March 6, 2008

Good news finally

Yes, I may be offered another position which I hope will be even better with even higher prospect. I'm glad with how my career's getting on =)

Just got home..and i'm very very tired...Met up with my lil sasa for dinner.. Wanted to have Ayam Penyet but it was closed =( so we ate somewhere else. Lastnight, I had dinner with Elaine and Iris. Managed to get a pretty bracelet for Iris and the Paris by Paris Hilton perfume for Elaine.. I'm really happy to see them happy..

Two days ago, I had dinner with ______ at Vivo City. Gave her a treat at Asian Kitchen and bought a pretty top for her.. I love her to death =)

I'm so the point that i'll just drop dead anytime...I leave my home at 7am everyday to get my butt in the office by 8.20am. That's more than just being punctual..Oh wells...No order to climb higher..I've got to change some bad habbits of mine =)

Here are some pictures of Baby and my parents at Beaulieu House..Great place for dinner..dinner by the sea with my love ones

more pictures to come...Love love...