January 25, 2009

Did all my last minute shopping lastnight :)

I managed to get Canmake's Nail Polish which gives a pretty glittery sheen to your nails :) I'll do a review, after i've finished painting my nails :)

Managed to get some hair dye as well as a new Skincare product which I saw at Watsons :) Really cute and apparently it's infused with Vitamin C and B...I bought a set which comes with the facial foam as well as a sealing gel :)

I swear i've got tons of makeup and skincare and some of them, i've not even opened. Oh wells :) Anyways, I made dinner lastnight but didn't take a pic of dinner though..
We had ...
- cream of brocoli soup
- Panfried silver dory with pesto herbs and garlic butter
-Mash potatoes with butter and herb
I'm glad everything was all swiped off and I was telling daddy , that I might wanna try cooking as a career since i've always enjoyed cooking :)
I've still got a long way to go and i'm still planning and waiting for everything to take off :)
I'm gonna go do my shoppin now so Happy New Year to all :)