March 29, 2008


Okay...I'm getting a tattoo real soon...I suppose it's gg to be pink.Anything nice and No Fugly colours...Been super hell busy at work..So many million things to do...Pay day is finally here and I'm gonna splurge...

Met up with my cousin, Des. Had dinner at Sakae..Shall blog about the twit waiter that made me so pissed!!**hmmph**Shall blog about it another day. Don't wanna spoil my mood today =)

Did some shopping and I only bought lingerie **Mews** yes Topshop lingerie. My favourite...

While my des, bought a pair of jeans and cute patent pumps!!I love my cousin to death...

Then, off to have supper at Toast Box at Wisma Atria...

The other day, I was sick, so I decided to cook porridge...with chicken and my favourite veggies...I don't really take carrots though cause they'll kinda make me look yellow and orangey.. =(

I love the shitake mushrooms though!Yummy..Me likey..hehe..

Veggies!!Mushrooms!!I like!!

I'm going to meet Sasa to do my hair and meet my greatgrandma to pass her some stuffs I bought for them and also i'm going SHOPPING!!

Going to splurge with my girlfriend. She's my bestest bestie...I love her so much.Though, we're both busy, she's one friend who cares alot...I love love love love her and she's damn freaking CUTE when she gets paranoid.hehe..

Babe, if you're reading this, pls don't kill me...btw, it was damn funny when you found out he wasn't a ______ (fill up the blanks) hehe

I love my bestie..OMG...Love love love love her so..

and one more thing, i've decided that if I should throw a party, it'll be an RNB party..Everyone's gotta dress up with their bling blings and low hangin jeans and trucker caps..Only close people will get invited...cause I only like chilling with ma niggers yo'..

i'm nuts..I am enjoying life now..