March 9, 2008

Well spent day =)

Yesterday was the only day which I could do everything I needed to do =) I enjoyed the whole of last week... Dinners everyday with all my loves.How nice is that?

Here was my schedule :

Monday : Dinner with Baby
Tuesday : Dinner with ______
Wednesday : Dinner with Elaine and Iris
Thursday : Dinner with Cupcake Sasa
Friday : Dinner with Baby

Imagine having all the bussle and hussle everyday...

So it was off to Kenny's Grooming at Happy Pets. They're pretty good I must say.. Meanwhile, while we were waiting for Kenny to be done, Mom and I hopped off to the libary to return the books which I owed over the month and had already incurred to an amount of $10.80. =/

Mom said that I could actually buy a book with that and baby was shocked but not suprised by the fact that I had once again forgotten to return the books =) Oh wells and off we went to the coffee shop nearby to have our dinner. Dinner was pretty good. Mouth watering duck rice and water cress soup =P

Collected Kenny and we actually walked all the way home =) I'm getting fat might as well go for a walk

some pictures of Kenny and us at home ...

Work has been mad since Monday. However, I enjoyed Friday the most. Had a great time learning new stuffs and meeting new people. I'm happy..Not over the moon happy but at least I'm happy =) Met baby after work and bought some pretty earrings that I love so much!

It isn't so bad after all...Other than waking up in the mornings and stoning at the mirror while i'm doing my makeup.. =(

Baby's coming for dinner in the evening cause daddy's cooking sharksfin soup, stir fried veggies, emperor's chicken and maybe sweet and sour fish...

Till then..lovelove (''v'')