January 2, 2009

I am pissed. Firstly, I tried to order some Victoria Secret stuffs for ___ and ____ and guess what? I can't make payments cause I need to go all the way down to the bank tomorrow and update my details with all my personal proofs.

Next, I so wanted to get something I liked from Gucci but guess what the item was sold out..and i've spent tons at Cotton On. $130 to be exact and lastly I'm not happy cause the Idelible Gel Liner which I ordered was suppose to reach my mailbox and yet it hasn't reached yet.
Lastly, I just thought about how the remaining afternoon of 2008 went crazy and how upset I got. Maybe it's true. No matter how hard we try, we're always never gonna see the results we wanna see...Oh wells I am not happy cause of all these mediocre dilly tally life threatening issues.ok...maybe i'm just making things sound real bad...

Anyways, I'm thinking of getting Some Armani Xchange Cufflinks fr my really good friend cause I still have not gotten him his birthday gift :(

Oh and I finally collected my ticks from Sistics :)

Spent almost $200 on these tickets and I heard really good reviews on them. Anyways, I'm thinking of the next place I should go...
My new year Resolutions are :
- Take my driving licence ( or at least pass my basic and btw this is 2008's resolution)
-Start going gyming or learn tennis
- Cut down on my money wasting habits ....Like taking cabs to work...and buying makeups
-Start saving and go back to School
-Stop killing my hair with severe killing hair products like Dye
-Stop relying on Sleeping Pills cause right now I'm definitely going OTT on them (Over the top)
-To have a good party this year for my birthday
these are the only ones for now ...I guess and I hope...
Anyways, i'm going to the bank in the afternoon and going for a nice hair trim for my bangs and have a cosy dinner and maybe hit the beds if I can....
Goodnight ppl :)