January 4, 2009

So here's what I did today. I went shopping at City Square :)

- 2 half dozens of J.Co assorted Donuts
-Pretty Floral Hair Clips
- 2 tubes of Majolica Lip Glosses (Not fr me)
- Pretty Xmas Majolica Eyeshadow Palette
-Junk food Tee for my brother
- Hello Kitty Junkfood Tee for my mommy
-Respect your Mother tee for myself
Lunch at Kim Gary's
-Beef baked rice
-Noodles with Egg and Luncheon Meat
-Lemon Tea
- Yin Yong Tea
- Beef spagetthi sauce with fries
and I had lots of fun today cause I'm happy :)
Oh and I snipped my frindge yesterday. My usual hair stylist was not around so I settled for another stylist which did a good job for my hair snip but not for the washing. He didn't remove my hair spray residue well and since I was in a rush, I really couldn't care less...
Me leaving to get my hair done...see how shitty it is??I couldn't care less though...
Went to JP to walk around and got myself really pretty nail colours from Beauty Credit. Got them in Gold Black , Titanium and Purple. After walking around, I had supper at New Yorks. Had, Yummy Mudpie which was all-so-sinful and Buffalo wings...Yummy

I'm going to bed. I'm really sad to hear about the deaths in Bangkok, the fighting going on in Gaza and the economy taking it's toll....oh wells...
Goodnight world...I'm leaving all these shitty problems till tomorrow morning :)

Muacks and Giant Bear Huggs :)