January 2, 2009

I'm such a sinful lil creature. I spent $100 over again :(


- Contact lens Solution
- Green Tea masks
-Skin Food Masks
- The Cure (This gel cause me $38 but heard it's really good)
-Billabong Slippers
Damn not to forget the online shopping stuffs which I ordered.
and Lastly, i'm a happy girl cause my idelible Gel liner has reached my mailbox :)
Shall test it and see if it's better than the maybelline gel liner i'm using now...
And i'm going to use the The Cure Gel Cleanser which I bought..Have read many reviews on this and it's known for one of the product that has a bottle sold every 20 seconds in Japan.
I'm still thinking whether to get an eyeshadow Primer. I'm contemplating betweent Too Faced Insurance or Urban decay which helps your eye makeup to last longer...
I'm going to wake up early tomorrow and go to my stylist to get my Frindge snipped and to touch up my hair and after that i'm going shopping cause I wanna buy lots of cute holders for my makeup.
Anyways, i'm tired and sleepy...going to bed soon..after i've done feeding my face...and slapping myself with enough of face cream..Nights people :)
Oh and I just realised. I'm currently owning at least a hundred Lipglosses and lipsticks...and my dad say my adiction is getting worse.haha....Tulus...