about $6+ and the cleanser for about $4.95 which is pretty reasonable for a drugstore brand which delivers good results.

I also purchased another tube of Ardell lash glue in clear as u;ve been using the one in white which turns transparent once it's dried and it retails for only $9 and it comes in a rather large tube which can actually last me half a year even though I use falsies everyday.

I've also got Majolica's Frozen splash in Gold. I've not really used it yet but I tried the colour and I must say it makes a pretty good base but it rubs off really easily and I guess i'll have to use a good eye primer to help it last a little longer. This retails for about $15 at Watsons :)

Initially I wanted to get Canmake's new cream eyeshadows but I realised that they were way to oily and the colours really didn't appeal to me at all :(

I also managed to pick up Silky Girl's latest eyeshadow as well as their glitter liner and honestly, I've never been a big fan of silky girl's products but somehow, i've got to admit that the liner is really really good and I love the way it sticks without all the glitter falling all over my face and I'll definitely purchase this in other colours. This eyeliner retails for about $8+ and the eyeshadow retails for about $12+ and I've got to say that the eyeshadow is really pigmented and I really do like the colours alot :)

Lastly , I got the latest Vivi Magazine which has just been released and I must say that this month's issue is really very detailed and definitely one of the best magazines out there that all girls should purchase. I got mine for $9 at a local newstand.

I'll try posting my makeup pics when i'm done sorting them out. Most of them are pretty old pictures as i've not been going out lately.

Oh and not to forget, I've purchased another blusher from MAC's latest collection :)

credits to Spectra.com for the picture

I ordered mine online for about $40 and as this has not been released in Singapore yet and I got this as an early birthday gift for myself.

I"ll also like to say a big thankyou for those who have been reading my blog and honestly my blog is really nothing compared to you other beauty bloggers who've got really good makeup skills that i've been dying and would kill to master :)

I'm also hoping that you guys could check out my ad on the right hand side of my page and help me to get paid :) hehe...

Anyways, have a great day ahead to all my pretty ladies :)