March 1, 2008

Blasted and tired

It was my last day and I packed up my whole table and etc. Met baby after work and I went to do my hair *Smiles* I was a little sad but still...Anyways, Iris gave me this and it's pretty =) I'm going to hang it on my DS to give it a little glam.

I'm really happy and touched with everything that he does for me and I love him.

So after doing my hair, we met Sasa at Bugis who was overwhelmed by the amount of things you can actually buy with a small sum of money *Cheers* I love her pretty hair now and it suits her perfectly..She's so damn hot. Anyways, she bought a a few tops and a necklace...

Meanwhile, I had to get all my basic needs which came up to quite an amount =)

I'm so excited about work on Monday and baby's driving me to work so that I won't be late and picking me after. He wanted to have lunch with me but I decided that I should have lunch with my new colleagues to break the ice?

Anyways, I'm keeping my fingers cross about everything and I'm hoping things will be better and that i'll be able to take off from there. I'm not going to be too happy and overwhelmed yet.

Here are some of the stuffs I bought =)

Black Sweater which is good for work =)

Shoes that Sasa and I have. We bought it the day before..Channel has something like that =)

Baby bought this pair of shoes for me. So pretty!

This sexy Bratz doll was from Sasa and I love it so much!

I bought an eyeliner also. It's Loreal this time as Sasa recommended that it's pretty good and precise. Not forgetting I repaired all my pretty shoes and now I have tons of shoes to wear. Super tons of shoes. Shall post the photos of the shoes next time =) I've got to admit i've got a fetish for shoes.. =X

Anyways, I love baby boy the most cause he's willing to go all out to make me happy and smile. He's always protecting me and I really enjoyed lastnight. Having my bestie and my boy. Shopping and sweating like nuts and just enjoying every second with them.

Life's short so i've gotta make full use of it. Other than that, I've decided to give up hope on some people. They're not worth it and I'm so glad I voiced everything out to Sasa. Thanks for always being here for me..

Till then...

Love love