February 20, 2009

Hey ppl :) It's 1am now and it's finally Friday. We've been really busy with work and seriously , I've been having a skin allergy. I'm not sure what's the cause but all I know is I'm freaking going to a good skin dermatologist to settle this problem. I'm really picky when it's issues to my skin or anything that's on my body.
Anyways, i've been doing crazy mad freaking shopping again. Yes, nothing suprising :)

I managed to get myself the Ettusais marble blusher :) It's so pretty and smooth . I love the glitter bits and seriously It's only $29 so it's pretty cheap for a small and good blusher like this. Dad's gonna faint cause this is like my 14th blusher when I only have a pair of cheeks ...

And not to forget , I bought this pretty skirt and a black top from Mphosis ... I heart the skirt so much cause it's chiffon and it's really soft however, it's gotta be dry cleaned so it's gonna be a lil hassle to send the skirt to the dry cleaner's...It was selling at $70 but I managed to get it at a cheaper price :)

Seriously the picks don't really do any justice to this pretty Skirt :) last but not least, I've managed to get this pretty frindge bag which I love so much. It's really easy to match with either a simple pair of jeans and tee or long boho dresses :)
I wanted to get this in black by my colleague said that it'll look like some fury animal :P haha...Anyways, i've been so busy with work and with ______ that i've hardly met anyone. No dinners and no nothing cause i've been so so so busy and i'm might be skipping p's birthday party this Saturday as I need to see my doc.

Oh and not to forget, i'm seriously taking $200 to purchase my MAC Cosmetics which i'll be reserving. I'm such a happy bean...

Finally not to forget, some random pics taken at the Singapore flyer :)

Anyways, goodnight folks :)