January 24, 2009

Hello :)
it's finally Chinese New Year and i'm going to be off until tuesday and halfday too on Wed. Anyways, I've been doing sinful shopping. Really sinful shopping. I got 3 skirts and 2 dresses and guess what ? I got myself MAKEUP again :(

This time from Paul Joe. I've never bought their stuffs but this line really caught my eye. Having almost everything sold out, I manage to order this cute face powder :) I got mine in orange cause I prefer orangey colours more than typical pinks :) oh wells that just my opinion though...

Last Pic : Credit to Lotus Palace (Kathy)

One of the beauty blogs that I often read... I was too lazy to snap a pic of the powder balls. This is really pretty which gives a smooth subtle glow.

I know, i'm addicted to makeup. I told myself that I was going to skip it but I knew I had to have it. You can place your orders and I heard from the SA that stocks will be coming in after chinese new year. Each face powder costs $48. :)

I'm also getting some other makeup which I ordered and i'm currently waiting for the dress I ordered from Wetseal to come :) I'm planning to wear this on Valentine's Day which will also be the day i'm going to watch "BREAKOUT" at the Esplanade theatres :)

I'm pairing it up with some heels and a white clutch :) Hoping that everything goes well :)

I've been severely busy trying to manage some things and I'm hoping everything kicks off well :)

Anyways, i'm going to get dressed, colour my hair and also get my nails done for Chinese New Year .... Love you all and Happy New Year :)

Hugs and kisses