March 16, 2008

Fruitful Week

Super tired after this whole week...Really got alot of things done with just so little time.

Monday, I had dinner with baby...We went to visit my great grandma at Alexandra Hospital as she had a fall. While waiting for my dad to come, baby and I decided to have dinner first at Ikea.
We had poached salmon and a drink. Drinks are only 1.50 and you can refill as many times as you like,,It's not suprising to see typical people harassing and hogging the counter to keep topping up their drinks..They drip a mouthful and top up and repeat that stupid and selfish action over a hundred times until their satisfied.
Poached to Perfection *_*

Hotdogs at only a Dollar

After shopping and all, baby went to the washroom and I saw hotdogs for sale!So being a glutton, I bought two.Each for one of us..Baby couldn't finish it and was amazed on how I gobbled everything up in a jiffy...Oh wells =/

Tuesday, was my Grandpa's wedding.Yes, stop asking me why my grandpa is getting married..Anyways, it's nothing unusual..Grandpa's getting married for the third time. As for grandma, she's already in her third marriage.

After work, I met up with my parents at town and off we went to the Corpthorne Waterfront or whatever the hotel name is. It was not to bad but the food wasn't the least bit up to expectation even though it cost my grandpa almost a thousand per table.

Met up with my cousins and we were seated with some strangers which we apparently didn't like at all. They were just plain stupid. Period.While having dinner, I threw my camera to my baby cousin. Photos credit to her =)

Enjoy =)
First Course, Cold Dish

My Cousins and Me =P

Our table settings

Peking Duck

My grandpa and grandma

Christie My dearest cousin and photographer =)

My cousin with her dad's car

Had lunch with Jac and Joan on Wednesday and met up with Elaine on Thursday for Lunch. We met up at Amara Hotel and she bought me a really nice and yummy chocolate muffin..So damn happy =)

Met up with Peggy on Friday for lunch at Amara and we had a great time talking and laughing and I'm hoping she'll get the job. She looks damn good with the lipgloss I bought for her and i'll miss her. She had Mee Hoon Kueh without the meat, without the veggies, without the Ikan Billis and she didn't even finish most of it. The aunty who cooked it must be damn happy.Save ingredients, save cost.

Finally came , Friday. Had dinner with my whole department as Savvy was leaving. Linda, Savvy, Christine and me left together to meet up with the rest at Shokudo. The place resembles Marche and food is really good. By the way , I saw something which I shouldn't have seen and m instincts have proved me right... =)

I hope Savvy will do well and I hope she'll like the gift that I bought for her.

Finally Saturday. Baby came over and we wanted to make pancakes. It became a disaster. The pancakes burnt and uncooked and etc. In the end, I ditched the whole plan and made French toast with maple syrup and sunny side up and of course baccon.

Baby's First Attempt

After breakfast, we were suppose to attend a malay wedding but being lazy bums we slacked and I fell asleep. Got up late and prepared to meet daddy at Fuji Ice Palace. Daddy was there for some ice-skating and baby and I decided not to skate.

After that, daddy and Baby brought me for some shopping..(''v'')

Pretty cute pens for only $0.50 each and nail art stickers

A baby tee which baby bought for me from Harajuku Lovers (''v'')

Pretty shoes which Daddy Bought =)

Speaking of which, daddy is kinda overwhelmed with the amount of shoes all over the place. I still have somemore in my room =/

I bought a scarf for baby kenny =)

Lastly, Sunday. Got up realy early and bought breakfast for everyone and also this pimple patch. The lady was really nice to introduce me to this brand. Apparently, it's better than Nexcare and yet so so so so much cheaper than Nexcare. It's only $3 for 36 pieces. Shall try and review on it *Smiles*

Lastly, baby and my aunts are coming over for dinner... We're having Cream of brocoli, Carbonara and toast with parmesan cheese. Me like!!

See you people tomorrow...I'm so happy Friday's a public holiday!!

Love love people !!